Women, please read this and tell me how it is that penis size doesn't matter when this is what happend to me

Friday and Saturday night.

Friday afternoon was spent with my friends and their wives.

"Im so glad you're not small." My friends wife said looking at her husband. "I just really wanted someone big and yummy."

My other friend paused and looked at her.

"Youre just like (beth, referring to his wife) she's the same way."

So that night I went out thinking as usual that I just have some unusual friends. (because like you will say not "all" women want a big penis.).

So I approached a group of men to start off at the club and then I moved on to a table full of women. They were lauging hysterically.

"What are you guys laughing about?" I said, trying to be friendly.

One of them stopped laughing, looked at me up and down and said. "The small penis size of most men, Go away! can't you see where trying to have a conversation!?"

"thats funny, so am i!" I said tongue in cheek.

She looked back at me with one of those sarcastic smiles that women have. You know the ones. "Were trying to have one WITHOUT YOU!"

So I walked off.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, oh she was just blowing you off and they weren't really talking about that.

Really? you think so? Well so did i.


So I had a few other approaches that night one time I was just standing there and a woman walked up to me while I was just doing nothing and said "DONT YOU KNOW THAT SHE doesn't LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!" and I'm like WTF? Who is she even talking about? so I left the area.

So I walked over to the bar where this drunk woman and I started talking. She pointed out a guy with really bad body language his legs pushed together and she says to me. "Hes got a small d***."

So I left that night thinking what the f***. So I decided Saturday was going to be different. I fasioned a VERY realistic looking penis and placed it around my own. Were talking this boy was huge.

And I wore really really tight pants so you could see it.

I went to that same club (Different people but still) and didn't approach a single person.

Instead I had women grabbing my ass, approaching ME.

I was even propositioned by a woman to have sex with her. (she was not a whore.)

At one point I had groups of 5-6 women gather around me grinding on me trying to dance with me. I had to PUSH THEM AWAY.

I had a woman walk up to me and tell me how "handsome" I was.

Another told me how I was "the best dressed guy there".

(btw I was wearing the same clothes from last night. THE SAME ONES. and I've never been complimented on them EVER by anyone.)

The whole night I had no more than 4 to 5 women conveniently in my area standing there just "looking around".

I had to assume that they wanted me to talk to them. Cause many times I caught them staring at me and smiling.

I went home with 5 numbers that I didn't even ask for.

So please tell me how penis size does not matter?

Women, please read this and tell me how it is that penis size doesn't matter when this is what happend to me
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