My 20 year old virgin boyfriend... What to expect?

I met this really amazing man, we get along really well and have lots in common. He is now one of my best friends plus he is a fitness trainer. He happens to be very muscular and handsome in every way.

He's so sweet, but he's never had a girl friend because he's always been way too shy. He never made out with a girl before me, and I had to actually explain to him how to make out... The kissing was pretty bad at first, but now he's alright, just not amazing at it.

I really do care about him so I'm being patient, but here is my concern.

When we kiss, I don't really feel much, like barely any sexual tension or anything like such. I was wondering if that could be because I am the one doing most of the work. Also when he gathers the courage to go on top, I don't really enjoy the kissing... It just feels like he's a bad kisser and that it doesn't come naturally to him.

Every so often he will gather the courage to gently touch my breast or butt for a short while, and I really like that but it's so short and the kissing isn't that exciting unless he is touching me. He seems too scared to just let himself be natural.

Do you think once he becomes more comfortable with the physical, that I will enjoy kissing him more and actually feel more of a "spark"?

Please give me advice if you have experienced this before.

I want to enjoy kissing him because I could see us happy together for a long time.
My 20 year old virgin boyfriend... What to expect?
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