Girls what is your sexual fantasy?

Girls what is your sexual fantasy? Answer anonymously!


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  • I want him to tie me to the bed, blindfold me, and tease and torture me a little. He could do whatever he wants. He could pin my hands above my head and bite my neck and anywhere else he wants to, and then ram his penis deep into me going fast and hard.


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  • I have this one sexual fantasy to have my clit sucked by a guy in front of a bunch of fully clothed men.

  • My sexual fantasy would have to be with another girl and a guy. I have always thought about something like that but it would be awkward, I mean how do you approach another girl and ask to engage in a lesbian escapade with you? I am way too shy for that and on top of that I'm not gay; doing something like this would classify me as one. but to sum it up that's my fantasy and knowing me, its going to stay a fantasy...

    • You sound like me, i'm not gay and I only want her there to try something a little bit different. I could never go down on a girl. but making out and feeling on her would be okay with me. plus my boyfriend could be with her also.

    • I like your fantasy! So do you think it wrong for me to want to see my girlfriend with to guys? I lov the thought and it turns me on!

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