Can short guys be good in bed?

I have only dated guys that are 6'2 and above. Never really even bothered to looks his way if shorter than 5'10. But lately there is this guy who is 5'3. He is the sweetest person on this planet and its just amazing how much he cares for me. I've never had that before. So I thought of giving him a chanse. But I'm worried I won't get ytoo turned on when we get to bed. Because I'm used to such big guys. And by bihg I mean tall musculus etc. He is musxulus too but not tthat tall witch makes him look smaller.

So. Can short guys be good in bed too? Ladies hit me up with everything you have to say about this ;)

Myself I'm 5'3 too but its really unusual for me to date a guy my own hight. Feels weird. Like his not manly enough or something (stupid I know but it is what it is)

Sorry about my poor English.

Thank you for any input.

Much love <3<3
Can short guys be good in bed?
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