What sexual statements turn guys on? Sexting?

Guys what are sexual things girls say that really get you going ? like dirty talk.


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  • The best thing is to be excited and provacative. Don't hold back, that is when it's not fun. If one person is really into it, but the other is not, they get self conscious. It has to be real, not fake.

    I like explicit things, and I like things that stroke me ego, like when a girls begs for, like she is in heat.

    Say things like:

    "you make me so wet"

    "I want your cock" guys like it when you call it a cock.

    "take me"

    But the best thing I ever heard:

    One time my Girlfriend was in a very horny and submissive mood, so I ripper her clothes off threw her on the bed, and groped her all over. Then I flipped her over and got her in doggy position. Right as I entered her I said "take it baby, take it".

    Then I heard her half moan and half whisper "F*** me...F*** me". It was not an aggressive "F*** me" at all. It was long and drawn out, like a moaning whisper, and it appeared to me that she was not even really saying it to me. She was saying it because she had to, she said it for her, like it was a fantasy or something. There was no acting, it was total release and fulfillment.

    Know that a girl was saying that for her sake, and not mine...it was the hottest thing I ever heard.


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  • "Just thinking about you makes me wet."

  • its very simple to make guys horny,instead of girls,don't ask him for his d***,or don't tell him , you want his d*** inside u.just tell him ,when you last masturbated, how you do masturbation, tell him when you saw him how you feel,how you did you are first masturbation,at what age.how much come you had today,it all makes him horny. and tell him which color of pantie and bra you weared now etc, just tell about you are self .dont ask about him,just ask few question , tell more about you are self, that's it .

  • https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=XtbZRqu5s7c is all you need to know,

    seriously just say thinking of your makes me wet, I want your d*** w/e.

  • Just talk to me about almost any body fluid...Oh Myyyyyyyy...O.O

  • "Let's Phuck!"

  • link I want THAT in my mouth NOW link


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  • just tell him that you want his **** inside of you, or in your mouth, that it makes your mouth water, you're craving him, ect

  • Explain in full detail how you are enjoying the popsicle your eating.

    Give him a mental image he can't shake. Something like "imagine my fingers circling my hot button" that should get him going.

  • This is really easy

    you can ask him:

    What do you want to do with me

    whats your favorite position

    what kind of p*rn do you like

    do you have any fetishes

    do you like roleplay

    what are your favorite things to do sexually