Should underage girls that lie about their age to have sex with older males be legally punished?

Its not right that the underage girl that lied to the guy about her age to have sex with him and he gets his life ruined but the girl doesn't get any punishment for deceiving him.

This happened to someone I knew at my uni and its absolutely not fair to him. :(

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  • They should be punished but a law like this is hard to enforce unless the guy films her saying it, or has her sign a waver and even then it apparently can pose issues (see girls gone wild case).

    The problem is its your word vs. the girls and we all know which side the court always takes. But therein lies an even bigger problem. The fact that we have a gender biased court system, especially when it comes to rape.

    It actually just read an article the other day about the subject and such organization like universities and even the US military found that anywhere from 30-60% of all reported rape cases by women are false. Many times women use it as a means to get back at a guy they don't like. They also use it as a cover up for why they had sex that they shouldn't have been having, like if they were caught by there parents.

    I agree that women need to be held just as accountable when it comes to rape as men, and that includes making accurate accusations. That also applies to the court adopting an unbiased view as opposed to assuming the guy is guilty until proven innocent.

    I've had a friend who personally had his life ruined by a wrongful accusation by a girl. He was about 23 at the time and the girl was 17 or 18 I believe. The sex was completely consensual. However her parents found out so to cover her own ass she told her parents she was raped. They took it to court and he was found guilty. As a result he was kicked out of his college.

    P.S. I want to know who these women are who are voting no. I just don't understand the logic that can justify lying about your age in order to do something like have sex. It's no different that lying about your age to purchase alcohol. It's illegal, enough said. There is no room for debate.


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  • I'm not sure whether a girl who lies about her age should be punished by law or not. But I definitely don't think the guy should be punished or accused of anything whatsoever.

  • I personally believe girls should e punished for it! It's technically a crime! And thosefis who lie to cover their butts and say they were raped, they ought to be ashamed of themselves! People actually get raped and have to live with the memories while the perp is out there, but those girls who lie make the person live with a shattered reputation. Even if a person is found not guilty of rape or another sexual crime they never get their life back because that's the new reputation they've been given...anyway my point punishment should be given to people who lie about their age just to get sex and if they lie about rape!

  • In reality they should. If you think about it, soliciting someone with the intention of getting them to commit an illegal crime is illegal.

    However, there is no way to prove that she in fact hid her age and it is the girls word against the guys.

    It's not like in prostitution where any exchange of money for sex is illegal, so both go to jail.

    The other complication is that since the guy is older, he is thought to have "power" to convince her, etc.

    I do believe that the girl should be punished if she deliberately misleading the guy.

  • How are you going to prove that they lied?


What Guys Said 6

  • it's a weird rule to begin with. another example of victimless crime (as long as it is truly mutually consensual). If someone is old enough to have urges, then they are old enough to choose not to act on them, in my opinion... I don't know how this law came about. I guess it's just a thing of parents desperate to control their children? I used to buy into the thing about taking advantage of the naive, but that's stupid. You can't place an age limit on when people stop being naive. You can't even make a rough guess or average or even have any expectations on it whatsoever. People should taught not to be naive. Teaching abstinence, for example, is naive.

    I actually had a weird dream about something related a few days ago. A woman would seduce people and bring them back to her house. Then she would turn the lights way down and run to the bathroom, where her 15 year old yet nearly-identical daughter was hiding. The daughter would then go into the bedroom and have sex with the guy and the mother would tape it. They would later blackmail the guy demanding absurd amounts of money or they would go to the police. And then something about tornados rampaging through a city while I was hanging out under a bridge that also happened to be on the 30th floor of a building and had bunk beds. It was certainly approaching and was massive. The other side of the bridge fell entirely into a shroud of darkness, with only a glowing evil festering inside the tornado to indicate its location within the darkness. No one was safe, but no one was looking. A lot of people checking their watches and asking if I had a pencil and something to write on. I told them it was in the back. They realized they had been distracted from their watch and glanced desperately back at it, only to taper off into a conversation about who gets to bunk with the one lone hot girl in the bunk, but without actually referring to her as "the hot girl," and without directly expressing their true motivations. It was a game of who could come up with the best lie. Everyone who came up with one charismatically explained it before her, hoping that she would play along and choose, but she wasn't interested in the game. She wasn't safe here. She had to mantain the illusion that the game was relevant or she would frustrate the mob before her out of the illusion that was at least keeping them civil. None of her options were favorable. It was my turn to lie, and I said that someone needs to protect her from the liars in here. She was momentarily glad to see the first sign of sincere civility, but then remembered that this was a game of lies. no one was going to protect her. The wall fell away as the tornado ate away at the building. There was no wind, but roaring. Then the wind picked up, sucking us all in. The girl jumped into the fray and no one understood why. There was mourning over their lost opprotunity, but no one mourned her. Then I woke up...

    • Weird dream indeed "her 15 year old yet nearly-identical daughter "...

    • i've had weirder. All of my dreams are weird, actually. Very graphic, some scenic, and all of them feel like my brain has been submerged in an luke-warm oily swamp.

  • Prof, I think the onus is on the older person to be damn sure the person they sleep with is old enough.

    Especially if there is even the slightest hint of doubt.

    • Straight logic.

    • I agree that it's a smart idea to try to be sure... but I don't think they should ultimately be held responsible. What are they going to do, i.d. their potential sex partners? Some people seem mature for their age, and some are very good liars. If you choose to deceive someone, should they really get in trouble for failing to realize it? That seems backwards to me.

  • I don't know how to answer this question. If the guy suspected she was young and didn't ask for proof then it is on him. If the girl completely lied and the guy takes her word then it could go either way. I know this might sounds silly but when I suspected a girl was really young, I asked for ID, haha.

    • the girl said she was 19 when she really was 15

    • Well that's just messed up. First, how old was your friend? Did he ask for ID? And even with a fake ID he's screwed. If it went that far with her having a fake, I think she should get punished because that's entrapment. However, since I'm well over 19 now, if a girl tells me she's 19, I would be extremely skeptical.

  • Traci Lords lied to being in p*rn way back when with a fake ID. Didn't stop those people from getting punished. They now have to verify it with a 3rd party, but outside of that it would be pretty tough ...

  • No! Because it's still the man's fault for making her attracted to him! All good looking men should just be required to wear man burqas!

    (For those who don't understand certain types of humor, I am indeed joking.)

  • I think it's bullsh*t that the man gets punished -_-

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