Is it legal to rent out a room in your house for sex?

I was thinking how hard it was for me and my boyfriend to have sex but didn't have any whr to go. (over 18 btw)

so we gonna get our own place and I was wonder if you can rent a room could you rent out a room for sex only? of course it would be for those who had adult IDs and all that stuff.

no prostitution just couples or adults a safe place to do it and charge em a fee

i just want to know if it legal if so, give me a link that proves or direct me someplace to find out.

i live in San Francisco, California

for pple who can't read.

young adults have sex at movies, public bathrooms, colleges, and even train stations and on trains! if the get caught, they go to jail for something stupid. I've f***ed my boyfriend in all these places but if we had a friend who said give me 30 bucks and ill let you used my bed, we would've.

so my idea, when I get my own place is to allow a space for a small number of adults to come and f*** legally and charge em a fee


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  • The ONLY way you make that legal is to rent the room for those adult entertainment industries. make them fill out a contract to use your room or house to film their business. Other than a place in the state of Nevada, this would be very illegal in any part of the United States. It would be by law, an illegal brothel and definitely grounds for arrest. This stuff happens quite often I think, more than any of us would know without an investigation.

    Good idea, bad least here. I think Canada would allow it.

    • @archer86 That is ridiculous. You're an idiot.

      Of course it is legal. It isn't illegal for hotels to rent rooms to couples, knowing that there is a good chance they'll have sex in it, is it? It is perfectly legal for you to rent a room to someone for whatever purpose they use it for. The only way that it would be made illegal is if you were renting the room to someone knowing that they were using it to commit a crime (i. e. having sex with a minor, manufacturing meth). However, make sure that you make it clear to any authorities that might inquire that you are renting it out as a place for people to rest primarily, not primarily as a place to have sex.

      It is perfectly legal, and it's unlikely that you even need a hotel permit, but that will depend upon your specific municipal laws regarding renting a room in a private home.

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  • You need to check, SF had,very strict laws about renting a room for anything, but that was a few years back. But to be legal, you need to find out if it has been changed, since my friend who kept ,e up to date on this died a couple of years back, I lose track.

    You could let a few people you trust know, word gets out and,for a fee they have the place. Legal? Doubt it. But keep it quiet, it might word. As you know, what might work in the Mission area, probably won't in (say) the Sunset.

    Yea, a need, but some of the places on Lombard street use to provide what you have in mind.

    • Update: you said legally. Frankly, what you have in mind sounds fine to me, but SF does have strange housing laws, always has (I grew up there). Keep it low key, I see no problem, and good use of space and 30 bucks sounds great. Trains and f**king, now that is great. Ever try a streetcar...

  • technically, it could be. You have to register it as a home business. Once you do that, you're fine - but until you do, you are illegal.

    You can actually do this without having any kind of business, and then claim some of your living space as a business expense on your taxes.

    • of course, the language you use in defining your business shouldn't be "renting it out for sex." Just rental space is fine.

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    • Correct. Although, if you told them it is specifically for sex, I don't think that's illegal. The people to ask would be either a lawyer (could be expensive) an actual police officer (probably wouldn't know) or the person you register your business with. If you tell them it is for sex, they probably aren't going to care one way or the other, but they'll certainly inform you whether or not it is legal. If they do get fussy, just come back another day when someone else is behind the counter.

    • An easy way to circumvent needing to tell people it is 'just for sex' is to charge by the hour, rather than per day. That makes it pretty obvious, and there are entire legit hotels that charge by the hour - granted I'm sure such places have some "behind-closed-doors" affiliation with pimps or something, but that's beside the point.

      Unfortunately, other than prostitutes, I think your main clientele is going to be underage people who obviously can't do anything at their own house.

  • You mean... like a Motel? LOL

    • umm kinda but in your house. do I need a motel license ?

    • It's not illegal to rent out rooms for various purposes for any amount of time as long as the activity in it is legal. If you wish to establish a legitimate business out of the idea, it will likely require registration and/or a license since they IRS wouldn't want to miss out on their cut.

  • Genius idea.

    You should advertise it as a room for rent not for sexual reasons. I could imagine it could case some type of legal trouble? Cheaters or maybe people who lie about their ages.

    • ohh no no underage we checking IDs and all the stuff lol but with a room for rent? I don't want pple to think they can live there. lol what if it was just a word out mouth? I would only charge our friends and thr friends and thr friends. not to 100% strangers who just knock at door lol they have to give me names and more

    • I think it could work honestly.

  • They don't have enough whore houses in San Fransisco?

    • not a whore house, please read what I said, if you need a dictionary, use it.

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    • he didn't sleep in it afterward so oh well

  • thats f***ing digusting, you do know jizz will get everywhere

  • thats like a brothel or a hotel depending on how its defined as to what is going on there.

    • no its not a brothel and/or sex trafficking . it would be for neighborhood adults teens who wana f*** and dnt have to do it in public bathrooms. motel yea it would be like dat.

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  • There are brothels, motels, places outdoors, etc. But your age says you are 24 years old why not just have those people around you respect your privacy?

    • my privacy has nothing to do it this.

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    • I wouldn't want going to do more research, ty!

    • no problem! good luck