How many days does a guy wait to call you after sex?

I slept with a guy twice on a first date. We met on a dating site. It was great both times. He reached out to hold my hand afterwards. He was caressing my back afterwards like he cared. We smiled at each other on his way out. But, I don't even know his last name. It's been 3 days. Will he call? In case he's shy, should I just call him? Or, was this just a booty call? If I just want a booty call, can I call, or does he just think I'm a slut now? Could he just like hitting a girl once then moving on to the next? Or, is he just clueless? How long afterwards would you call if you liked the girl? How long afterwards would you call if you just wanted a booty call?


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  • First, as you appear to suspect, you don't know--and perhaps he doesn't know--whether he likes you yet. If you (and he) want to find out, you're going to have to go on a few dates and share some quality time.

    The good news is that the sex works. Let him know, make a date.

    P.S.: If he thinks you're a slut, he's a idiot; it's not like you were in bed alone.

    • "If he thinks you're a slut, he's a idiot" did it cross your mind that he may actually be right, instead of an idiot? I'm not calling her a slut, but if she's sex with this guy on the first date, that's not a very good start.

    • No it it did not cross my mind, not for an instant. I repeat: she was not in bed alone. If you sleep with a girl on the first date, you are an idiot, a moron, an ass, to object to her doing so, because YOU DID IT TOO, so how dare you blame her for sex that you had WITH her.

      Idiot, idiot, idiot.. I'd say it a thousand times if I had the space.

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  • Booty call. Don't sleep with a guy on the first date. Chances are he will never call you again. Not that he thinks you're a slut, but if you gave it up to him on the first date, he thinks you're giving it up to everyone on the first date.

    Chances are he is not clueless and knows exactly what he is doing. Chances are, you are kinda clueless. Chances are I'm right.

  • My opinion:

    You were a booty call. You let him play you.

  • IMO you worry too damn much girl!


    if he calls, good, if he doesn't.. then he doesn't like you

    for who you are, and therefore doesn't deserve you.

    there's always my fish in the sea hun

  • DONT say you want a booty call cause this will happen way to often and he'll prob

    take advantage of you

    so call him and ask to go for another date and then see where it goes

    • And about you being the booty call?

      idk depends how long he didn't call you for

      how long have you been waiting ?

    • Dude. She already slept with him. She needs to start over with a new guy. Unless she just wants to keep having sex, in which case, sure, give him a call.

    • Uh no?

      u never what could've happened

      there could a million other reasons why he didn't


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  • What?! You don't know his last name? Aww girl, I'm sorry to say this but you should really wait before jumping in the sack so soon. The problem with being so quick to have sex is that now you don't know his motives and you don't know how he feels. We can't even tell you what he wants. If a guy wants a booty call he will call you whenever he feels he wants to get laid (which could be a few days to a month or so). You can call him but what happens next will determine what he really wanted. More importantly, what do you want?

  • First I hope you used a condom. But he might like you, you never know. I would give it a couple days then maybe email him on the dating site you meet him on. If he does not respond or gives you a funky response just chalk it up to experience

  • BOOTY CALL! If you are that interested in a guy don't sleep with him too soon, especially not on the first date. Really it's all up in the air, it depends. He may or may not call. Don't call him if he doesn't call you though. And if you want to get a guy to like you in the future, hooking up so early is not the greatest way to do it.

  • He probably won't call. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is true. I Can not believe you slept with someone who you don't know. He is not going to want anything more now that you have given him what he wants with out any commitment.

    You have broken the rules for getting a relationship and have given him the wrong impression about yourself.

    If he was interested and had a good date a guy would normally call between 2 - 5 days afterwards because they don't want to make you wait but they don't want to come across as desperate either!

    In the future if you want a relationship with someone or another date don't sleep with them until you have been on a few dates i.e at least five or have made it official!

    • That's not true, I had a "one night stand" that turned out to be a beautiful loving relationship for three and a half years, there's no time limit on when you can or will call someone. Don't make her feel bad for being an adult. Adults have sex, its not like were in high school anymore. Sex can a lot of times bring people closer together actually, which is what happened in my case.

    • Liquid is right. Girls need to quit playing those silly highschool games. Adults behave more like adults. I gave it up to a girl on our first date and we were together for two years until she had to move away.