Do women desire men the same way men desire women ? (long question)

I'm gonna talk about us (guys) for a while then I'm gonna ask you all some questions based on what I've said and beware Because this is gonna be...graphic..for the sake of the question,lol.And if any of my words sound generalizing,stereotyping or offensive then I don't mean to.Here we go:

We (guys) love women's bodies.When we're in bed with beautiful women,we love to caress/kiss their face,breasts,bottoms..their entire body really.We like to "play" with some parts,suck on some parts or simply lick them face to toe ! .My point is : We enjoy doing that,we need it,we don't just do it to please our partner,it gives us a great amount of pleasure ourselves,the female body is amazing to us,we crave it .A woman can tease a guy with her body till he feels like a monster waiting to be unleashed at her cue.Another thing,we (guys) get off on watching a woman orgasm,hearing her moan and scream.And again,women can actually use this to tease us saying stuff like "wanna make me cum,hear me moan..ect" and again we're like monsters waiting for the cue to send her to orgasm town like our lives depended on it.You see,what's amazing about women is that they can let you be a monster on them but they're still dominating you : with their minds and umm "womanly spell" . It's like they can demand to be dominated and/or pleased and they're still the ones in-charge during the sex saying stuff like "f* me harder"..etc.They can also use the pleading approach and "beg" for it saying "f* me harder" pleadingly,and it works,lol!

Now If we want to reverse all of the above,I get the following questions in mind (don't read the questions unless you've read what's above so you can understand my point) :

1.Do women crave men's bodies as men crave theirs ? If so,what body parts do they like to kiss,caress,lick or play with ?

2.Can a guy actually tease a woman with his body and use his "manly spell" till she can't resist jumpin all over him kissing/sucking him everywhere? Is there such a thing as "manly spell" in that context ? If so,how is it done in a non gay way ? lol

3.Can a guy a tease a woman in a way to make her wanna ride him till he cums like her life depended on it ? If so,how?

4.Can a guy "beg" a woman to unleash herself on him? Or will the pleading approach show him to be emasculate and would turn her off instantly ?

5.Can a guy demand to be dominated/pleased and still be taking charge?how?

6.Does this sound gay to you all ? lol. Ok,don't answer this one.

All of this makes me wonder on the dynamics of attraction between men and women and how they desire each other differently..or not so differently? What do you think ?

P.s : I'm not talking about relationships,dating.personalities,communication,bdsm.I'm talking about pure sex,initiation approaches,seduction techniques,dirty talk,moves,teasing..etc..I'm also aware that men can tease and dominate/be dominated by women in other ways but let's focus on the aspects I've introduced here,thx.Thx for reading :)
Do women desire men the same way men desire women ? (long question)
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