Do girls with bigger lips give better head?

Do girls with bigger lips give better head? What if guys have big lips, do they help with anything other than kissing?


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  • I don't think lips are important at all, I have small lips and I don't see how it matters tbh, I've never had any complaints.

    • Take this as your first complaint. Don't get angry, it was good really. :)

      I agree with this comment. +1 =D

    • Wow there's a first for everything! lol. Surely you should agree with me more considering I'm always right :)

What Guys Said 1

  • the lips barly touch the penis anyway, its the tongue and the roof of the mouth that does all the work.

    Its just a preference thing, do you like the sight of bigger lips surrounding your penis?

    • What? the lips don't touch the penis???? The lips are a big part of the stimulation dude..... how would you suck if you didn't use ur lips??

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    • I agree with janelov

    • Suck on your finger, you'll see.