Why do some guys like fat girls?

Whether you call it chubby, thick, fat, curvy, etc. I mean plump girls, girls who are not slim or thin. what's the deal? Why are some guys into that?

I guess I respect the ones who date them more than the ones who hide their attraction because theyre afraid of being judged, but I just wonder why they are into them? what do you get from banging a fat chick? and some of the guys are thin or muscular guys too. what gives?


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  • a few reasons :

    1)one they like some thing to hold on while f***ing

    2) curvy or full figure women have big ass and breast usually

    3) a curvy body represent a women and motherhood

    4) they look hot in any cloths

    5) some find a curvy women to be tight because of their curves curvy for most guys mean in shape and they like the texture of curves .

    in conclusion as peace.love.couture said preference some go for women who look like they can

    carry and give birth to a child others like slender women and some would f*** any girl who offers their vagina to them


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  • It's just a preference

    Guys who have specific set preferences tend to only see the good and brag and brag about how the women who fit their preferences are amazing in personality and feminine in all shapes and forms.

    Guys who prefer chubby women think chubby women are more feminine, softer, have better personalities and are more intelligent

    Guys who prefer Asian girls think Asian women are the prettiest and most feminine.

    Guys who prefer brunettes think brunettes are the most seductive, tame and lady like.

    Guys who prefer tall women think they're all model look likes and are elegant and stunning.

    Guys who prefer petite women think they are all feminine, cute and yadda yadda

    People do this all of the time.

    Keep in mind, SOME guys may be with her for her personality

  • cushion for the pushion .. but x10

  • Some guys pretend to be attracted to overweight girls for such reasons as

    1) Less likely to be turned down
    2) Lack of confidence for the woman, so it would be easier to get her in bed
    3) Slim girls won't date them


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  • IDK Maybe they are just attracted to fuller figured girls. I know I prefer thick girls over skinny girl because there is more ass to grasp. More cushion for the pushing. I don't know too many gentlemen who would turn down her link

  • Dude, why are you in to slimmer chicks? You just are? Works the same way. The EXACT same way. You went through puberty one day sometime ago and were like, "Damn, I like that flat stomach." And some other guy somewhere went through puberty some other time and thought, "Damn, I like those lovehandles."

    In all seriousness, it's exactly like that. Not some weird enigma.

  • Well, I'm one of the guys that love my women thick at the right places. If she has a little tummy, that's OK too. I love the cusion for the pushin. Skinny girls don't do anything for me. Which is why I'm so into Latinas. They have a nice thick booty and a nice big chest. When I bang, I wanna hear the clap.

  • Some guys like fat girls because they like the person, others and I do know of some only go for fat girls because they believe that no one else will want them, and they can dominate them because of their low self esteem. People should be loved for who they are, not what they look like.

    • That often backfires, a lot of bigger girls have high self esteem, they are happy with their figures - everyone else thinks they should feel shit about themselves so assumes they do. In my experience, the girls with real low self esteem are the body conscious ones who worry about putting on half a pound and constantly obsess with how they look and what men think of them.

      Of course, always exceptions... just speaking from my own experience of women.

  • Why do someone prefer McDonald's before homemade pancakes? Sometimes you just look at things differently. Its not that they have to like fat/plump girls but its entirely possible that they just don't care/see it that way to begin with.

  • Because they are easy? Minimal effort required.

    • You can neg me all you want but these people are just lying to your face, trying to say socially acceptable things. I'm anon so whatever.

  • You're talking about black guys, right?

    • White people always feel the need to bring up race...

    • Black guys dominate fat white girls. Not like that's a foreign concept.

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