Friend Zone I need help to get out

We all hate the friend zone lol .

I am kinda there now with this we fooled around a couple times well oral Should this was in oct 2012 now its April 2013 we always hang out all the time go to movies . She even stays a night over my house sometimes . I just can't seem to break that physical contact barrier again. A course I f***ed up in the past and told I really like her which was dumb and I'm always there for a like a little puppie which is bad . I need advice how to get out of the friend zone I don't know how the hell I got put in there after breaking that physical contact.

I thought about just invinting her over tonight and just go for it


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  • There really isn't getting out of the friend zone. It can happen but its so rare, your best bet is to put your efforts into a new girl.

    That being said though, either your not really in the friend zone or this girl is playing you like a fiddle. I don't know many girls who do what this girl is doing who don't want to date you, and those who do are skanks and serial flirts who use guys for stuff like this. I kick them to the curb.

    So my advice is to avoid getting int he friend zone in the first place, you need to make your intentions known and do it fairly early on. That pretty much sums it all up. Act like a guy who wants to date and bone her, not a guy who wants to be her friend. You have to make that clear that you aren't interested in friendship.

    Also, if this girl in fact doesn't want to date you, then you need to kick her to the curb. You can't allow her to be treating you like a quazi Boyfriend without you getting anything in return. She either is going to commit to you, or this behavior needs to stop. The thing is you told her you like her, which is fine, but you didn't put your foot down after that. She's gotta either go all or nothing. Instead she's leveraging the feelings she knows you have to manipulate you. I've seen girls do this all the time with guys they knew were crushing on them. It's sickening really but they do it. Your allowing it to happen thinking it will bring you two closer and convince her to date you, but it never works.


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  • it sounds like she likes you and is comfortable getting to know you. and you sound like a nice guy who is genuine about how you feel about her. maybe you should let her know. you obviously like her and enjoy being around her and it seems mutual between you two. and who knows maybe she just really appreciates you taking the time to get to know her and be her friend. not all guys can do that and maybe that's what's important to her right now. just remember that relationships take time.


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  • If a girl doesn't like you you can't get out of a friend zone sorry. If she liked you or had a crush on you then you wouldn't be friend zoned. Sorry man its the truth.

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