Why do girls shave their pubic hair?

- Some say it feels better or hair gets in your teeth.

In my experience, both of these reasons are not true at all.

- Some say it's because "everybody does it" or because they think guys like it better that way.

That seems like bowing to fashion or generalizing all guys.

In my experience, a normal (trimmed) bush is best because the hair is fun to play with, you don't have ingrown hairs or that "cactus garden" issue to deal with every so often, and most importantly you have spontaneity - you don't have to EVER worry about being perfectly groomed all the time so you have one less thing to worry about!

I also think the bald-Barbie look is less attractive...Pubic hair is a beautiful focal point and is a sign of maturity and sexual readiness that you're no longer pre-pubescent (or illegal...)

So what say you girls? Answer anonymously if you want: Why do you shave your beaver bald? Is it peer pressure? Is it that you "think" you should do it (for the guy)? Or if you really think it "feels better"? Have you ever grown it out and compared the difference in how it feels? Secretly do you wish you could leave it "natural"?

I once read that guys (for the most part) really don't care what's down there as long as it's clean and accessible...

  • I like a bald beaver because it feels and looks better or is easier for sex
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  • I like a bald beaver because I'm supposed to (but secretly prefer natural)
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  • I like a natural bush because it's way less hassle and feels just as good!
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I kinda see how the "slippery feeling" makes a little sense (though I think hair is still nicer to touch ;-), I still don't get how some think it looks better bald...I just don't think a pre-pubescent look is attractive...that doesn't seem normal to me.
Discounting votes from guys, and including the votes from girls who wish they didn't have to shave, the results so far show 11 to 7 in favor of a more natural bush! I am so glad! I hope more people vote so we can get a bigger sampling...
BIG come-back on the "natural" option!

The MORE you feel you have to "conform" or alter your appearance for acceptance, the LESS confident one is in being happy with who you are!


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  • Some like it better that way, guess they like looking 12 or something, others because they think guys like it. Personally I strongly dislike shaved and find it to be quite a turn off.


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  • Well I don't show mine to anyone but I used to shave at least some of it whenever it's soon time to wear a bathing suit but a couple time I took so much off that it actually creeped me out and so I decided to only shave edges when I'm about to wear a bathing suit. I think maybe that many other girls are so used to now not having that much - if any - hair down there from taking it off that it's pretty weird when there is a lot of hair. But, like I wrote, for me it's the other way around.

    • Ha I love how I disagree with everyone else's answers and yet you put me as the best answer...from that and what you wrote in your question I'm guessing that you very much disagree with everyone else's answers too.

  • To me, it feels clean to have it waxed. I don't have a problem with ingrown hairs and I just love the way I look. My fiance prefers trimmed hair so to compromise I let it grow out a little and then get it waxed.

  • Its personal preference, I think it looks gross personally, and started shaving it off as soon as it began to grow there. For me its cleaner feeling and more comfortable, I'm actually getting laser hair removal for it soon.

    But to each their own!

  • so if you don't like the pre-pubescent look, you must prefer women with hairy underarms as well?

    • That's not fair and you know it!!

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    • ...also I never take the hair off my legs if my legs are not going to be shown - and since I've been living in Minnesota it's been from October to even now because it's still cold so I still wear pants to my ankles. I don't care if I know that my legs are very very hairy as long as nobody else knows.

    • Cheerangel: you sound so normal! I love it! I wish all girls thought about this like you do :-) I once lived in Denmark where standards are different: for example nude beaches were the norm. I noticed (most) girls didn't shave their armpits there and after a while you don't really notice it. Try imagining if everyone shaved their eyebrows and how "odd" it would be if someone didn't...But since having hairy eyebrows is normal, nobody makes a big deal of it (except Whoopie Goldberg!)

  • well no one sees mine so I don't shave it. I just do the bikini line for obvious reasons.

    • Yay finally another girl who agrees with me on this!

    • Well it really makes no difference to me and since no one sees it, it doesn't affect anyone so I figure why bother. lol.

  • Its mostly for the guy and hair kind of looks nasty down there to me but I rather keep it natural but I shave it because I know most guys say they like it shave. very few say they don't care or like the hair and to me it feels smooth

  • I shave because I want to. I think it's cleaner and I just like it better. Yes, I have tried both ways and the hair is itchy and drives me crazy. I just hate hair. I even shave my arms. The only place I have hair is on my head.

  • I just don't like stubble down there... ick.

  • i keep my stuff smooth because I hate hair. I like everything nice and smooth

  • I shave most of mine off, but as I can't reach the part that grows between the lips, I leave that. I think it's just cleaner and fresher that way.

  • Did they specifically say that it was supposed to feel better for the other person? Because imho it feels better to me. When it's shaved it's a whole lot more sensitive.


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  • Well there is another reason, but you may again say it is not very logical.

    Some cultures recommend shaving hair in pubic area for personal hygiene. Some religions also mandate shaving pubic hairs (for both boys and girls).