My boyfriend has bad hygiene but he doesn't think he does; how should I approach this issue

We've been together for 3 years and lived together one 1/2 years. He goes days without brushing his teeth (he claims its because he has gengivitis and his teeth bleed too much) I told him that's all the more reason to take care of them.

He skips showers for 2-3 days at a time. Sorry to be graphic but his bum smells so bad that the sheets stink in the spot he sits down, I can smell it on his fingers when he scratches himself.

His balls smell...his feet always reek no matter what, so bad you can smell them when you walk in the room, I don't think its normal, I think its a fungus(he doesn't think they smell that bad & says its from being on his feet at work)

He doesn't wash clothes too often and wears dirty clothes when he runs out of clean laundry.

He eats like a pig, & licks sauce off his plate.

He even wants sex when he hasn't showered, I can't even ket him touch my vagina if he hasn't washed his hands cause their likely germy.

He gets frustrated when I insist he showers or tell him about his habitats. He's 22, I shouldn't have to tell him these things.

He always says he's too tired to showet or that its not a big deal and thinks that I'm overreacting. He says I try to change him but I don't think I'm doing that by asking him to take better care of himself.

If he mentioned my hygene id be so embarrassed id fix the problem immediately

Its not a deal breaker & I'm not a clean freak, but it really bothers me. I've tried mentioning it jokingly, I've tried seriously talking to him about it, I've tried nagging...the only thing he's done is stop farting around me. I'm frustrated and its making him angry and frustrated with me. how can I help him...any advice?
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Having someone else notice would help but he wears colone so you can't smell him in public. He doesn't stink through his clothing. . Its when we get home and his clothes come off that the odor is evident. I'm going to have a serious talk with him but discussing this with him is very uncomfortable for me, I feel embarrassed even reading all of your responses. I don't want to have to end oir relationship over this because I love him so much.
My boyfriend has bad hygiene but he doesn't think he does; how should I approach this issue
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