I keep jizzing in my pants (serious)

I am sure you are all aware of that hilarious Lonely Island song 'Jizzed in my pants', however for me this is a reality and a serious issue.

I am a guy in his early twenties who is also a virgin, having gotten rid of my 'supervirgin' status not too long ago. However I have had very limited contact with girls and if anything does happen, the fire hose will start having valve issues.

For example:

1) Went to a club (a very rare occurrence for me, I almost never do this) and a hot girl did some grinding on me for about 20 seconds. Jizzed in my pants.

2) End of final exam at uni, hugged a female friend and when I lifted her up slightly, I kind of felt how her legs started wrapping around me but then pulled back. Mind thought of sex and yes, jizzed in my pants.

3) Was hanging with some friends outside a bar with tons of drunk people around. This one really drunk girl came and hung out with us, she hugged me and put her legs around me, totally jizzed in my pants.

4) Started dating recently, have been on several dates and have jizzed in my pants every time, despite giving the trouser snake a fair beating earlier in the day, in fact two beatings on most occasions but there's still enough left in the tank for subsequent eruptions.

Its not a serious problem in terms of the quantity of fluids released (those are usually quite small) but it is persistent i.e happens every time that I am even remotely close with a girl.

Does anyone know how one can combat this issue?
I keep jizzing in my pants (serious)
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