What are some good bed skills?

So I'm not just poking her with my penis?


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  • Start out gently, but get more aggressive based on how she reacts. Kiss her, but not the whole time. Just when it feels right. Do what feels good- that probably means it feels good for her, too. Don't be too rough with her breasts, but be sure to give them attention. Keep close most of the time. Most girls like the contact and during-sex-cuddling. If she wants to get on top, let her, but don't ask or tell her to. If you are wondering how she is liking it, ask if she wants to change positions. This just lets you make sure she is getting the right amount of pressure in the right way. It is different for every girl- some like missionary, some doggy style, etc. Finding the right position to reach her pleasurable spots is unique to her. Have fun finding out!

    Oh, and if she tells you to do something, do it! :)

    • Is it possible to communicate too much? outside of like reading a book communicating...should I tell her she's beautiful? that I love her body? that she makes me soo horny?

    • Sure, you can compliment her and tell her what you're thinking. But mostly I like to just be in the moment. Those things are better for before and after sex, although one or two comments during can be nice as well.

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  • There's nothing wrong with poking her with your penis. Girls like that. We're all different though, and you should be asking her this question. She's the only one that really knows the answer.

  • (sorry don't know how to comment back)

    you sound more of the aggressive type. haaaa what's splitting bamboo?

    get her in a comfort zone and make her secure enough not to feel dumb telling you.

    shell probably feel like if she says something too freaky you'll judge her and think its weird.

    you could also start off the conversation by stating things you wanna try. make it funny and play around with ideas so shell open up.

    • Something I want to try with just her ;)

      yeah, I think I like to be everything and try everything, but I don't know if its really satisfying her or what...i hope so, because I really hold off to let her get off first..

      we chat, but I think she's a bit shy.. I always say she can say some crazy stuff and I won't mind or promise to tell anyone...

    • She should read cosmopolitan. then if she's shy......well here's what I did with my boyfriend because he was the shy one. hahah anyway when I read about a new move that I wanted to try I would take control and do it the first chance I got. afterward we would talk about the whole experience and give each other feed back. try something on her and then at the end ask her if she liked it,.

  • why don't you just ask her. that way shell tell you exactly what she wants and will always feel good. if you two are ever on the subject casually bring it up tell her you wanna know what she likes so you can please her. it might be a bit awkward but its worth it. if she doesn't know try out common moves like doggy style. or her on top.

    • Now wait, I'm very open.. but girls are easily weirded out.. there's a thousand things I'd like to try, ways to hold her against the wall, and all that..i don't know if she's up for it..i got one idea I call 'splitting the bamboo'.

  • well hun

    you shouldn't have trouble

    its quite easy

    if you have the light slightly on then you should see what ur doing

    i mean I can't tell you how to f*** lol sorry

    • Then what is the deal about having "skills" ?

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  • The best "skills" is communication.

    Make sure you pay attention to her, she'll let you know what she likes and doesn't (mostly during sex, whether it be directly, such as telling you that she likes it, or indirectly, by reacting to what you do). However, do not underestimate the power of discussion outside of sex, ask her what she likes, or would want you to do, and you can then apply it.

    Those are the best "skills" to have when it comes to sex.