Why is it considered pathetic for a guy to go to a escort or prostitute or to masturbate?

A guy who goes to a prostitute or escort are considered lame , desperate and pathetic why? Guys have to pay for sex anyway, even if they're married (because women love money more than guys). Paying for drinks, dinner, movies aren't cheap and then you're still not guaranteed sex like you would if you just paid for a escort or prostitute . Here are some of the reasons why people say its bad.

1. The escort/prostitute doesn't want you. Who cares? A guy is simply paying for a service That's better than paying for dates that's not guaranteed to lead to sex and a relationship. I had a friend who spent years of taking women out on really expensive dates ( $100 dollars ) and getting burned . His date hit him with this line like "You're a good guy but I'm not ready for a relationship." Really? She could've said that 5 dates ago. So he would be out $500 dollars and wasted time. He decided no more and just started to go to escorts. His female co worker friends who he would get dating advice from shunned him for it of course.

2. Prostitutes and escorts have disease unlike a girlfriend or wife. Wrong. I've never heard of that happening to a guy. But I know a friend of mine whose wife brought him home chlamydia. A another guy in the city where I live who's in prison for murdering his girlfriend because she gave AIDS to him .

3. Guys who masturbate are losers . Every guy isn't going to be able to get a girl no matter what they do. I remember this co worker was telling me how pathetic this other co worker was for jacking off, I asked her why she didn't offer him sex or found him a girlfriend then? Its okay for a woman to have a vibrator and masturbate but if a guy does it, he's a pathetic loser blah blah.

So what are you guys thoughts on this?

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Guys do pay for it. If not you have some good girls who don't care about getting birthday, Valentines day, anniversary gifts . They must pay their own way when you take them out to dinner, movies drinks etc.
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Don't reply to me if you just skimmed and didn't really read through the whole article. You're just making yourself sound stupid .
Why is it considered pathetic for a guy to go to a escort or prostitute or to masturbate?
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