My boyfriend likes wearing women's bras and knickers and watches shemale p*rn. Why does he like it?

My 24yr old boyfriend & I (23) have been together since Feb2012. At the start of the relationship he told me that he liked to wear women's underwear & wanted to wear it during sex. At the time I felt shocked & confused, but as I'm an open minded person I said that was fine. This happened once during sex (I felt so grossed out during it) & he wore my underwear often. This was fine to begin with but overtime I became less understanding & wanted it to stop as I was feeling more & more uncomfortable about the whole situation. It was starting to make me feel angry & I was feeling less turned on by him.

He always said that it was for comfort & that the panties "hold everything in right" - but then my question to him was, what about the bra, you don't have boobs...& also you asked if you could wear it during sex? He always denied that it turned him on. We then got into a major argument about it (I can't remember why) but then he promised to stop. This was great until he brought it up a few months later, I tried to be on board with it again but I found it so difficult, he would wear my underwear everyday & it disturbed me that I wanted to wear some particularly sexy knickers/thongs for him but he would be wearing them himself! He then suggested going out to buy his own, he did this for a while but it still really freaked me out, so we talked but got in an argument about it because he thought I was being unreasonable.

He again said he wouldn't do it again but since then, every time we have had an argument, he has asked if he can wear women's underwear, claiming that he only ever said it to piss me off cos he knew I hated it.

Very recently in Sept2013, our relationship was on the line due to a whole host of other issues. He said he wouldn't leave me if I could do 3 things, one of them being to be OK with him wearing women's underwear (both bras & pants) & to allow him to do it. As I didn't want him to go I said "yes" knowing in my heart I could never be OK with it,

I just told him if he is going to do that I don't want to know about it & I don't want to see him wearing it. He asked if he could wear mine & I told him to get his own. He said he wants to do it so that he can get over his want to wear it & so that we can continue our relationship as normal.

I found out that he wears the undies everyday and he wears the bras the moment he gets time too (when I'm not around). I've told him I can't really be close to him while he is doing this but that doesn't seem to bother him, it's like his desire to wear the underwear over-rules being close to me.

I also found out that he likes to watch shemale p*rn & that has made me even more confused!

I'm confused as to why he can't tell me the truth about why he likes it? If it is for comfort, why does he choose the sexier undies over plain 1s? Why does he like watching shemale p*rn? Is he gay? Does he want to be a woman? Is he with me because he thinks that I look like a man? Will he ever TRULY "get over" it?
My boyfriend likes wearing women's bras and knickers and watches shemale p*rn. Why does he like it?
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