Does my boyfriend have feelings for "ex" "friend" with benefits?

So, I have this long term, serious boyfriend, who's long distance for a while, cause his money is short to visit me.

He's in Europe for months now and he used to be a really sexually active guy, so I just gave him permission to have CASUAL sex. He says he doesn't want it. Even though he slept around through all of his relationships (even the 2 long term ones, one of them monogamous) he feels like its different this time(I made him change in many aspects, so I believe. Also, he has no reason for lying about this.)

Through all of his relationships, even the monogamous 5 years long one, a certain "f*** buddy" was always a constant. That is, until we two became serious a year ago.

He also happens to have business with her, and went meeting last night. I said I would understand if he slept with her, its simply a physical need and she's basically her concubine by now... He said no. No other woman but me.

Some hours later I got home and saw a message saying he'd go black for that night. I figured out he slept with her. Swallowed my pride to keep my word and said "Have fun you two. Use protection. Goodnight, I love you."

Some more hours and he saw it. He said he hadn't slept with her, he had actually broken up, and she cried and... -wait, what? HOW DO YOU BREAK UP WITH A f*** BUDDY? - she's more than that, he said. She's the only constant thing in his life for the last 10 years. Do you love her, I asked. "i do, and always will.But as a friend" "she thought of you as more than that.." he said he "asked for a time" when we two got serious, but only now he really broke up. Ridiculously stupid me said "Tell her I'm sorry that I made her heart be broken... And that I love you very much and will make my best to make you happy..." "darling, it had nothing to do with you." "wait, with what then?!" and he went "why don't you just let it go... I love you... chose YOU. One year ago. You won." until I just gave up.

I can accept sex, very hardly, but I do. But him having feelings for another, breaks my heart so hard! And he didn't even "break up" with her because of me, but for other reason... If this reason hadn't happened, would he just do as he did with the others? Wasn't I different?! The two had something more than sex, and he hid from me...makes me feel like... She's the girlfriend, and I am the mistress.

Does he love her? More than he loves me? I love him so, so very much, you have no idea... Am I over worrying, should I let it go as he says? What does all that stuff EVEN MEAN, after all?! don't want to, I CAN'T break up with him. I have never been this closely bounded to anyone. But I'm crying non stop for 6 hours now and I need some piece of advise... Even if its from strangers.

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The morning after he said he didn't realize she had feelings for him until he asked for that "time". He took so much time because he didn't have the guts to "break up". She thought he was there to finally make her his official girlfriend, and when he said they wouldn't meet anymore, she made a small scandal. She was in love with him.

I know you guys won't believe, and think I'm an idiot... But I did. =/ I give great advice to others here, lots of them, but I'm terrible to follow advise. Sorry.
Does my boyfriend have feelings for "ex" "friend" with benefits?
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