Weird places to do it?

wheres the weirdest place you've ever made love? and where are some places you secretly really wanna to?

well see I like to have fun =P here's a list of all the weird places I've done it, my hot tub, public hot tub(no one was there) movie theater, woods (A LOT), in 2 abandoned houses and a barn, on his dirt bike =P, my closet, & on the hood of his car.
i wanna do it, in a ball pit (lol) on a roof, a trampoline, a tube slide, a moving vehicle, public bathroom, the stage of a theater and a police cell (lol) (oh and I've also done it in a portapotty lol)


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  • i just read that one of the girls wants to do it by a river, I did once, just because I always wanted to... but there were so many mosquitoes, we had to put cortizone 10 all over each others bodies after.

    I've always wanted to have sex in a golf cart, at a golf course, down by the woods. also, this will probably NEVER happen, can't really imagine how it could, but I would LOVE to have sex on the pitchers mound at Fenway... then maybe again in center field... hell, if I got the chance I'd do it at every position IN every position :)


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  • In a tree once.

    In an alley downtown.

    In a stairwell at the university of Manitoba.

    in a bathroom at a bar.

    in front of an open window (at night with the lights on)

    Nothing special I guess. Not everybody is adventurous as I am. So not every girl is willing to go along with it. I for one would like to screw at a baseball game in the crowd. I'm thinking nosebleed section to get at least a little bit of privacy.

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  • Well me and my girlfriend have had sex on a basketball court in a park ahah

    In my friends bathroom at the mall fingered her at borders ahah

    Her parents bed! Ahahaha

    We have sex in beds too by the way ahaha

  • in a public pool, but I think the weirdest place would be in a glass elevator when I was on a trip with my girlfriends party, half way through her parents were about to get into the elevator but we stopped just in time.

  • i wanna have in elevator one day..hope to get lucky soon

  • swimming pool was one and on a boat trip and got head on a late coach


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  • Umm..lets see here...

    Elevator at a hotel...(Just my luck, no one wanted to get on that night..XP haha)

    The backyard of my friends boyfriends house on the steps...

    Ex-boyfriends grandmas bed...(I know..yucky...XP)

    Swimming pool, Hot tub

    Laundry room

    Mall bathroom

    Ex-boyfriends Roomates room...

    In the back of one of my old jobs...Haha

    Wow...Good times...XD

  • I once did it in the pub I am working. Was sitting at the treshold and getting screwed. Entrance was closed and it was late at night.

    Would love to do it in the woods beside a path - and being watched by some hiker.

    An unfulfillable wish is this: wearing a mini and no undies and being screwed in public transport during rush hour when train or bus is pretty packed.

  • I've only done it once in bed as usual but I want to do it in a waterfall, dressing room, maybe at school, car, bby a river...sounds pretty hot

  • I've done it at a mall and park

    oh parents bed and abandon house ;]

    ah good times

  • Erm..


    *School closet

    *Bed- Boring

    *Hot Tub


    *Back of Cinema

    *Train toilets which btw is not easy at all!

    *Forest - had my boyfriend handcuffed to the tree lmao

    The others are pretty boring.. Lmao x

  • in a washroom. we, me and my boyfriend would make out.

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