Girls--what do you do about pubic hair?

Hey ladies, I'm just starting to get into the sexual world, and for the first time in my life I have to worry about someone else seeing/feeling my nether regions. I'm wondering what girls normally do to take care of their hair. I've always just shaved along my underwear line and trimmed a bit, but basically left a full muff there underneath the underwear. Now I have a boyfriend who wants to go down on me, and he prefers shaven girls. He shaves himself. He told me it's be hot if I had a landing strip tho. The thing is, I'm kind of hesitant to shave most of my area down there, for one thing because it can cause ingrowing hairs and makes my skin uncomfortably rough and bumpy. I HAVE planned my first waxing--going for a bikini wax I guess, just gonna ask them to do a landing strip. I was just wondering, girls, do you usually just regularly pay for waxes? Do you usually shave yourself with disposable razors? How much hair do you leave? How often do you shave/get waxed?
Girls--what do you do about pubic hair?
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