What does it mean when a guy cums really fast during sex?

It wasn't our first time having sex but it had been a while and he came really really fast...what does it mean? And how could he possibly last way longer?


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  • It means he was really into it - and that he hasn't had sex in a while.

    To make it last longer the next time, learn when he is about to come and stop right before - pretend to put up your hair or something, and if he starts to move put your hand on his chest and be like "Stop for a sec, I have to catch my breath" -- Basically what this does is the following: (Mind you he will hate ME for telling you this)

    - Right before his pinacle, you stop - letting him feel what that experience is like, if you wait long enough (usually 30 seconds to a minute) and then go back to town, that feeling subsides - it will come back in a while - do it again... as he gets more used to this method he will last longer naturally rather than having to take pills and/or do something stupid with his mind.

    He and you will both enjoy the teasing sensation - be sure not to think about it, this method works regardless of what you do, so even if he gets off - go get something from the kitchen and go for round 2 ^_^ you both will enjoy the second round

    Hope it helps~



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  • Is he cheating

    • Why would you think that he is cheating because he came quickly?

  • Well. it means that he hasn't had any (good) action in a while and he is finally cumming. And it also has to do with the testicles and such. to answer ur question about making it last longer... tease him make him want u. but don't let him have you yet. wait until he is all hot and sweaty then go for it.