What does it mean if your friends with benefits ignores you?

I met this guy, and started a casual relationship with him. We had great sex and we got along pretty well. After sleeping with him a few times, I thought I was catching feelings for him and let him know. He said the same "I don't want a relationship" garbage, so I made plans to move on and told him as such. He said that he was sure "I'd help him along the way". I realized that I might've jumped the gun, so I tried talking to him about it, but he ignored me. We talked the next day and planned to hook up, and we did the next day. I told him that I just got caught up in my emotions and I really just wanted to have sex with him, I just really like his wang lol. He said he didn't answer me because he knew feelings were there and didn't want to lead me on and he's usually a relationship person and doesn't like fooling around because a girl got hurt by him once and she was "crazy." I told him I'd been in the same position and that a guy just got a girlfriend and just stopped talking to me.

I told him that if we're going to be doing something like this, he had to stop asking me to have sex with him without a condom because it was something that I'd only do with someone I was with long term. I never told him, but it confused me that he wouldn't just ask me to leave after we had sex, he was very polite, we'd cuddle for a long time in between sex and he would show things off to me. So it seemed like we were building a connection. He told me that next time he'd come to me and that we'd have more time together, and even grab a beer sometime. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue things because I was leaving for a week and finals were the week after, so I went along with it and said okay.

That whole week, we didn't speak, not even a "Happy Thanksgiving". Finals week, we didn't speak, because of well, finals. So after they were over, I wanted to invite him out to go out to the bars with friends and have a drink to celebrate, but was unsure if it would be right to do so. I sent him a "hey" around 2 today to invite him, but he never answered. What the hell?
What does it mean if your friends with benefits ignores you?
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