I think me and my friend got raped at a party with strangers? Too intoxicated to remember?

Last Saturday I was at the bus stop with my best friend at one am , we were coming back from a party and we were walking downtown . still at the bus stop , my friend saw a man which was attractive (for her) and she started to talk to him. I told her to stop talking to him, we were a little bit high and the man was kind of scary..

This man invited us to drink and smoke in a hotel with him and his friends , without thinking about it , we accepted his invitation. We went smoking weed in an isolated area behind the bus stop and then we went back to the bus stop.My friend was sitting and me and the guy were standing the guy started kissing and licking my neck, touching my butt and my stomach and he even fingered me through my leggings. He tried to get his hand inside my leggings but I grabbed his hand and told him to stop, but he didn't want to stop and told me to be quiet so my friend, who had her back turned , won't hear us.At that moment she turned around and he stopped touching me... I wasn't afraid and I kinda liked it, because I was high, but I'm a virgin and I don't want to lose my virginity with a 27 year old stranger (Im only 16) . He grabbed my butt again and he tried to put my hand inside of his pants. I didn't want to do that.. then he unzipped his pants and I felt something moving left to right on my butt.. I couldn't see what was happening because he was behind me. After 45 min the bus finally came, we went to an hotel party with the guy's friends, I drank vodka for the first time, we smoked weed again and we did Molly...i never did that before, I only smoke weed. After an hour everything was so weird and I can't remember what happened me and my bestfriend woke up the morning after in bed at like 10 am and she doesn't remember what happened neither... the guy who touched me left ,there was only one girl on the sofa and she was sleeping everyone was gone. It was fun and the people were nice but I think a lot of things happened but I have no memory of it, Could we have been raped? If yes what should I do?

Also I noticed that I started my period the day after it happened (December 8) my period normally starts every 14th of the month..i heard that when you get penetrate you bleed the day after!

I don't even know the guys name and I don't have his number, I Haven't seen him since that day. And by the way it was our first time going out that late, we told our parents we were sleeping over at a friends house... I don't ever hangout with guys/strangers normally. And I don't think I can go see a doctor without my parents..

Even if I wasn't raped.. can I still charge the guy because he touched me in private places when I was on drugs and he's like 10 years older than me ? I think its illegal ?
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Why do guys do that ? Why was he so confident touching me without asking
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And I cannot call the police cause theyre gonna say its my fault because I followed a guy that fingered me at the bus stop and I kept on smoking
I think me and my friend got raped at a party with strangers? Too intoxicated to remember?
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