Why would my boyfriend allow his friends to watch us having sex?

My boyfriend and I had a party last Saturday some people over to watch football grill out and have some drinks, it started getting late people started doing shots I had a little bit too much to drink so I went and laid down in my boyfriend's bed. My boyfriend came to bed about an hour later he climbed on top of me started kissing me and taking my clothes off. We both like spicy sex so it's not unusual for him to want to tie me up, or blindfold me, or get me to dress like a cheerleader or little schoolgirl, I was a cheerleader in college so I still have my old uniforms. That night he blindfolded me strip me naked and we started having sex, I asked him if the door was locked and he said it was. I gave him a blowjob for about 10 minutes and then I got on top of him, I was riding him pretty rough being wild and saying all the dirty things guys like to hear, I turned around on him and rode him backwards for about 20 minutes.

I started getting this feeling kind of like a sixth sense that someone was watching besides my boyfriend, I pulled my blindfold down a little bit to peek out and our bedroom door was wide open and three of his friends that were at the party were standing in the door watching me ride my boyfriend completely naked, to make matters worse they all had their cell phones out and I was facing the door. I was like what the hell, I told them to get out I got off of my boyfriend and got dressed. I asked my boyfriend why he would let them do that and he claims he cannot see them because I was blocking his view of the door. I told him that was bullshit I'm only 125 pounds there's no way my body can block the entire doorway. I got dressed went out and told them that they had to leave then I went and slept on the couch. I'm still kind of mad at my boyfriend although we are not breaking up or anything I have given him the silent treatment for a few days. I asked him why he did that and he told me that after I went to bed they started talking about their girlfriends and his friends were telling him how good my boobs were looking that night in my tank top. The conversation turned into talking about all of their girlfriends boobs and my boyfriend told them that he would leave the door unlocked so they could get a quick peek of my boobs bouncing while I was on top of him. He said he did not mean for them to stand there and watch the whole time. I told him it was a very immature thing for him to do and I would almost rather him ask me to flash them rather than do what he did even though I still probably would not have flash them. Why would he want his friends to see my boobs or even allow them to see me having sex? they saw a lot more than just my boobs in fact they saw everything about me. I just don't understand
Why would my boyfriend allow his friends to watch us having sex?
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