If my bj lasts long, does it mean my skills are lacking?

I was having performance doubts last night. Gave my new boyfriend a hj/bj for the first time. I have only done this with one other guy in my life (my ex), whom was a virgin when I met him. So I practiced on him for a few years and he claimed he enjoyed my bjs a lot but now I'm wondering if I'm actually any good. Why? Well the bj/hj lasted a while with this new guy, maybe twice longer than with my ex, and it surprised me even more cause I thought he would finish faster as this was the first time with me. This happened in the end of a looong makeout session (3 hours, late at night after a long day at work for him). His boner was slightly on and off meanwhile. He never got full-blown soft, but he wasn't at his hardest the whole way through. Whenever he hasn't as hard, I felt like I was doing poorly at this specific moment. by the way, should I assume that it means he doesn't enjoy what I'm doing in particular as much as he could? Cause I did take it as a sign that I should try doing something else.

He's not a noisy guy so the only encouragements I had were a few hand strokes and hair petting every now and then. He got a few spasms sometimes too, which was new to me. I don't know what to make of it. He produced precum fairly early but didn't come until a while. I tried being as creative as possible because I was getting frustrated. I swallowed him completely, which was a way bigger order than I had expected (a LOT of sperm, took at least 15-30 seconds until he was done).

Afterwards, he said I had made his eyes roll in the back of his head in the middle of it. I guess he was lying so relaxed there, making very little noise and taking so long to finish, I was very insecure that he wasn't enjoying himself as much as he used to when his exes were giving it to him. How do I know I'm doing okay? How can I get better at it? He gives me such outstanding oral/fingering blends, I want to impress him but I feel like it'll take me a lot to get there. Yes, it's nice that he claimed he was holding up pretty good when I was on top of him, naked, but not pleasuring him down there just yet. Shows that he has experience and self-control BUT it also makes me doubt my sexual appeal sometimes. :(

Note: He told me that he must get himself off before bed everyday. He claims it's pretty bad and he can't skip it ever. Is that common? I didn't think much of it, but now I'm wondering if that could explain his endurance.
If my bj lasts long, does it mean my skills are lacking?
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