Guys what would your impression of a girl be if she had a premature orgasm first time you had sex together?

I recently started dating this guy about three weeks ago he's definitely the hottest guy I've ever dated he's very attractive and has a great body. I haven't dated anyone for about six months just because I've been so busy with school I haven't had time to, nor have I been sexually active. Last 3 weeks we haven't done anything sexually other then kissing each other sometimes he holds my butt when we make out which I really like.

Last night he came over to my house we were watching a movie he was laying on top of me on the couch. After the movie we started making out and putting our hands all over each other for about 30 minutes, he kept playing with my boobs so I told him that he could take my shirt off if he wanted to. I had no intentions of having sex last night but it just kind of happened by itself. After he took my shirt off he started kissing all over my chest and I was getting really turned on, I haven't had any moments like this in a long time. He kind of worked his way down my body and then put his hands up my skirt and slowly started working my thongs down, in return I sat up and pulled his shorts and boxers down and he laid back down top of me and continue kissing. By this time I really wanted sex I could feel myself throbbing down there, when he was kissing on my neck I told him to put himself inside of me, when he did I instantly started having an orgasm, I could feel that I was about to have one when he was on top of me and I was trying to hold it back but as soon as he pushed himself inside of me it was all over and I couldn't stop it. My orgasm lasted for nearly a minute and I was somewhat embarrassed because I did not want him to think I was crazy. After I finished I apologize to him and said that I couldn't hold it any longer and he told me not to worry about it. We had sex for about 20 minutes and then I set up on top of him and had another orgasm and then I let him finish on top of me.

Should I be embarrassed that I had an orgasm the first time he put it inside of me? I mean I don't want him to think I am inexperienced or crazy or anything because I am not. I know sometimes guys might catch shit because they came prematurely but I was wondering what what people think about it girl having a premature orgasm. Do you think it's look down upon? Should I feel embarrassed?
Guys what would your impression of a girl be if she had a premature orgasm first time you had sex together?
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