How do you explain/prepare your boyfriend before you have sex that your orgasms are very wet, like "squirting"?

Over the years the majority of my orgasms have been extremely wet such as it comes shooting out of me. when I was young about 15 or so I remember laying in bed experimenting with myself and that's when I had my first orgasm and that's when the squirting started. When me and my old friends would have our girl chats I kind of brought it up to them and they had never experienced that before so I thought I was always different, I did some research online and found out that it was not very common and that kind of made me self-conscious about being with a guy and him seeing me do that. I started dating a guy when I was 17 and the first time he made me orgasm was when we were having sex in the shower so I don't think he even realized that I started squirting I just told him I did and that kind of broke the ice on that subject. I dated him throughout high school and college so I was use to having orgasms with him so I was not uncomfortable. He never wanted to make a commitment after college so I broke up with him and have been single for about a year and a half now.

I'm 26 now and I just recently started dating this guy and things are starting to get intimate between us and again I am self-conscious about having an orgasm in front of him. I can't always tell when my orgasms are going to be extremely wet or not it just comes unexpectedly most of the time, when I pleasure myself I always have to lay a towel out so I don't soak my bed sheets or couch. How do I prepare/explain to my boyfriend my situation should I just let it happen naturally or do I give him a warning? What would a guy think if this were to happen and he was not expecting it would he be grossed out or do you think you would like it? Should I be self-conscious about this I just don't want it to happen and it turned out to be awkward or something. I am kind of a shy innocent girl and I don't feel comfortable telling him this early in our relationship that I have squirting orgasms I just think that would be an uncomfortable conversation and I would just rather it happen during sex and him find out that way. Thanks for any advice it would be helpful.
How do you explain/prepare your boyfriend before you have sex that your orgasms are very wet, like "squirting"?
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