Why is my man looking at fat girl p*rn?

I'm a liberal women when it comes to p*rn. My man and I watch p*rn together. We have our own p*rn that we masturbate to apart from each other. But when I saw a bunch of photos of disgusting fat girls who are ugly on his pictures on his computer, it really threw me for a loop! I'm pretty attractive I'm blonde blue eyes at 5 foot six, sexy and if I had to rate myself I would say I was a 9 1/2. Just giving you that rating info because I think it's important to understand how I felt when I saw those photos. Women are born into a world that is very judgmental of us on how we look, especially by men and we strive to do that and become that for our men. And when girls are groomed from birth to seek men's attention while men are so powerfully critical of our bodies and we practically kill ourselves to look as perfect as we can, and then you find out your man is looking at fat girls with saggy tits, arrrggghhh! It's a bit confusing to say the least. And it's done a complete mind fuck on me. To say the very least! So, tell me guys, why are looking at this and jerking off to it? I'm wondering if I should have been eating doughnuts all this time instead if salads and working out at the gym! Help me to understand...
Why is my man looking at fat girl p*rn?
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