Is being a virgin a turn off?

Guys--If you were dating a 22 year old girl and you found out she was a virgin, would that me a turn-off for you? Provided that she was just waiting for a committed relationship and not for marriage? If it is a turn-off, why?


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  • First: yes it is! but probably it would be a more turn on specifically by the reasons she take that choice, like wanting to be unique, I mean come on! like everybody having sex before marriage, a virgin girl of 22 is a hell of a unique girl, that means personality, that's attractive to me( that conquering thing does not work for me as a men, I respect women) ,or just waiting for the big love of his life to give him the most special gift of physically love known by man, that makes me feel special and a sign of being respected, maybe admired and loved, that is a turn on emotionally and sexually in speaking for me, plus I respect her as a moral person and/or as unique being, girls that are virgin non by his moral,ethical, self-respect,or religious beliefs and just because they were restrained by his puritanical family, a trauma, or just because they are ignorant about the theme, that is a not so much turn on, for no saying openly that is a turn off ; second:I don't know ,it must be talked about, but I'm probably searching that kind of girl for marriage better than just a committed relationship, it must be talked between the 2 persons indeed.


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  • If she's still a virgin and has been waiting for a worthy relationship, I say it's definitely a turn ON. When a girl can wait that long, it shows that she is more mature, has conviction in her values and beliefs, and has self control. To me, all of these traits are important for a woman to have when it comes to a long term relationship.

  • It's not a turn off at all.

    Granted, the very few occasions that I've known of a 22 year old female virgin, she was always unattractive. I've never encountered an attractive 22 year old female virgin.

    But, hypothetically, if she's 22 and attractive, and a virgin, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not a turn off. :-)

  • To tell you the truth it a turn-off cause it kind of worried a 22 year old female is still a virgin but that is something that I have been looking for a long time but you can't find that type of girl from where I'm from cause girl don't think like. I hope I can find some like you.


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