My beautiful dark twisted fantasy. What's yours?

I'm a very submissive female and love, love, love, dominate men. Their aggressive nature is a huge turn on and I love when my partner tells me what to do and how to do it. Lately I've been having day dreams of a smoking hot guy having his way with me, tie me up, a little choke, a few slaps, doing things against my will. And the more I ask him to stop is when I want more aggression and dominance. I want my hair pulled and forced to masturbate in front of him. I really want to be ravished in the shower and thrown up against the shower door with great anal sex. I want to be my partner's stress reliever, I want him to come in from a long day and have his way with me without asking if I'm in the mood. I want him to tell me I'm in the mood. I want to orgasm from the sound of his moaning and grunting, his satisfaction. And afterward he can leave me where I lay and tell me he will come back when he's ready to... no cuddling, no kiss goodnight. Guys, what do you think? What's your fantasy?

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy. What's yours?
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