I hate being a guy does anyone else feel this way?

One of my female cousins came down to see our grandparents today and my aunt says we have to leave she's going out tonight? So I ask her jokingly is it a guy or girl? Reason why I asked was because she's never been on a date or had a boyfriend. This is way I hate being a guy she's only 18 never dated & gets a date for Valentine's day, while I'm 28 and can't even get a woman to look at me. I mean WTF why is it that women and girls don't have to do shit to get a date or someone to notice them? While us guys have to bend backwards to even get an hello or a look? I hate the fact I was born male because if I was born female I would be on dates, I would of loss my virginity by now etc. I just hate that society expects us guys to do everything. I loath Valentine's day because I'm always single and always will be no matter how confident I am women/girls only want good looking guys. And what pisses me off the most is females are taught never settle for the first guy, while us guys if we're lucky to get a date to settle? I've thought about getting a sex change because I can't take this crap from women and or society.
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People please no mentioning of periods, childbirth, jobs, etc I'm not asking about those things. All I'm asking is why does it seem easier to get a date if your a woman compared to a guy?
I hate being a guy does anyone else feel this way?
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