Are my birth control pills making me depressed?

I've been taking Yasmin 28 for 5 full cycles now, and I'm wondering whether they could be the cause of my anxiety, sadness and insomnia.

Since a couple of months, I'm constantly sad. I cry about everything (for no reasons at all) and I'm constantly anxious. I'm sad in school, and I'm sad at night, which is why it takes me hours to fall asleep. I'm sad when I'm with my boyfriend (whom I love dearly), and I'm worried about that he'll grow tired of me always being negative. I'm just not the same person anymore, and I hate it.

Has anyone else had any experience with this? Could the pills be causing this? If I stop taking the pills, how long will it take until I get rid of the side effects?

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate anyone's support.
Are my birth control pills making me depressed?
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