Girls : does it hurt to go commando while wearing denim jeans?

i was just wondering if it hurts down there when you wear certain types of pants.


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  • Commando never creates any problem at all. I only wear undies to set the mood (which is not an issue at this time)...or when wearing skirts/dresses (for obvious reasons- one gust of wind and...hello world!)

    But, I have another question that is related to this one...

    My ex-fiance told me that there are two basic categories of vaginas.

    Innies & Outties...and outties are the majority

    Do you know what I'm talking about? I've seen an "outtie" before...which would certainly explain the issues when attempting to go commando...but...I mean...

    I don't know. This topic has always perplexed me...

    • To be honest I have no idea what your ex-fiance is talking about .

      im pretty sure mines normal? haha

      what does an outtie look like :S ?

      im just wondering which one I would be lmfao

    • That's what I'm saying....I didn't know there were two different types...I thought everyone had the same general 'brand'.....

      I thought that "loose" vaginas would be "outties". I mean....whatever that was I saw on that dirty movie.....well, it seriously looked like roast beef curtains.....NASTY!

      But, he told me that some females are just born with lips that cover the pink areas....and others aren' this making any sense?

      It barely makes sense to me! I wonder if any guys know..

    • Haha yeah I'm so confused, but oh well at least I learned something new =P

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  • Yeah I've had to do it once. Not by choice believe me. I think its generally bad for you down there and it gets sweaty and tends to rub together with your jeans and just hurt so I wouldn't try it. Its not fun haha. I don't even like the way it feels with pajamas but I know a lot of people who do it so I guess it depends on what you're comfortable in.

  • I pretty much go commando a good share of the time. I have found that if the jeans are too tight yes it does irritate that area. I've become comfortable going that way and seldom do I realize any irritation or problem. I'm also a shower girl and it does cause more sweating than you would realize with panties, but that is what soap and water are for. In loose clothing like sweats etc it is a great feeling of freedom

  • Never got used to "commando"myself.I've always preferred to have on a nice silky pair of bikini panties or pantyhose.I like the way thay feel.

  • YEAH. it always hurts me! so I just wear underwear, so I don't have to deal with it. =)