My girlfriend walked in on me. how can I make her stay?

This past weekend my girlfriend went over to her friends for a bridal shower and I had one of my friends come over and hang out. Me and my friend got into some real deep conversation and had maybe a little to much to drink. He told me that he was gay which was a shocker but then he said he has wanted me for over a year now. We kept on talking and drinking and to cut to the chase, one thing led to another and we ended up in my room and him f***ing me. My girlfriend came home and I must have not realized what time it was and I didn't hear her come in but she walked in the room and had to witness me doing something totally disgusting. I tried to talk to her but couldn't even talk and she was speechless as well. she left and went to her moms house and my friend stayed with me and we cracked open a fifth and finished it, went to my room and had sex again and passed out. I woke up with the worst feeling I have ever had. I felt sick and dirty. I puked (probably mostly the alcohol) and didn't even want to be conscious didn't want to think. she will not talk to me but she is coming over tomorrow tonight to get stuff and she said she will let me talk. What can I say to her? it was a total mistake and I'm not gay . I am just lost on what to do.
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I have been getting a lot of answers lately. this post is old and I just wanted to update. She hasn't talked to me again and I am gay I live with my boyfriend from the story and I am happy now. thanks
My girlfriend walked in on me. how can I make her stay?
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