Seriously girls, do you like guys?

From my experience, it seems as though girls don't actually like guys! Let me explain myself with just a few reasons:

1. Girls don't like guys enough to do anything about them. If a guy hits on a girl, asks her out and pays for her, the girl will go on a date. Otherwise the girl would never have even thought about the guy. So they obviously don't like guys enough to ever go out of their way to be with them.

2. Girls never think the guys in porn are hot, BUT most supposedly straight girls actually DO get turned on by lesbian action! This is the main reason that pushed me over the edge to wonder why the freak girls ever get with guys.

3. Girls only get turned on by themselves. When you touch them right, kiss their neck or tell them they're hot - it's all about girls! Nothing about a GUY turns girls on, its only when they feel sexy themselves.

4. Whenever you ask girls if guys in speedos are hot, their initial reaction is always "ew gross no."

So you don't think naked guys are hot, a guy is never hot/cool/whatever enough to make you wanna hit on him, and nothing about guys turns you on, but, lesbians do. It really just seems like girls only get with guys because that's what they've been doing forever and they're embarassed to say they're lesbian, plus they have to have kids to keep the world going.

So my question is: WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT GUYS? Because society in general says you like nothing, but points to you liking girls more. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE. And I want things SPECIFIC TO MALES...don't just tell me that guys are funny or something because girls can be funny too. What do you like about men?
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NOTE: a lot of you girls are saying you love the female body. Tell me though, does it actually turn you on? Or do you just think 'oh she's hot'. Because I can see a ripped guy and say 'dang he's buff', but he will in NO way turn me on...
Seriously girls, do you like guys?
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