Do men compare their current partner to previous partners?

I am married and my husband is a few years older than I am. He has more sexual experiences than I do and sometimes I can’t help but...

Guys, Would my boyfriend appreciate a video of me playing with myself?

i don’t know if he will like it or not as I’ve never done it but just want to spice things up, was thinking of close up just playing...

Ever been in a swinger club? How was the feeling?

Ever been in a swinger club? How was the feeling?

Why does he enjoy this so much?

I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob and I decided to kiss the tip and lick the little slit on top and he totally accidentally moaned...

Does he have sex dreams of me?

my boyfriend and I have sex like once a week and we’re 16 and 17 years old. He always tells me when he has a dream of me but not what...

She was a single mom I met online, we sext a little does that mean she was into me?

So earlier today I spoke to a girl in Canada online Me and her seems to get along and I think there was a sexual tension We seemed to...

Is not having a refractory period a good thing?

I don't have a refractory period after I orgasm. Meaning my penis doesn't get sensitive after I orgasm. During sex I usually cum 2 to 4...


What would you do if a very gorgeous person who’s naked tries to seduce you?

Of the opposite gender but you’re in a relationship with another person

How fast and deep do you like your guy to thrust during sex?

In the appropriately named "sexy time" category!

Do you enjoy reciving or sending nudes and why?

I know a few boys and girls who enjoy to send nudes and then there are some who dont. . What are your thoughts on nudes? You don't know...

I think I'm pregnant 😮?

I think I'm pregnant. I've been having mood swings and eating tacos all day, I've been gassy all day too and on top of that, I can smell...