Why I Don't Believe in Multiculturalism

It reduces trust in other ethnicities

It does. It also reduces trust in general. According to scientific evidence people regardless of where they live on this world are less trusting of people of other ethnicities when they live in multicultural communities, as a matter of fact the trust in general goes down which also means the trust in democratic change.

We are systematically importing skilled workers from developing countries

We are actually stealing the very workers that are required to build civilization from countries that are developing. Ask yourself, is it justified to create a multicultural society by importing millions of African males into Europe if it also takes valuable labor forces away from Africa? Developing countries are investing heavily in the education of their future generations and we are systematically importing these people through migration centers across the globe for our own selfish multiculti experiments. Completely unethical.

There's more Sudanese doctors in the UK than in Sudan. While you are getting medical treatment from your lovely Sudanese doctor, people in Sudan are asking where their damned doctors are.

Consent for the multicultural hell-project was never asked nor given

Did you consent to the importation of hundreds of thousands of migrants? Me neither. The fact that this multiculti project was never consented to but undemocratically was forced onto us damages our trust further in democracy. Yes there is scientific evidence for that also.

Migration from developing nations keeps them poor because their skilled workers are being mobilized towards the western world

This forces the world hegemony of a developed western world and a underdeveloped rest of the world. Mass migration is damaging the political and economical power of developing nations that can't seem to be able to develop themselves because they are crippled by depleting workforces.

I am a nationalist

I am a nationalist therefore I believe every people, every race on this planet has the biological right to organize themselves and build a civilization according to their own culture and values which is situated in the natural habitat of the said peoples/races. It is not possible for these nations to develop because they are running out of skilled workers. In my eyes the colonization of America was a crime against humanity. The mass importation of people of developing countries is a crime against humanity also.


As a matter of fact the nationalists I am connected to on social media do oppose mass migration from their countries to the west as must as nationalists from the west do. Just because we are nationalists doesn't mean that we should shun each other, we are globally connected. The guy you see on this picture lives in Senegal and wants the people from his country to stop migrating to the west. He says they need to build civilization in Senegal, not run away to the west.

Have you ever seen this rapper in the western propaganda media? NO because guys like these are plentiful and shatter the multiculti narrative of the media.

Teachers run away from their countries leaving them in the dark ages

Teachers, professors and other intellectuals run away from their countries to the west because they are privileged here. Diversity quotas give them priority applicant status, which means 100% job security for them. Do you honestly think this is ethical in any way? With your multiculti dream you are depleting the rest of the world of their intellectual capital just because you want a multiracial workforce. This leaves entire countries in a sorts of educational dark age because their teachers are gone.

Nationalists across the globe hate the western left

Leftists in Europe and America are hated by nationalists across the world for the damage they do to their countries.They want their people back, they want their youths back, they want their teachers and doctors back but you stole them with your race quotas.

Creation of welfare nations

Some nations in the world are becoming welfare nations. It is possible to transfer wealth across the globe with relative ease. The workforces that we imported into the west are making good money which they send a portion of back home. This creates welfare nations.

They don't come here because they want to, they don't come here because of hunger, they don't come here because of war, they come here to create a redistribution of wealth from the west to their home. They are in it for the big money.

The nation of Eritrea's national income consists of 30% wealth that is redistributed from the west. You know what that is 30% of a national income? Do you know the psychological complications of a nation living on welfare from another country? Its not good.

Sources of my line of thinking:





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  • Instead of googling research on why diversity is bad, google research on diversity in general without a biased opinion. Research the positives as well. Always look at both sides of an argument if you want to prove a point.
    Plenty of research shows that diversity is beneficial in the workplace because it provides different perspectives to find creative solutions.

    • That may be so but thats still not a reason to rob developing nations of their workforce.

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    • @MackFreeze It's not always possible with a corrupt government, poverty, bad schools, war, etc. I know a girl who left her country for America. She left the man who wanted to marry her, her family, and started with nothing here. But her home country was dangerous and people including her brother were killed. There would be no job opportunities there for her especially as a woman. She basically came here for a future because she didn't have one in her country.
      If they had the oppurtunities that are available in a developed country, they would stay at home. But they don't, so they leave.
      I do think it would be great if people could somehow fix their country, but what about women in the middle east who have no say? they can't fight back without risking their lives.

    • That's what is terrible, they leave and then their whole country gets run by criminals and the corrupt. And then that country will produce more corrupt people, and maybe attack another country so those people will flee here, and so on. I wish they could stay because some want their homelands however they have no say like you mention.

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  • Thank you


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  • You really can't use AMAZON as a source, my guy.
    As for me, with out the mixing of races (even the ones who didn't want t come to America, to begin with), I wouldn't be here. So, yes, I'm happy with diversity.

    • 1. You can't mix races and have diversity. Racemixing removes diversity.

      2. The sources are the books in the links!

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    • @curiousnorway you only have 46 chromosomes to fill up. There is no diversity coming extra because you only have limited space, 46 chromosomes of limited space to be exact. Mixing races is not diversity since distinct races go away.

    • How do distinct races go away then?

  • So, from a high schoolers standpoint, I cannot put much trust into this argument, because you only gave one side. Argument 101, always provide the opposite argument with reasons why it's valid to make a counterclaim. And I guess in a way, I can see why you'd say these things, but I don't agree. I think anyone who goes to another country for a better life deserves to make their own decisions. If jobs are offered to them because they were struggling in their own country, I don't think they should be stopped. And I kind of think multiculturalism is a bit more than that. I think it's great that I go to school with people of many races and am exposed to so much diversity. I think it helps prevent ignorance. And there are so many people that flee their home country for varying reasons.

    • They deserve a better life but their nations do not deserve to be developed? Watch the video i posted on the humanitarian cost of migration and why it out weighs the benefits of you being able to feel good about yourself for going to a multiracial school.

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    • tourism can do that just fine.

    • I guess, dude.

  • Too many things on race are mislead, misread, or blown out more than it should be. It doesn't hurt to be as one, at the end of the day we all bleed the same

  • You should follow the laws of the country you move into. And the country you move into should throw you in jail if you break those laws without fear of being labeled a racist country. Other than that, I don't care.

    Ideally, I'm for the abolition of the welfare state and open borders. That alone would solve a lot of problems. Individualism over group think and retarded identity politics.

    • I agree but people keep setting up parallel social structures. They create little versions of their countries in ours. This should not be tolerated.

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    • I disagree. I will fight for my culture and national identity. No parallel social structure will be tolerated. If people want burkas they should move to arabia.

    • Are you so insecure that someone who cooks different food from you lives next door upsets you to the point taht you feel like your culture is under attack?

  • Distrust of other ethnicities? Sorry, that doesn't happen with me. I lived in New York City, I was happy to meet people from all over the world. I love differences!

  • Robert Putnam has shown that diversity can be a force for good, even though folks in the alt-right have used his research to claim otherwise. www.chronicle.com/.../30357

    • He appeals to integration in that article, from observations we can see that people coming to Europe are not here for integration as they simply refuse to integrate, instead they set up ghettos and push for no go zones.

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    • poeple from your own race can integrate but those from other races can't, thats the politically incorrect truth that does not conform with liberal multicultural dogmatic principles. they are of the opinion everyone is equal, as in born as a blank slate that can be molded and formed into a perfectly integrated example citizen. nothing could be further from the truth. there is no such thing as equality, poeple are born differently genetically.

    • Uh, well it depends what you mean by race. There was racism against the Irish, Germans, and Italians in early American history. They weren't considered Anglo. Was that a mistake, according to you? Or do you think they were dumb, and didn't realize that they are white too?

  • I personally like it

  • So I'm a brilliant doctor who leaves my home country due to lack of opportunity, and moves to country X for a better chance in life. Free will. Why wait 10, 20, forever years for the home country to get it's s--t together meanwhile, my family is put in danger due to violence, war, etc, there is lack of opportunity for growth because programs lack funding or don't exist, and the people remain too poor to pay for my services and I cannot afford to feed my family. Gee, I wonder why I'd leave.

    I mean logistically if they country you lived in had little growth/job/schooling opportunities---you'd be no different than our migrating ancestors for leaving. You don't stay where there is no water and no food---you survive by moving away and finding new opportunity and starting a new. You can come back again if opportunity opens up, but you've got a family to feed and ambitions like anyone else and I don't begrudge those that seize upon that.

    • They are called developing nations because they do everything in their power to develop. So you are wrong.

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    • Other than a few nations which made it nearly impossible for citizens to leave through law, threat, even murder, most countries are founded on the fact that people immigrated legally or illegally looking for better opportunities or freedom from tyranny. Now... it's a problem that your doctor doesn't share a common last name or look like you? I always have to be cautious with people who start in on this rhetoric, because on done the line, eventually you tend to find that they have a xenophobic or racist nature rather than do they honestly care about the welfare of said nations. People will go where there is better opportunity, money, safety, peace, and resources to support them in the long term, and I'll not begrudge them for it. A person is not obligated to stay in the nation of their birth and never leave. A country does not own it's people---they have free will, and in situations like Cuba or North Korea where leaving wasn't an option, don't simply prosper

    • because the people are forced to live there and make a life for their nation under law and investing in education of the people, does not mean there are opportunities at the end of your educational tenure either.

  • If there wasn't any multi-cultural societies then people would be more xenophobic than they are now if they were introduced when everyone had equal footing considering that, yes, we would be able to learn from them but you'd have the language barrier as well as the possibility or racism and an intolerance for religions, you know, the same things that people faced in the past when multicultural societies were created through invasions.
    Another thing is that if it's all so bad then how come one of the main ways that less economically developed countries can sustain an economy is through tourism coming from other; much wealthier countries even more economically developed countries get some of their income through tourism which may I add is through multi-culturalism.
    It's all fine and dandy if the country could sustain it's economy but if they get high numbers of natural disasters and not enough money to enforce regulations then people are going to want to move away.
    Especially since said natural disasters affect the rate of tourism which is constantly changing and if there's something the will put off tourists no matter how minor the tourism in that area for the year will decrease drastically which in turn increases the tax which people cannot pay easily because of unemployment caused by the lack of tourists which affects the rest of the country and if teachers and doctors are paid by the government then they may also become unemployed due to lack of money or they will get less paid causing them to want to look for work elsewhere even if that involves moving because if the pay is a lot higher can send some of it back to their family to help support them.
    So, I've found one of your reasons to fail in the logic department.

  • Hmm./..

  • I don't agree with you and it scares me you think like this

    • then i encourage you to read the scientific study i posted at the bottom of my mytake and the videos i posted if you dont like reading.

    • Think about all the brainiacs in other countries, they come here which is great for them and all, but they leave their country to the way it was instead of fixing it and making it better.

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  • I'm agree in some of your points. I'm agreeing in importing skilled workers from developed countries can influence the developed countries negatively and they're depended on workers who can build their countries. If developed countries wants better living standard they've to work from the bottom to the top like the first world countries did. Culture crash where it's conflicts because of cultures that's not compatible is also a cons with multiculturalism.

    It's however some advantages with more than one culture in a country. We can learn from each other and try doing things in new ways. In some cases it can be an advantage for a society to evolve. Many inventions and ideas are from abroad.

    The race thing is nonsense in my opinion and don't make sense. Which facial features or colors you've on your body hasn't anything to say. Adoption is a good example on that.

    If a Swedish family is adopting a child from Africa and the child is black it won't automatically make the society foreign or multiculturalism for instance. If the child is raised there and has been in Sweden his whole life he would be like other Swedish people cultural wise despite the fact he looks differently. But a Swedish child who has been in Saudi Arabia almost his whole life would be more used to the Saudi culture and way of thinking.

    So what are we going to do with these people? I thinks every races can join a culture if they wants to and culture doesn't need to do anything with biological appearance to do. If a person wants to join a culture it's fine and the world isn't depended on races having their own culture. Nor do any races have any right on their own culture only they can join.

    • Well i agree cultural exchange is good but the mix up of it all leads to chaos.

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    • For scandinavians to maintain their civilization in their harsh environment they became altrustic towards their own community, it was their winning survival strategy ever since the region was settled, dont pretend like you have the same genetic disposition towards building altruistic culture as norwegians do. Citizenship is just a piece of paper. A drivers liscense doesn't make you a good driver, citizenship doesn't make you norwegian.

    • But I also can the language fluently and following the culture. Technically the only thing that makes me different than other Norwegians are how I looks. It's not like I'm following a foreign culture.

  • "Consent for the multicultural hell-project was never asked nor given"
    At least one more person here says it besides me!
    Very well said and thank you for speaking out the truth!
    The only thing you missed is the big WHY.
    WHY is this happening in Western nations? What purpose does it serve? #SmashCulturalMarxism
    The answer is here:


  • Very well-argued post. I agree on every point. Do-gooders and misguided liberals think that allowing talented people from Third World nations to immigrate to the West is a great and unblemished good. In reality, this belief is foolish at best, and dangerous at worst.

    Allowing the intellectual elite of a developing nation to leave is akin to leaving children alone on a desert island. Who will provide for and guide the masses if the elite walk away from their people? Educated Indians, and Africans, and Chinamen should be compelled to return to their countries of origin after the complete their studies in the West. They should feel an absolute obligation to return to help improve the lives of their countrymen. After all, to whom much is given, much is expected.

    We don't need any more civil engineers or doctors in the West. We can't employ the ones we already have. Make educated people from the developing nations return home and help alleviate the suffering in their nations so they don't become the type of failed states that precipitate wars.

    • I'd like to see you cite your sources. How many unemployed doctors do we have?

      Also you can't FORCE people to go back to their countries to bring them up. If they want to live here and consider this their new country, they have every right to do so.

      If you care so much about these third world countries, why don't you go over there to help?

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    • @Tlnet There are so many trained doctors, the competition for patients so intense, and the costs of doing business so high that doctors are struggling. It's so bad that many doctors are leaving clinical practice for other career tracks in medicine. But what we certainly don't have is a shortage of doctors, nor do we have a shortage of any other skilled laborers. And even if we did, our economy is designed to address those shortages through market forces.

      There was a shortage of nurses about 10 years ago, but the dearth of skilled RNs caused salaries in the field to skyrocket. Now there are more than adequate numbers to meet the demand. Basic supply and demand solved the issue. If there were a shortage of engineers, new grads would be making $80,000 a year. They make more like $45,000 when they can find work, and it's largely because corporations artificially depress wages by importing tens of thousands of unneeded foreigners under the guise of a "skilled worker shortage."

    • *Citation needed.

  • Yeah man, a really good speaker made a YouTube video why immigration to America won't help world poverty. I wish people would fix their own countries instead of us taking them in all the time.

    I love other races but when you said it creates distrust I thought about it and your right. I love people from the actual countries like Italians from Italy. Then you appreciate their culture much more. We live in such a politically correct society and see this as racist when it's not.

    • FYI, when we take in legal immigrants, we are only taking the skilled immigrants. So when we bring in people from all these problem countries, we are only taking in the squared away ones who won't be bringing any of those problems here.

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    • Genetic diversity is still a thing though. That's why incest babies tend to come out so fucked up/

    • @Tlnet yea nature has foreseen that. Genes randomly mutate themselves and get naturally selected or canceled out. Actually all life came to be due to genetic mutation.

  • The reason for the emigration of skilled workers from developing countries is simply because the country has very little job opportunities to cater for the highly skilled/educated workers, therefore keeping them would stagnate the progress of that individual.

    Why keep a Ferrari if you're just gonna drive it like a Fiat?

    These skilled workers worked hard for their future, thus migrating to an place where their profession is needed seems logical.

    I'm from Africa. I would know.

    • Intellectuals and skilled workers should be encouraged to build up their developing nation otherwise its going to maintain the world hegemony of a rich west and poor all the rest. Is that ethical? Its not ethical to keep large parts of the world in intellectual dark ages.

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    • If you're gaining skilled workers to fill those business firms, these industries grow towards becoming an economic powerhouse. Don't come here and tell me that restricting the inclusion of skilled workers is not beneficial for the state's economy.

      Besides, if the whole world were to have proper nationalized empires with people whom are focused solely on establishing themselves and their people, hardcore friction would arise between different groups of people. Wars and genocides would be the result of highly nationalized and separate societies. No one is preaching peace or unity.

      Therefore I AM not *misinformed. YOU are just severely narrow minded. 😂

    • Again mass/illigal migration =/= legal migration.

      "Besides, if the whole world were to have proper nationalized empires with people whom are focused solely on establishing themselves and their people, hardcore friction would arise between different groups of people. Wars and genocides would be the result of highly nationalized and separate societies. No one is preaching peace or unity. "

      Actually this friction is caused by multiculturalism.

  • y'all niggas need hobbies

  • I have to disagree on one part. the colonization of America was not a crime equal to this.

    we took the unwanted people of Europe who pere poor and built them up. however, it only worked because those in Europe while different have similar enough minds to come together and even then getting 13 colonies of different people to agree on anything was a bitch let alone 50 states the size no bigger than Europe with people from around the world with different backgrounds.

    our crime started after pulling from China and countries with people of completely opposite ideas.

    however, you're also wrong we are not pulling the best workers of 3rd world nations we are pulling their poor. if we were pulling the best we would be doing better we would not have welfare parasites or people who work for pennies in comparison to a white person

    *Furthermore it costs the same to give a job to a Mexican who costs that company a penny compared to a skilled white/black worker as the bill is simply split to society as said workers get on programmers and actually cost more than if we hired our own*

    I am all for multiculturalism and immigration but only if it is the best of the best. if we did like Europe, Asia, and many other nations and only take in those who would benefit our nation as a whole we would have no issue. I am fine with sharing culture with others but only if their culture is not trash and is compatible with ours.

    I am for Imperialism if it truly is the conquest of land and resource not pillaging middle eastern nations and never claiming it as our own. that is true evil. it's fine to conquer a people if you will annex them into your own but when you just take shit and leave them that is truly despicable

    if you were truly nationalist you would be only for your own nation and its benefits as should everyone else. if we all worried about ourselves we would have no one else to worry about as we would all either stand on our own legs and fall and be conquered. such is the way of progress and how capitalism works

  • Cool MyTake. Let me respond with my opinions.

    "It reduces trust in other ethnicities"
    First of all I would like to see a cite on this. Secondly, that's not a problem of multiculturalism, but a problem of bigotry.

    "We are systematically importing skilled workers from developing countries"

    We're not importing skilled workers. Skilled workers are choosing to come here. We need their skills, and they want to leave the country with no future behind.

    "Consent for the multicultural hell-project was never asked nor given"
    I never consented or denied consent. I really don't care if people from other countries want to come here.

    "Migration from developing nations keeps them poor because their skilled workers are being mobilized towards the western world"
    Well intelligent people who have a lot to contribute shouldn't be forced to stay inside a country that's going to do nothing but limit their potential.
    For example, if a Sudanese national had a PhD in rocket science, don't you think the world would be MUCH better off if he was working for NASA in USA, rather than him staying in Sudan (which probably doesn't even have a space agency).

    "I am a nationalist"
    It's great if you are. I'm not though. So you're going to have a better argument than your opinion.

    "Nationalists across the globe hate the western left"

    We don't care what Nationalists hate (I'm not left anyways, I'm Libertarian).

    "Creation of welfare nations"
    Foreign immigrants who come here earn their money. They can do whatever they want with it, including sending it back home.

    • "First of all I would like to see a cite on this. Secondly, that's not a problem of multiculturalism, but a problem of bigotry."

      It's an established fact that ethnic diversity reduces overall between-group trust in a community. The research has been pretty conclusive on this. And second, it's not bigotry to note issues with immigration. Only a crusader or SJW would be opposed to the acknowledgment of a fact. Besides, general opposition to immigration is not bigotry. Bigotry is a prejudice against a specific group. The restriction of immigration is not directed at any one group, so your argument fails on this point.

      "Skilled workers are choosing to come here. We need their skills..."

      We don't need foreign workers in any field, save perhaps for farm workers. We can't employ all the skilled labor that we already have. The importation of skilled foreign labor is coordinated by large corporations to artificially depress wages. That's why engineers still make poor salaries.

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    • If we lived in ancient times (the times your claiming we should live now) Stephen Hawking would be left to die.

    • because they wouldn't even have the medical equipment to take care of him.

  • Hmm. You have a German nickname calling up WWII Nazi tactics, you post remarks from an alt-right source and an "Indentarian"... Your point is mooted by your obvious hatred of other people. And by other, I mean, not white.

    • Lol hatred. Good one. I dont let irrational feelings stand in my way.

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    • Look dude, nationalism is the notion that every people have the right to build a nation in their place of origin so cut out the white nationalist crap. Stop mistaking it for imperialism.

    • We already have a nation in our place of origin - assuming that you are a born citizen. What you seem to be espousing is the idea that "your" nation should be all white. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • interesting

  • Not really sure what to say. You don't like diversity or multiculturalism? Then you might want to find another planet. Because we are all diverse and we are all multicultural. Even the ignorant ones who think they are of a pure race or of a pure culture.

    It isn't even worth discussing.

    • I love diversity thats why standardization of culture must be stopped!

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    • You can live in a whatever fantasy you choose.

      Good luck with that.

    • No i choose to build the reality i want. I dont need you luck.

  • getoisum is bad immigration can be good but unless there all doctors or lawyers having them all in one place is how you can get no go zones.

  • This is a very complex issue, but being "opposed to multiculturalism" is not only kind of dumb, it's impossible.

  • I agree, nationalism is very important

  • You can't have diversity without division and vice versa.

    Also, multiculturalism actually destroys diversity. Racial and ethnic Diversity is created when people are separated for extended periods of time.

  • Exactly my thoughts.

  • Unity is strength, why bother dividing a country with multiculturalism bullshit.

  • This guy knows what's going on.

  • I disagree

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