Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal

Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal

First let me say that this take is not really meant for women, no matter what facts or statistics I post, I will always be wrong arguing with a woman. Nothing I say will get through to them so this isn't really for them to read, males understand.

If you're a woman and you aren't ignorant & can actually comprehend what I'm saying, then this take is for you.

Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal

Women do it too.

Most women just love to play victim, they are the most innocent little creatures that walked the planet right? Men are just these bad thugs that are sent from hell right? I have a question, how many of you reading this take right now can honestly say you've never checked someone out & have thought sexual things about them? ...

Exactly, none of you.

The only difference between some men & women when it comes to catcalling is

women catcall, but they say it to themselves. Women complain about how men see women & the first thing they notice is her boobs or her ass when they do the exact same thing. Women notice big breasts just like men do, when women see big breast they might think "Gosh, those are big." Men do the exact same thing, the only difference is they say it aloud.

It is normal to notice things like this & have an opinion. The only thing I would blame men for is saying these things aloud, men need to learn how to keep these comments to themselves, but you CANNOT blame a man for catcalling when women do the same thing.

I have personally first hand experienced older women catcalling younger men on multiple occasions.

even my own mom. When my mom or my aunt see a younger man, they'll both catcall the man just like men do with other women. They mostly catcall in the car so the men can't really hear them, but there have been times where my mom has actually catcalled younger men right to their face.

Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal

They're compliments

I know 100% of women will say these aren't compliments or they're disrespectful compliments.

That may be true, but at the end of the day, these men aren't causing you any harm by catcalling.

When a man catcalls, they are literally just complimenting you. If these men who catcall stay in your mind for any longer than 5 minutes, you are the one with a problem.

It would be different if they were threatening, or insulting you, but they're just compliments. When a man catcalls you, he is not meaning for it to be disrespectful. Most of the time when men catcall, they don't even realize they're saying it out loud. Personally I'm not attracted enough to women to catcall them, but I've seen people who were very attractive & sometimes these things just slip out. It's completely normal.

Why I Don't Believe Catcalling is Such a Big Deal

Toughen up.

How can you honestly call yourself a woman if these types of people or comments upset you? I can understand girls below the age of 20 being intimidated by these types of comments because honestly they're still children. If you consider yourself a grown woman & let people like this bother you, don't. You are a not a grown woman. Grown women will ignore people like this & will not let people like this get to them at all.

When men catcall you, they say it aloud for a reason, the reason being is that they want your attention. They want you to notice, that they notice you. You have to speak up and let men know not to come at you that way. Make it known that catcalling is not a way to get a woman's attention.

Honestly though it's been working, catcalling is one of the most talked about topics in today's society, so obviously they have your attention. Don't pay them any attention so they learn, that catcalling isn't the right way.

I know 90% of you who comment will try & insult me, but before you do, I should let you know a couple of things first. Do not blame me for catcalling, I do not catcall. I am an introvert, I stay in my house & mind my own business, I do not associate myself with women nor do I associate myself with other men. I am family oriented, & I stay to my family. I have never catcalled a woman & I have no interest in doing so. Now you may proceed on your attempts to insult me, any other comments will be appreciated.


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  • "Hey baby I'd like to fuck you up the ass!"

    Man, never felt more complimented in my life. You know how NORMAL people compliment people? By going up to them and complimenting them, not screaming like a chimp. Lol. But hey that's just me.

    Now if someone just says you're beautiful or whatever yeah, it's not a big deal. But screaming sexual shit at strangers is just in poor manners. Basic human logic.

    I've had men yell sexual shit at me when I've not been dressed provactively. To me if you want to compliment someone you should be able to do so like a normal human being with the most basic of social skills. Not screeching profanities like a child.

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    • wanting a woman only for sex is treating her as a sex object of course if she gives her consent to be treated like one

    • @Merimanr What's to say that something might not flourish from that encounter? Why is being sexual treating someone as a sex object and not as someone you are attracted to that you have sexual chemistry with? If this is the case, then isn't she treating him as a sex object as well? Objectification happens, but not necessarily on intent.

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  • i think cat calling is lazy, immature and acting on our most base instincts. we are humans capable of far more than blurted out the first thing or sound that comes to mind because we see something attractive

    • You can't depend on humans to be mature, this is life
      Either you decide to be mature, or level with others immaturity.

    • well i do level with people's immaturity but it doesn't mean i won't call it immature. i accept that people are racist but don't have to like it. i accept that people rape children but i don't like it. i accept that people steal but don't like it.

    • thanks for mho

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  • "but you CANNOT blame a man for catcalling when women do the same thing."
    Actually I can, because just because women apparently do it too, it doesn't make it ok. It's sexual harassment either way.

    "They're compliments"
    No, they're not. The receiver gets to decide what is a compliment and what isn't. "I want to fuck you" is not something I want to hear, I don't care about some random ass man wanting to fuck me. Therefore he should keep it to himself and not try to force me to accept his "compliment" when it's clearly unwanted and offensive.

    "these men aren't causing you any harm by catcalling"
    Actually, they are. They are making tons of women feel unsafe and uncomfortable considering that many catcalls are creepy and threatening. That's harmful whether you like it or not.

    "It would be different if they were threatening, or insulting you, but they're just compliments"
    Like 99% of catcalls are threatening and insulting/offensive. Not "just compliments".

    "If these men who catcall stay in your mind for any longer than 5 minutes, you are the one with a problem."
    Nice try trying to shift the blame. Nope. The men who catcall are still the problem. Trying to say that women are in the wrong for being affected by these creepy comments is fucked up on quite many levels.

    "he is not meaning for it to be disrespectful"
    I'm sorry but no matter how you try to twist and turn it, "your boobs are hot" or "I'd like to fuck you", or whistling at women as if we're dogs, are disrespectful things to say and do.

    "Personally I'm not attracted enough to women to catcall them"
    It's not even about attraction. It's about acting macho and making women feel small. This is proven by the fact that when women point out that such comments are unwanted and disgusting, men like to act as if we're the ones with a problem just because we find that kind of behavior unacceptable. They dismiss us and make it about them. It was never about attraction. It's about control.

    "sometimes these things just slip out"
    No they fucking don't. You have control over your own mouth and what comes out of it. Take some responsibility.

    "It's completely normal"
    Just because something is normalized, it doesn't automatically make it ok. Many things that were normal in the past are considered fucked up today.

    "How can you honestly call yourself a woman if these types of people or comments upset you?"
    How does me being a woman have anything to do with my reactions? Jackshit. My feelings of disgust are valid.

    • "Grown women will ignore people like this & will not let people like this get to them at all."
      Grown women stand the fuck up for themselves and don't tolerate bullshit told by tiny little men with ego issues.

      "Make it known that catcalling is not a way to get a woman's attention."
      First you want us to ignore catcalling because it makes us less of a woman to acknowledge it, but then you want us to stand up for ourselves and tell them that that's no way to treat a woman? I thought you thought that catcalling was just harmless men giving nice compliments? Smh this mytake is all over the place and it's like you're not even aware of what your own opinion is.

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    • @Epictimmytam the ones with mental problems are the ones catcalling.

    • very true. and some women are sensitive but we do not have mental problems this is one fucked up 'mytake'...

  • You're thinking about it from the perspective of a man, not the perspective of a woman. In some situations, it can make women feel very unsafe and uncomfortable. Just because YOU may not feel threatened by strangers catcalling you doesn't mean you can expect all women to feel totally comfortable with it. And just because you think something is a compliment doesn't mean the other person will take it as one. There is also a big difference between thinking something in your head and actually saying it. Yes, it's normal for people to find strangers attractive but that doesn't mean you have to catcall them.

    I'm not a mind reader, I don't know what their intentions are. Maybe they aren't a threat but how can I be expected to know that when I'm walking alone in a strange area? It's about common sense. You claim "grown women shouldn't be upset by this" well guess what? As a grown woman, I have self-control and understand personal responsibility, but clearly people who "catcall" don't. Grown adults should know how to control themselves. Period.

    If a man were to calmly approach me and say "Hi, I just wanted to say I think you look really nice today" then sure, that's okay and wouldn't bother me. I don't consider that catcalling though. Having a group of random men yell profanities or sexual comments at me is different and I will have a problem with that. I'm not going to apologize for being bothered by catcalling and I think it is incredibly selfish for anyone to actively make others feel uncomfortable and then get mad when the other person is bothered by it.

    • Well
      most of the women who do get catcalled dress provocatively and walk down strange neighborhoods
      what else is expected from walking down a neighborhood like that dressed the way you are?
      prince charming?

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    • Like i said in my take
      i do not catcall women, the body is not worth the attitude that comes with it
      i keep this in my head
      & these women who hate catcalling, aren't these the same women going on protest to be able to show their boobs in public?

    • You may not do it personally but since you're defending it, my point still stands. And trying to change the topic to claim "but some women do XYZ" doesn't change anything I stated in my opinion.

  • I'm not going to insult you because it's pretty clear to me that you likely have some sort of cognitive dysfunction. Maybe Aspergers or something of the like. That isn't your fault. It's obviously hard for you to see things from other people's perspective and the only thing that makes sense to you is what you find to be 'rational'.

    Though you see, while some women DO overreact, most of the time the cat calling chicks complain about is the type that makes them feel really uneasy. Where they feel threatened. Saying "Hey looking good!" while a woman passes by is totally different from saying something like "Damn baby I wanna bend you over.." while walking behind her while she's headed home, alone at night. Now I've never experienced this because I drive and live out in the country but I have many friends who don't drive and live in the city. They've been followed by groups of men in cars who will yell out really vulgar things to them. Also some guys' 'innocent comments' will turn into insults and even threats of violence if they don't receive a positive response, or if they are ignored. So it's not always as simple as "Just ignore them". Yeah most guys don't get violent but some do and you never know. I have a friend who for a long while was afraid of talking to guys because she was attacked with a beer bottle for simply saying "No thanks. I'm taken" (which was true at the time) when a guy asked her to dance at a club. It's fine for a man to tell a woman he thinks she's attractive. Just have some tact about it.

    • Oh and this "If you're a woman and you aren't ignorant & can actually comprehend what I'm saying..." made me LOL.

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    • Not talking about you, I was responding to the little girl who called me a western pig woman. I am from the Caribbean and she assumed women are harassed based on their attire.

    • @azzntittiz lol that's why the comment was directed at her.

  • I'm with you! I think girls are far too sensitive sometimes about this kind of stuff. If it's really vulgar and makes me feel threatened, then I don't like it. If it's a couple of nice looking frat boys from across the street whistling at us, then hell to the yes. It's not exactly an insult lol. We'll always whistle back lol.

  • I've been catcalled since I was 14. The first time it happened, it was inappropriate but I found it harmless.

    As I grew up, I realised that these guys viewed me only sexually and some of them would turn on me and insult me if I rejected or ignored them. You don't insult and intimidate someone you respect as your equal.

    Another factor that you guys don't consider are that 1 in 5 women have been sexually abused or raped. They also have mental health problems related to that, such as PTSD and anxiety. When you've experienced those things, you naturally become uneasy around strange men and that heightens when a group of men (almost never is a single man because their friends give them the ego boost to be a dick) are shouting and leering at you.

    A woman was physically attacked by two guys who catcalled her because she ignored them. Do you really think they respected her and gave her a nice compliment? No. Because if they did, they wouldn't have thought it was acceptable to physically beat her and make her forever fearful being alone around groups of strange men for the rest of her life. This is what we're trying to point out; cat callers do not at all respect the woman they are "complimenting".

    Those "compliments" are never "wow, you're beautiful". It is always derogatory, sexual or based on a body part. No woman considers that a compliment. Approaching a woman, calmly and in a friendly manner and giving them a compliment is a much nicer way of doing, but that never happens because cat-callers don't care about about respecting the woman.

    It is always done at a distance so you can't even respond appropriately or start a conversation so what's the point? Whistling is something you save for calling a dog, not a fellow human being you do not know.

    Walk a mile in the shoes of a woman before you leave remarks on something you know very little about.

  • Most of the catcalls I receive is borderline harassment and I ain't no punk. Why do you think I carry a weapon? A lot of these men are intimidating and aggressive. Now you may proceed with your foolishness.

    P. S. I have catcalled as payback for them doing it and because I'm mocking the men who do it, it's not the same effect, they actually think it's funny, also this is not something the majority of females do.

    • because it is funny,
      you all over exaggerate everything.

  • Catcalling is flat out wrong no matter WHO does it! I've heard of men getting harrassed by females, and I tell them no different than what I tell women. STEP UP and ignore them. " Do not blame me for catcalling, I do not catcall." Yet you are saying something that is very ignorant.

    "How can you honestly call yourself a woman if these types of people or comments upset you?" How can you call yourself a man let alone a human being for thinking that this is okay?

    " I can understand girls below the age of 20 being intimidated by these types of comments because honestly, they're still children. If you consider yourself a grown woman & let people like this bother you, don't." No offence, but who are you to tell anybody what should and shouldn't bother us? Do people not have emotions and feelings? We do. I say that you're a rational thinker of the MBTI, whose Fi is underdeveloped.

    Catcalling is LUST. And it is NEVER okay. EVER. Insults would not be coming in if you have respect for other people. This is less to do with your opinions, and more to do with you not using your introversion as an excuse and learn something for once. There is nothing funny, pretty, etc about catcalling. I blame anybody who does it. I don't care what your sex and gender are. Men and women who do it have nothing else better to do. It is sickening that this is even a debate. Then when the laws toughen and get's stricter, all of a sudden people want's to complain. When are people going to learn that if it is NOT reciprocated it is harrassment? It makes anybody uncomfortable. What happened to the word, respect?

    • If people want 'attention' so badly, let them go to their mommy and daddy. That's what they're there for. Not seeking it from other people.

  • Okay, I understand where you're coming from, but the main point I want to make is that, as a woman, it does feel threatening. It's not because they're being threatening or so forth, but you become aware of how much bigger these men are than you, and it is an uncomfortable situation. That said, you say women catcall too; I never have. If I think a guy is attractive, I don't feel the need to voice it, and I don't think it's an alright thing for women to do either. Ultimately, many of the men who catcall me are middle aged or at least much older than I am, I find it creepy and scary. Often it will happen when I'm walking home in the evening, and you do feel scared. You say toughen up, but when you feel vulnerable, catcalling isn't a compliment. I've had men follow me down the street because I didn't smile at them, I've had guys in clubs come up and tell me I'm a tease because I said no to them buying me a drink (I think it's wrong to accept a drink when you're not interested.) Catcalling may seem "harmless" but it makes you feel as though all of your worth is in your looks, and for me personally, it's scary.

  • We don't want to be catcalled. End of story. Personally I don't give a shit if you (a man, by the way) don't think it's a big deal, or normal, or that it happens. I don't want to hear it and I don't need strangers letting me know they want to fuck my ass by yelling it at me in public. We. Do not. Want. Or like. Being catcalled. It is that simple.

    Also, when you say a 'grown woman' should let men know they don't want to be treated like that: do you realize how many men turn aggressive when rejected? When I went out with my mother as a child and she would get catcalled, she would always tell me that when it happened to me I should not reply and walk faster, out of fear they might hurt me. Sometimes you get catcalled in deserted streets at night. Sometimes you get catcalled by men who are clearly high/drunk. Sometimes you're catcalled by a man who, when ignored, follows you. Each of these examples happened to me more than 3 times.

    And honestly, men don't mean it as a compliment. Men who shout disgusting sexual things at women in public want them to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. They laugh at our discomfort and fear, and men KNOW we don't want to be catcalled, and still do it anyway.

    So yeah, it is in fact a big deal. Keep every single one of those "compliments" to yourself. I don't want or need to hear them and I would much rather be left alone.

    • @martinj I'm not a feminist, not antisocial and not misandric lol. If you don't catcall then we don't have a problem.

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    • @Epictimmytam if any woman out there catcalls men the way I described above then she is every bit as shitty as the men I criticize. And you don't have to go around insulting people lol just don't say anything at all or make actual compliments I guess.

    • wow feminist overdrive, anti social and misandric. Get over it.

  • I hope your sister and your mother gets cat called every time they step out the door. It wouldn't be a big deal right?

    • As someone who has both.. no it really wouldn't :D

    • @FýrdracaDócincel If someone yelled out to your mom or your sister that they want to take her and fuck her brains out and cum all over her face THEN when she tries to ignore it they call her a stuck up bitch or other insults or even worse but common follow her, that wouldn't be a big deal? Mk. Why don't you show them this thread then, see how they feel?

    • 1
      With my mom no it actually wouldn’t be
      My mom has been in search for a man for years.

      I actually have 2 sisters,
      The eldest one has her own apartment so I wouldn’t know anyways, the older one is gay & dresses more masculine than I do so she’s not getting catcalled.

      Neither of those would bother me
      You can try again.

  • Cat calling is a form of verbal sexual harassment. If that is the case then a group of men should cat call you and see how you like it. If you dont like it, why should we?

    • oh of course women never do it, and it is not sexual harassment. Stop being melodramatic.

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    • A group of men? I will have you know that many women and disturbingly children do it too. Be happy you got a single compliment about your looks. There are people out there who don't get a single compliment and some get insults.

    • As if women are incapable of similar if not more extreme behaviors.

  • You’ve never been catcalled the way some men catcall us ladies so

    • A 30 year old man should not tell an woman (especially not underaged girls) that she “looks good” but she “would look better in my bed”. It’s happened to me along with various similar comments.

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    • @innocent_
      You can control other peoples speech, but you can control what you wear
      Part of being an adult is making hard choices
      If you want to dress half naked, then go ahead but expect people to notice.
      If you don't, then don't & you dont have to worry about people noticing you
      was it really that hard? Christ.

    • Why should a girl control her dressing style? Why some a**holes can't change their mindset? People who think that way should be ashamed😠
      Often victims are declared as a person with loose morals by some shallow minded people, that's not true

  • Why is it guys like this want us to toughen up and also want us to be more feminine?

    Obviously this guy doesn't know how it feels to be treated like a piece of meat.

    • Toughen up, be independent
      Are you saying someone can't be feminine & independent?

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    • @BaileyisDarcy I know, right?

      So you're probably thinking, "What now?"

      Hmm, what now indeed? You have nothing.

      Behind all your masks, the big secret is, there's nobody there.


    • No, I asked you to back up your opinion with facts. Data. The burden of proof is not on me to defend YOUR argument. You made a baseless assertion without fact to legitimize it. If you were trying to change my opinion you failed.

  • I agree with you! As long as people don't make vulgar comments, it's not a big deal. Relax and take it as a compliment 😂

  • It feels flattering when it happens. Most times the guys aren't ones you'd like to engage since it isn't classy to catcall a woman and a guy with class wouldn't catcall... but... flattering nonetheless.

  • I'm not going to insult you, but I really think you need to learn how to put yourself in other people's shoes. I'm barely 5 ft tall and a group of men yelling at me when I'm on the street alone does not feel like a compliment it feels like a threat. Vulgar comments are not compliments they are threats and it is extremely intimidating. If someone wants my attention then they can behave like an adult and come talk to me. Being attracted to women is not the problem it's displaying it in a vulgar, aggressive way.

    • a group of men yelling at you & you're 5 foot..
      was donald trump there too
      catcalling is very rare, you all act like it happens as soon as you step out the house until you come back home, most of your scenarios aren't even realistic

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    • @Bonnie12I27I12
      Thanks for the compliments
      You’re too kind, really

    • well I'm glad you had the mental capacity to read that part at least

  • "The only difference between some men & women when it comes to catcalling is women catcall, but they say it to themselves." It's not cat calling if I don't say it out loud. I do agree though that there are women who cat callmen.
    You say you are introvert and stay in house, so how would you know how it is to be catcalled?

    "these men aren't causing you any harm by catcalling." it's very obvious you have not been cat called like ever in your life. Cat calling is not approaching a person and telling her/him "You look very pretty". In most cases they are gross and creepy, very obtrusive and sometimes agressive. Making somebody feel scared is doing harm.

    • i've been with women who've been catcalled
      right in my face & women over exaggerate this just like almost everything else
      whenever someone "catcals" the girls i've walked around town with, the just laugh & say "thanks". then they go about their day like the planned
      women over exaggerate things and this is one of those things.

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    • @kg_18
      You don’t pay attention
      I said o had a sister in the take, I actually have two
      I literally grew up with women, I know that women overreact.. I grew up with them.

      & I’m Joyner listening to the women on here because they’re sending me books, I’m not reading all of that.. there are too many comments
      Yours was sort of short that’s a why i replied

    • If I make obvious grammatical mistakes it’s this iphone

  • Catcalling is literally saying it. I realise men are allowed to have sexual thoughts; they're not allowed to harass me telling me how hard they are if I make it clear I'm uncomfortable. "Women won't understand", no honey, you're the one who doesn't understand. Really? A whole fucking gender is wrong about how they feel themselves?

    • Men can and do get cat called too.

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    • @Wwwyzzerdd umm.. where did you get rape? Seriously, mind giving a tenth of a second of attention to the conversations you carry without acting like a little entitled bitch? Because it's annoying to keep up an actual discussion with a kid. I said catcalling often turns into stalking. I literally never said rape. It is a fact that it often turns into stalking. And i don't give a shit about what you've been through, because the world doesn't revolve around you. Surprise! There's people who kill themselves because they get called faggots, there's women who grow up with an unhealthy conception of relationships because they get catcalled since they are 12. But somehow, you think it's perfectly normal for a 40 years old to make explicit sexual comments on what is basically a kid. Because it's so important that men have the right to let other females whom they don't know know they want to fuck them. And by the way. It's called harassment.

  • I generally agree with you about catcalling. I don't find it complimentary realy, a complete stranger saying something to me just isn't complimentary no matter what they say. But I do find it useful when guys catcall. Its like immediate Darwinism. Sorts some of the chaff out right away with no effort on my part.

    • You making that remark about darwin puts the NAZI into FEMINAZISM

  • "But they do it to!"
    Something a toddler would yell.

    "Its a compliment"
    Hah, back handed compliments are too but they still hurt.
    Sarcastic compliments are compliments too, but they still put you down.
    Not all compliments are designed to compliment.

    "Toughen up"
    Im sorry are you living under a rock? This generation doesn't know what "toughen up" is. XD

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  • I’m neutral on this subject, I think it all depends when a person says it, where a person says it, who the person says it to, who the catcaller is and what the catcaller says. There are so many factors. If a random woman ever catcalled me by saying “Hey I bet you can buy me a nice purse!” I would be furious and just ignore her for viewing me as a ATM.

  • This take failed miserably.

    • I knew people would be mad
      They're spamming paragraphs & what not, but at the end of the day they're doing me a favor
      When it comes to xper points

      So not really a fail to me

    • That's also a good point tho.

  • 1)"The only difference between some men & women when it comes to catcalling is women catcall, but they say it to themselves." Dude you really can't be serious about life. Actions and thoughts are two different things. I've had thoughts about punching people before , but I didn't do it. Should I be jailed for my thoughts? NO... Bro ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS... So a women thinking "oh that guy is sexy af" is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from a guy shouting from across the street " Hey sugar tits"

    2) You know whats really funny. If you had a daughter, sister , mom or gf/wife being catcalled, you would be fuming and wanting to beat the shit out of the guy.

    3) by the way 99.9% of "Catcalls" are extremely rude and disrespectful. 99.9% of the time, catcalls don't even work. So why would you even try to justify catcalling when its literally the easiest way to get rejected by a woman?

    4)"You have to speak up and let men know not to come at you that way. Make it known that catcalling is not a way to get a woman's attention."
    Woman have always been saying NOT to catcall them because it makes them uncomfortable... Maybe you need to start listening to women?

    • 1 - you have rabies
      2 - do you know how many times my mom has ben catcalled in my face?
      my mom actually likes catcalling, i've been around catcalling all my life
      its not that damn serious

      3 did you not read the end of my take

      4 listen to women, did you not read the black letters at the end of my take?
      i do not care enough to catcall, or listen to them complain all the time
      im not interested.

      Women go on protests about being able to show their tits in public but can't handle catcalling? typical women for you

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    • i said sometimes these things just slip out
      i wasn't talking about my situation.

    • Sure... noticed you said "Personally" at the start of the sentence.

  • One thing to keep in mind is the sense of danger it can trigger in women.

    Think about this, you are alone walking down the street, when you walk past a bunch of girls sitting on some steps.
    They cat call you as you walk by.
    No big deal right? I mean, you don't feel like you are in danger at all.

    But what if that happens to a woman? She can feel like they are threatening her.

    Just something to keep in mind.

    • I got one better, what if it was a group of guys that catcalled the OP? I bet he wouldn't be so smug then.

    • 99 percent of the time
      woman on woman catcalling won't happen
      and if it did the girl would not feel threatened, probably offended because they think she's into that, but not threatened.

      women are the only creatures who protest to be able to show their tits, and even protest naked, but cana't handle catcalling
      women sexualize themselves and blame men for it because men notice

    • Um... I was talking about switching both the gender of the guy and the girls.

      So a girl walking down the street alone and passing a bunch of dudes.

  • In caveman times, the alpha male is the one who had sex with the majority of females. Males who did not get to reproduce had to come up with other ways of doing it, I. E. raping women. At the same time, these males who must rape, never learn the proper social and mating skills that the alpha male knows to employ on his females.

    As an evolutionary defense to this, women evolved to fear creepy men. A creepy man is a man with poor social skills, who does not approach her the way a proper alpha male would. Women fear these men, because they are the ones who propose the threat of forcefully passing their genes on to that females children, forcing her to have babies from a male who is not ideal for her.

    And so we come to cat calling. Cat calling isn't normal. A real alpha male walks up to a woman, talks to her like a real human being, gets her interest and her trust. Cat calling is done by men who fear talking to women, men who are not alpha males. Obviously creepy nerds and neckbeards fall into the same category but it's on a different level. The cat caller types are more of an aggressive beta male. Of course this is all evolutionary terms. Translate this all into modern day society and you can see how any man, with hard work, can become an "alpha male" because that term has new definitions nowadays.

    So taking all that into account, it's easy to understand why cat calling causes women to feel fear, anger, embarrassment, so on and so on. It's obvious why cat calling isn't cool. Men who cat call are cowards, they are creepy, they are scary, they make women feel like they are being watched, stalked, potential for violence against them rises, and sexual assault is a big fear obviously. Just go on the internet, there's a ton of stories of women rejecting men who cat called them being brutally beaten, raped, or murdered, or all 3. It's more common than you think.

    So when you come here acting like cat calling is OK because you have a bunch of stupid ass reasons that don't follow any kind of real logic, I'm sorry but you're either ignorant as fuck or you're simply an asshole trying every way he can to justify his weasel ass views.

  • I'm sorry, but If I was a girl living in a city and had a shit ton of men catcall me everyday while I am doing shit like going to work etc. I'd fucking go mental. Like damn your sanity can only take so much

  • There's a Time and place when catcalling strangers and that would be never. Not at work, not at the mall, not in your own house, not to another person's girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter. However, there is one exception: if you (myTakeOwner) were in prison and inmates 2 feet taller than you hollered that you have an ass they'd like to take back to their bunk and you'd make the time just pass for them. How do you suppose you take that? For all you know, they murdered someone over a dollar. You can't laugh it off because you don't know what they'd do. You're watching your butt like you can't relax. But you shouldn't be so serious, because according to your belief they are actually paying you a compliment. You shouldn't fear of getting followed and raped in an empty holding because this is the 21st century! And say something did happen to you, who do you have to blame for it but yourself? All you did was take your shirt off because it was sweltering. Wait, You say it wasn't meant to be sexy? Huh, Go figure!

  • You are whining about being insulted before you even finish your statement. Then the thing that tops it off. . . you are anonymous.

    • do you feel like a big boy
      commenting without being anonymous
      does somebody want to sit up front today?
      i comment anonymously because it's an option, if you have a problem with it, take it up with the people who run the site, don't whine & cry at me because i'm using one of the site's features

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    • Yes, basically. I think you might have some issues. You could just own up to your comments with your profile here. Not many would be able to figure out your true identity. You make insulting comments, then before you close you do a preemptive strike. "Oh before you criticize me". Like somehow this revelation is supposed to shield you from criticism.

      Then this conversation, you are totally defensive. It is just amazing to me what people think they should be able to get away with. If you say something like this, you should expect criticism. You should expect insults. Because you are insulting.

      I am done with anonymous posters.

      All of you.

    • OK so I'll tell you how I told everyone else
      There are too many comments & I'm not reading anything over one paragraph so summarize.

  • "Toughen up" sorry dude but I can't agree. No one should HAVE to toughen up in those kinds of situations. Between choosing to be a dick and not being a dick, always choose the latter

    • There isn’t nothing you can do about other people stating their opinion, as “rude” as it might be, they have that right
      So you’re only choice is to toughen up.

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    • Its good guys like me
      that get tired of women's bullshit & speak my mind
      You're the type to get heartbroken & cry on some girls door step
      I'm the type to get cheated on & sleep with the cheaters mom, see the difference?

    • I'll never cry on some girl's door step.

      If you sleep with the cheater's mom then you're a petty child who should've been raised differently lol

  • It's scares some people.
    Ok, next time, I see you, I'll get a bunch of guys to catcall you and see how you like it.

    • can you not read?
      i said i don't catcall, i'm not interested in women enough to catcall
      the body isn't worth the attitude that follows.

      the only reason i'd be offended is because i'm not gay
      i'd just bring a bunch of my buddies who are homophobic.

  • So because females do it too you think it's acceptable?
    And that it should be taken as a compliment coming from a stranger? If at first and all I'm good for is being a sexy dick then I can't take it as a compliment at all.
    It has nothing to do with to toughen up but more like showing basic respects in the first place.


    • The take is about me not thinking its that big of a deal, did i say it was ok?

  • I really don't get why women have such a problem with it (the number of times random drunk girls have groped my ass...).
    Having said that, you can't fail to be aware that the vast majority of them do feel that way, so with that in mind, it's obviously very disrespectful (and not only that, but pointless - what do these guys think they're going to achieve?)

  • Any guy that really believes what you wrote is a complete piece of shit. No male that has any decency, or standard IQ, would need to act like a child and yell demeaning things at women. Would you yell those things at your mother? typically, the kind of men that would catcall at all are the trash that probably would.
    You really show your maturity level.
    oh, by the way, saying things like "ok, go ahead and insult me", is not making what you say correct. It shows you have a hard time processing anything like an adult.

    • Cool

    • I agree, people should just teach EVERYONE to respect EVERYONE... even I need to learn more respect.

  • of cours its not a big deal just women don't understand men then well... they also have a hard time handling men. I mean the basic girl already has issues meeting guys...

    if it would stop completely they would miss it

    • Women have a hard time handling men
      The most simple creatures on earth

    • It's more polite to talk to a person in a mature and respectful way than screaming in a immature way. Compliment or not, why it's a big deal is because it's a stranger who shouts instead of say it in a mature way. If the person wants to approach, why not talk properly to her/him? It's also common not being interested in strangers and it can give a creepy vibe.

  • This is the first sign of a lack of empathy.. It's not about what YOU think.. It's about what the person who experiences it thinks. If they don't like it they don't have to explain to you why. All you have to do is value everyone's comfort zone and space which isn't a hard thing to do.

  • Wow, hate women much? I haven't seen this much ignorant vitriol aimed at women since the last time Donald Trump opened his mouth. (But then, you probably think he's a really great guy, don't you?) Dude, you need to seriously work on yourself. As you are right now, no self-respecting woman anywhere, ever, is going to share her life with you. You'll end up alone and cold and bitter and you'll still be blaming all your problems on women. Grow up, get a clue, and get some fucking therapy. You're a serial killer waiting to happen.

    • I only read the first two sentences
      I dont hate women, I'm stating my opinion
      Did I say "ihate women"
      Or anywhere in my take do you see me calling women a name? Anywhere in the come an section do you see me calling women names?
      No, but theyre sure calling me names

      I dont hate women, but I dont kiss anybodys ass & I speaky mind, don't like it? Off is the person you wanna fuck

    • You know attractive men stand up for themselves too, right?

    • @Epictimmytam Sorry, I only read your first two sentences. Blah blah...
      Dude, your own statements show your true colors. You hate women. I only wonder why.

  • You know, I laugh at how many women on here think men are intimated by them, but the this take clearly show it to be the other way around.

    The one girl who has enough stones to throw sass back at you is the one you should wife.

  • Some merit here. You should spar with the other little cookie that doesn't like catcalling.

    The thing is, women don't like attention from a guy unless she thinks he's hot. Then she's insulted if he doesn't pay her no attention. So you're right, you can't win with them either way - it's just all about the FEELZ.

  • I will never understand women who dont like cat calling but then go freak out about never getting called beautiful yet. 90% of the cat calls are literally guys calling her "sexy, beautiful or hotie."

    Its like sometimes girls are just flat out delusional to the point they are literally the definition in some cases "a disaster." As in there isn't a way to help them unless they just learn to accept things.

  • I know you mean well by this MyTake but catcalling is very invasive and embarrassing. It's something you can only learn about if it has happened to you.

    When you're headed to Church with you parents and girls drive by saying "Nice Ass Boi, let me feel you up daddy". It makes you want to crawl away and hide in a corner, it's humiliating. It is not a compliment.

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