Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

I've done a lot of research on this topic and I finally found what the real difference of intelligence is between men and women.

Let's look at the following bell curve:

Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

The average IQ score is between 90 and 110. As you can see, most of the females fall under the average IQ category. Whereas, males seem to have more of a variety of intelligence test scores.

What does this all mean?

This means that there are more men who have low IQ scores than women, but this also means there are more men with higher IQ scores than women. Some people believe either gender is inherently smarter, but that is a mistake.

None of the sexes is "smarter" than the other, because even if we argued that there are more genius IQ'd men than women, the counterargument would be that there are also more idiot men than idiot women! This in turn goes to my next point...

Why are most notable people in history men?

There are many reasons behind this question. One of them is that most genius people tend to be men, but the other main reason has nothing to do with intelligence or mental strength. It more has to do with socialized roles that females have adopted, as well as males, and this is what prevented females from being "notable" throughout history.

These women include:


Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

Cleopatra sought to defend Egypt from the expanding Roman Empire. She was a strong female amongst oppressive males. She took this power to improve her society.

Elizabeth I

Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

Queen of England during a time of great economic and social change, she saw England cemented as a Protestant country. During her reign, she witnessed the defeat of the Spanish Armada leaving Britain to later become one of the world’s dominant superpowers.

Florence Nightingale

Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

By serving in the Crimean war, Florence Nightingale was instrumental in changing the role and perception of the nursing profession. Her dedicated service won widespread admiration and led to a significant improvement in the treatment of wounded soldiers.

Susan B. Anthony

Gender: Intelligence and Historical Figures

Susan B. Anthony began campaigning within the temperance movement and this convinced her of the necessity for women to have the vote. She toured the US giving countless speeches on the subjects of human rights. She must have had a lot of strength and mental prowess to convince people to agree for women to vote, in a society full of oppression and patriarchy.

And many more!

In my opinion, I think that the fact that there were even any females who were notable throughout history is very impressive, with all the oppression and sexism going on during the past centuries.


Throughout history we've learned that men and women have acquired different roles, each of them with their own importance and definition. Intelligence scores that are nowadays seen as IQ scores have also been made to compare different social groups, including men and women.


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  • The answer is quite simple. Women didn’t have access to the same educational opportunities, in the past, as men did. In the 17th-19 centuries, women (if they were privileged enough), were given a very basic literacy education of reading and writing. The sole focus was ‘dressing them up’ for the marriage mart, or preparing them for the workforce. This involved teaching them household maintainance, needlework etc ( if they were lower class). And musical accomplishments, dancing, needlepoint, art, possibly a language and manners (if upper class). Boys has much greater freedom. They learnt latin, Greek, reading and writing, algebra, languages, history etc. as they were working towards a profession.


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  • I don't think there's any real difference in intelligence between the genders. What might skewer things would be that girls and women are not permitted to attain an education in certain cultures and societies. There will always be intelligent men AND women, just like there will be dumbshits among both sexes. By the way, you left out Pharaoh Hatshepsut. She not only ruled Egypt wisely and peacefully, she explored and expanded trade.

    • thanks! Lol, of course a man would downvote this opinion!

  • This is so fucking stupid. Intelligence and IQ are not at all the same thing. You just sound like another stupid woman who thinks that women are smarter than men. If that was the case, the world would be run by women and not by men.

    At the end of the day IQ means nothing and neither does intelligence. Integrity is all that matters and you have absolutely none.

    • "... who thinks that women are smarter than men." No? I don't think that? Can you tell me where in that post did I even say or implied that? Yeah... nowhere. You're just another idiot male who thinks that just because Albert Einstein and Bill Gates are men, that they represent all men.

      THOSE men- I admire. YOU? You're a man, but a fucking stupid one.

    • Here we go.

      You: "I never said women were smarter"

      *1 sentence later*

      You: "You're just another idiot male"

      Fantastic. Congratulations at proving my point completely and adding sexism to the list of atrocities that you made in the first place. You are a real piece of shit.

      The first fucking thing you mentioned was IQ. Why has no women in the world ever been given an IQ higher than Stephen Hawking? Why is a man still the holder of the highest IQ? Why do men predominately oversee almost all countries on earth?

      Please don't answer any of these questions because I don't believe you can have a rationale debate without resorting to sexist, stereotypical bullshit. The whole fact that you have chosen an MGH and not MHM is just further proof that you don't care about men's opinions. You only care about living in a stupid echo chamber where you circlejerk and stroke your own female ego. Look around, not a single male agrees with you.

      This is article is nothing but a long winded rant.

    • Nice try at trying to take men down a peg, sadly it didn't work though.

      P. S. It seems even a lot of women here don't agree with you. Talk about being ostracized by bother sexes. Try being less sexist next time.

  • from the women around me and the women i know, i can say that while women are not dumb, they are usualyl not interested in achieving in the same way men are... men love to invent and make new things , women are more than happy taking the things men make and working with that to achieve somekind of a higher status... i rarely if ever hear of a woman starting something... they just dont

  • I don't really see how this contributes to anything.. Also IQ tests are a thing of the past, all they test is how well you do on IQ tests.. ps: I would post in your examples first and foremost Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Maria Agnesi, Rosalind Franklin, Elizabeth Blackwell, Maria Maier and many many more before the ones you posted.

    • Then be my guest and create another myTake. Cool?

  • ... and Man has Invent 99% of everything exists in this world (food to rockets) plus your Internet, your clothes, your PC and your iPhone X.

    Another stupid Feminist Take trying to put women in a pedestal and make them better than everything no matter what.

    But this arrogance/self-affirmation ends when they have to share the Restorant Bill or their Car Break.

    • Yes, but without a woman... none of those things would've been possible. Why? Because a woman could've easily not taken care of her baby while they were in the womb, and outside the womb. Everything starts with a woman, and men tend to overlook the importance of that.

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    • And who will obligates me.. you? lol you are nobody out here. You are frustrated and hates man. Women like you deserves die alone.

    • I didn't say I hated men nor I implied it... But I do hate people who keep implying that men's roles are more important, and trying to demean women. In most cases it's sadly turns out to be a man. Lol and no, I'm happily married with a man who is reasonable enough to actually value a woman, unlike you.

  • I congratulate you on rattling the cages of the super fragile overly sensitive men at GaG.

    Good luck with all the incoming vitriol.

    You will need it.

  • I have a thought. I know it's popular to think that all men saw women as property, but if this was the case, why would any of them allow or even support women's rights?
    Throughout history women have been given more and more rights, and it couldn't have been done without men.

    Just as a revolution requires both men and women to participate.

    • Oh yay, some men helped get rid of a system which was men's fault in the first place, good for them. Now, I don't really believe in the idea of faulting members of a group in present times for the actions of that same group in the past, but if we are going to apply that logic it's ridiculous to congratulate men for a few of them helping to fix a system they put in place in the first place.

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    • Because the situation isn't as black and white as you think it is. There are shooters of all ethnicities and there are people who drive vans into crowds of all ethnicities. Expecting someone to be a certain ethnicity would be stupid, as it could lead to you ignoring the actual perpetrator. Let's say there's a Black shooter, and we're only looking for white shooters because that's statistically more likely. It doesn't make sense. You should see a crime, get the evidence and look for the perpetrator, not be blinded by your biases and expectations.

      No. Racism is political. It is not subjective. Also, you are basing your opinions on incidents that did not happen in Canada, but then say "that's not my country" when you're at a loss of words. Unless you determine what definition of terrorism you want to use, you shouldn't use the word.

      None of you arguments are based on facts or knowledge. You only depend on your biases and unbacked opinions. Which is why you should grow up and read a book

    • @Felicia5567 Each country has it's own official definition.
      As far as I know in Canada Racism wouldn't count as terrorism though I'm not quite sure what our government counts as terrorism.

      Well if you know that your shooter is more likely to be black it helps narrow down your search a bit, and if it comes back blank then it's not like you weren't looking into others, you're just allocating resources to the most likely demographic for that specific crime.

      "None of you arguments are based on facts or knowledge. You only depend on your biases and unbacked opinions. Which is why you should grow up and read a book"
      What? Which facts have You brought?
      other than acknowledging my younger age..

  • Women have always had the brains, just never the drive or practicality to take advantage of them.

    • Yiiiikes. More like society was run by and for men, and women were rarely given the opportunity to take advantage of their intelligence through higher education or important jobs.

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    • @Chipher42 is correct here. Lots of men say women simply didn't want to take charge. It's not that simple. The one trait that men were dominant in, was PHYSICAL traits- not getting pregnant and having more physical strength. THAT alone gave them the *huge* advantage of being able to take over society.

      If we both were able to get pregnant, and we both had the same physical strength, I guarantee you that men would probably not be the ones dominating society as of now. Those two seemingly innocent traits made us stay where we are, and men took advantage of that.

    • Women now who are doing amazing work in all fields of science and art and politics aren't different from women centuries ago. If women of the past would have had the legal right to vote, birth control and social support, they would have made just as many inventions.
      We aren't any better than people in the past, we just have more opportunities.

  • Its a long known fact that men are dumber, in general. The difference is men get shit done. Men instinctively learn to compete and adapt better than women. Women feel that men undermine them but if strength is only obtainable through gender and genes, then women should've been on the top of the food chain long ago.

  • And we should care about this why?
    And you came up with all this all by yourself?

    • No. I was just so bored to the point that I was like why not. I didn't really put much effort into it really. I'm actually shocked this is featured. There was no intention to grab people's attention. Lol

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    • Lol i'd rather not learn from someone so narrow minded thanks, but yes i've heard you say this all before as you say the same things every time someone challenges one of your opinions.
      I'm not going to reply again.

    • @PrincessPie - narrow minded eh? Says the shallow minded! LOL
      Ya got nuthin' for me neither hon. But you keep trying to figure it out. :)

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  • Thanks for the take!

  • That also means that you accept IQ scores as an actual measure of intelligence, rather than a tool that was designed with specific people in mind...
    Also where'd you get that data? Because from a simple google search it seems like there's no scientific consensus on the subject, it all depends on methodology and once you control for socioeconomic factors, there was no difference.

  • Yes, I mentioned this in a comment a little while back (about the bell curve). Intelligence doesn't necessarily show itself in accomplishment, sometimes the "smart" thing to do is live a normal happy life. Women tend to be less of risk takers and risk plays a much larger part in who is remembered, plus the attitude was different then. A woman was seen as useful for being supportive, helping a man achieve something held more value, just as raising children did.

  • Some stories for Rebel girls:

  • I'm not sure this is true... I'm weary of the idea that intelligence varies between men and women.

  • interesting

  • think you need to go back and try again


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