The Atrocities of Communism (18+)

Communism is a ideology that has oppressed millions of people, yet communist apologists still defend it even though the proof of communism’s evil deeds is shown to them. Some will even go as far to try to justify the atrocities of communism as a necessary evil. It’s quite sad that many of my fellow millennials seem to look up to communism just because of it’s anti religious views. Communist regimes all share similar cruel actions such as Suppression of religion, imprisonment, mistreatment and or execution of those opposed to Communism, censorship and forced labor. Here are some of the many atrocities committed under communism.

1.) Soviets

The Soviet Union was guilty of many war crime that have been ignored due to the fact the Soviets where fighting the axis. Even during WWII, several historical figures on the western allied side like George S Patton knew that Stalin’s Soviet Union was a threat.

Red terror: This is one of the earliest known atrocities committed by the communists. In this event, the Cheka(Bolshevik secret police) would commit some of the most disturbing atrocities committed by communists. They would detain officers of the white army and burn them alive, they would impale clergymen, they would put naked people into barrels adorned with nails inside and roll them around, they would even throw water on naked people out in the cold until they were frozen in place and many more atrocities.

Religious persecution: From 1917-1941, religious people were under attack by the communists. Many religious people(Christians, Jews etc) were arrested and usually executed. Religious property was also seized by the communists and atheistic propaganda was also spread. The communists would also resort to burning down churches. Yet no matter what the communists did, they could never fully suppress the will of the religious people. After 1941, the Soviet gov’t started to ease their militant anti religious agenda. It’s even rumored that Stalin started to have second thoughts about his anti religious views.

Great purge: This is an example of how psychologically incompetent Stalin was. He had citizens and his fellow politicians arrested and executed under suspicions that they were attempting to overthrow him. Gas vans were used during the purges.

Stalin’s rallies: Stalin even forced his audience to clap anybody who stopped clapping would be arrested by the NKVD, it got so extreme that Stalin had to have a whistle blow to let the audience know when to stop clapping but even then nobits dared to stop clapping as can be seen in this video.

Katyn Forrest massacre: This one has quite the story. Originally it was blamed on the Nazis but ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian records have been released acknowledging that the Soviet NKVD was responsible for the mass execution of 22,000 Polish military officers. Despite how many documents have confirmed that the NKVD were responsible, and even Russia acknowledging it, there are certain communist apologists who refuse to believe it was done the NKVD.

Soviet war crimes: The most controversial atrocity that many people refuse to even talk about are the mistreatment of POWs, rapes, murders of civilians and looting committed by the red army during WWII and after WWII. The most notorious acts committed by the red army happened in post war Berlin Germany. A lot of people who like to assume all Germans were Nazis, will be insensitive and say “so what, they were Nazis”. Would they be saying something similar about the Russians, had Germany occupied Russia? There are countless photos, survivors and eye witness accounts, that confirm the barbaric actions of the red army and NKVD. A good portion of red army troops were criminals who were in prison prior to WWII, that explains their heinous acts.

Forcing their idealogy onto other nations: After WWII, the Soviet Union forced communism onto the countries they “liberated”. All of the countries in Eastern Europe had puppet governments installed in them which formed the notorious iron curtain. For about 45 years, the people of Eastern Europe suffered under puppet communist governments.

2.) Mao Zedong

Another communist regime that is often said to be worse than Stalin’s regime. Had Imperial Japan never invaded China, then China would not have fallen to communism.

Great leap forward: A failed attempt at industrializing China that resulted in a famine and 45 million deaths.

Great proletarian revolution: A purge of people who opposed Mao’s communist regime. Mao was known for ordering the detainment and torture of opposers.

3.) Pol pot

A brutal communist dictator from Cambodia. Eventually he lost against Vietnam in a war which led to the collapse of his regime.

Khmer Rouge: Pol Pot led a very oppressive communist party that was responsible for killing 1.5-3 million people through torture, forced labor and executions. Many of the people the Khmer Rouge killed were for their religions and for their ethnicity.

4.) Fidel Castro

A recently deceased communist dictator of Cuba who was known for his political repressions. For these reasons, many Cubans fled Cuba for the US.

Mass executions: Fidel Castro was known for ordering executions of people as a form of discipline and as a form of punishment for people he considered disloyal.

imprisonment: He imprisoned homosexuals, transsexuals and those who tried to leave his country without permission.

5.) East Germany

Not many people know about the human rights abuses that happened there. Which were the result of East German secret police called the “Stasi”. After the Cold War, only a select few member of Stasi were tried for their actions. Even the Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal considered them to be worse than the gestapo.

Hohenschönhausen prison: The East German secret police was known for their detainment of many East German citizens. This prison was kept secret from it’s citizens and was used to imprison and torture any citizen that was considered a threat.

Zersetsung: A form of psychological harassment employed by the Stasi which included breaking into homes and manipulating the position of furniture, mailing inappropriate items to targets etc.

6.) North Korea

North Korea has a long history of oppressing it’s own people and giving poor treatment to several foreigners that end up in North Korea, most frightening of all is how it sends out undercover operatives to operate in foreign terrritory. North Korea is currently lead by a dictator named Kim Jong Un.

Forced labor: the most notorious actions of North Korea is it’s forced labor policies. Not only does it’s citizens work at unreasonable schedules, it also employs forced labor as a form of punishment.

Mass executions: The North Korean Gov’t is known for executing many people indiscriminately.

Suppression of religion: Due to North Korea being a communist nation, it’s very oppressive to those who practice religion. Not that long ago a North Korean family was executed just for owning a bible. The only form of worship that is allowed and is enforced is worship towards their leader.

Presence on foreign soil: Perhaps most shocking of all, It’s known that the North Korean gov’t sends out operatives to perform tasks against people in neighboring countries. Pictured below is a Japanese girl named Megumi Yokota that was kidnapped by a North Korean operative in the 1970s when she was only 13.

Closing thoughts

Communist apologists need to stop ignoring the atrocities committed by the communists and stop glorifying the few good things that certain communists did, those few good deeds do not redeem communism.

Communist apologists assume that “real communism” hasn’t succeeded yet. Well that’s because it only looks good on paper but doesn’t work when put to practice. Communist apologists also claim that Communism was a Christian invention, maybe it’s true but Karl Marx took it and transfomed it into something else. Which means that Marx’s communism is a tainted version of Christian communism.

People sssume that the fall of the Soviet Union ensures that Communism would no longer be a threat to humanity. Well unfortunately Communism still poses a threat but the reason why people don’t see this threat is because they are looking in the wrong places. Instead of looking at countries like North Korea, look at the radical left wingers(not liberals in general), they constantly advocate communism and don’t respect freedom of speech. In other words, people should speak out against communism more often in a civilized manner.

Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

If communist apologists assume communism was so “great”, they should try tell that to the people who lived through it’s horrors, those who lived through the horrors of communism will put the communist apologist in his or her place. Just ask the Poles what they think of communism, they absolutely despise both Communism and Nazism because they’ve experienced the horrors of both ideologies.

And in summary, Dennis praeger explains it perfectly.

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  • Communism only brings misery. The only ones who can live a comfortable life are the ones that belong to the party or the ones that give their support.
    I personally think communist supporters in my country (I don't talk about other countries, because I don't know) are hypocrites. They complain ONLY about atrocities during Pinochet's dictatorship and don't say anything about atrocities that happened during communist dictatorships. They deny Maduro, Castro, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Kim regimes are/were dictatorships. YET they talk about democracy.
    That tells me they recognize human rights only when they're the ones that are suffering and the only democracy that should be respected is theirs.

    • democracy after "love" is the most abused word in the world, and the flag of all dictatorships

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What Girls Said 8

  • Okay I’m no expert but I definitely go to school (and will go to grad school) for political science. So I’ll give my brief input:
    Can we all agree on several things: 1. Communism is an ideology that isn’t bad and according to Marx, can’t be applied right now anyway? 2. These nations were extreme socialists - collectivization and redistribution of land is typical of these “communist” nations.
    I think a lot of conservatives to extremes when critcizing liberals. In all my studies, I don’t come across pro-communist students often. It’s rare and it doesn’t happen at the expense of history. They don’t deny atrocities or anything like that.
    Modern liberals are critical of capitalism because we should be. The current system is skewed waaaaay too much in the favor of the top 1%. This trend will only get worse. Income redistribution might be necessary so we all can have a liveable wave. Conservatives don’t like this but keep in mind - the wealth from globalization and these trade deals doesn’t really trickle down to average people anymore. The rich continue to get even richer and it’s about time for us to make some adjustments.
    These adjustments do not equal communism - just democratic socialism. It’s a spectrum people, and the rest of the industrialized world is doing it. We can too

    • Except that many of these SJWs and antifas do advocate communism

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    • @ADFSDF1996 nd one anecdoital photo should be proof? A fallacy.

    • *anecdotical*

  • Why isn't Communism as hated as Capitalism? This only happens in the West. It's simple to ideologize something you didn't get to experience. Everyone in Cambodia and Vietnam will tell you how much they hate communists without being asked. Weird, but it happened.

    • Capitalism shouldn't be hated at all, it means free enterprise, which means people are free to conduct business how they please. Capitalism is simply the absence of regulation, which is neither good nor bad really it's just the way of things when there isn't a totalitarian police state telling you how much of your profits you can keep and how much I TAKE BACK TO THE KING MOTHAFUCKAAAA but don't worry it's for the people ;) communism is a dirty trick and a carrot on a stick

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    • @RegularTK421 LMAO. heard of it. I'VE BEEN there.

  • If you get a good person in power of a Communist country it can be a very good thing but as its been shown, there haven't been countries like that, say if you got Oprah Winfrey in control of a county and it was a Communist country it would be an amazing country

    • you are naive to think that. No man or woman is fit to wield such power

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    • I've listened to your side and gone into detail about why it is not only wrong but doomed to fail. Have you listened to mine?

    • Yes but obviously you didn't

  • Yea, and so does capitalism today and throughout history. boohoo

    • uneducated swine not your fault public education is communist propaganda but please being to learn. Do you have any friends who grew up in eastern europe? Find someone who has and ask them about communism vs capitalism. Please.

  • don't forget the Ukrainian genocide which was the biggest famine in history. and the attrocities in the greek civil war, and so many others... .

  • Why is this 18+?

    • Just in case some of the younger readers find the content disturbing.

  • Cold war starting all over

  • Potatoes


What Guys Said 30

  • Under 18 but couldn't control urge read it after looking at comments :( and this take was worth it :D

  • Thank you so much for putting this up! I've been warning people o here now for days. A lot just don't get what "SJWs" are, they think they're fighting for "social justice" having no idea what so ever that at the to of the movement are the exact same murderous people you talk about right here. What happened as soon as Trump took office? The stopped talking about social justice and took to the streets often with money from Marxists like George Soros. Their outrage became so great that the mask slipped and they burned and looted under the flag of the hammer and sickle all over the US. Wake up young people your professor is a commie.

    • What. Are. You. Talking. About. I understand that some people believe in this theory of “cultural Marxism” but THIS is not THAT. Suppression of independent thought is not the goal. Human rights protests are not in any way similar to the Red Guards, who politically wanted to further an agenda.
      Let’s be clear: you shouldn’t use racial slurs or epithets because it makes you a racist. If you find human rights protests offensive, then that says a lot about you.

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    • Ohh I love Jordan P. I have seen some of his videos and loved them! The Only threat to America isn't an external one, it is an internal one, be ideology or lack there of

    • @ImMackFreeze Yup, commies hate him, they're crazy salty over JBP

  • OP, I'd like to genuinely thank you for making this post. As someone whose family comes from Eastern Europe, it seems that many people who have not had interaction with Marxist-Leninist ideologies seem to have a warped and glamorous image of them. Indeed, the modern denial of Communist atrocities, particularly in academic circles, is not only one of the largest, but most overlooked forms of modern genocide denial.

    • Whaaaat this happens? I’m studying political science and I’ve never really seen a lot of glamorization of communism? If anything, we try to understand both points of view? In the West, everything is Eurocentric and really doesn’t say much about what people from the east think? That’s not to say anyone said communism was good, but rather discussing the differences between how communism was implemented (Stalinism, Maoism, and whatever tf North Korea is doing).
      I’ve never read any literature or really seen any denial of atrocities by USSR or China. Perhaps Cuba though? I have seen some people randomly talking about how Fidel Castro wasn’t bad at all, and Hugo Chavez/Che Guevara were legends.

    • That's always how it starts. "Well, you know, X wasn't so bad." Never again.

  • Not sure if it communism as a whole or just these countries.

    There are 2 ways to criticize communism #1 implementation (or practicality of it) and #2 the underlying principles.

    I going to ignore the atrocities as every regime have it. Human right is the last thing people care unless it's for PR.

    #2 is easy. What the communist wanted would be pro-consumer, anarchy, democracy in every organization and complete control of government on the market. The shit is crazy out of the door and you can write books on how crazy the shit is.

    #1 is less so. We have something like 5 communist state left. Most other countries are multi-party democracy, constitutional monarchy or something else but they are pretty much falling between real politick and some form of democracy or dictatorship.

    The most successful one currently is China. It seems to transform into some sort of ultra nationalism with some sort of capitalism on the side. It's like business will get a capitalist hand while civilian will get a somewhat democracy vibe while the ultra nationalism will guide the talk from behind.

    • "The most successful one currently is China".


      China started to develop only after it adopted a Savage Capitalist System allied with cheap industrial labor.

      The fact that China is commanded by the Chinese Communist Party does not mean that it is Communist. When China was a Communist (economical System) the country lived in chaos and poverty (except their leaders who were billionaires) and was responsible for 60 million deaths.

      Communism never worked out anywhere and will never do.

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    • I wonder how this will work long term though. The larger the collective wealth, the more likely political suppression may not work. Like you mentioned, people will start to demand freedoms popularized by the west but that threatens the CCP. I truly don’t see how this political system will sustain itself much longer. I get that the one-party system is probably legimitzed by economic growth but if they can’t sustain it, then there will be a problem. Smdh thankful I live in America

    • @JustAnotherGirlie

      That's why they are moving on with ultra nationalism. The idea is a lot like Nazi but more pervasive.

      You selectively feed information to the public and keep it within control. Anyone doing too much get the criminal court and shamed in public.

      You also steer the discussion and give the illusion of a public mindset to people reading it. It's a lot more effective to nudge people than to force them into certain thinking.

      For example, the US election can be heavily influenced if you own all the media channels, all of the internet, all telecommunication and secretly have an army of troll to spread information you want.

      It's like an AD or PR campaign where you get to do whatever you want. You can even force the reviewers to write whatever you want or you just nudge them into certainly directions.

  • The sad thing is that, you didn't point to the Jewish role behind Communism. Most of the Cheka officers were Jewish. Moses Uritsky was its first chief, and he was Jewish. In early years of red revolution Jews were completely a protected class. At the time of Stalin, he became suspicious of Jewish Communists around him and started to assassinate them, they just fought over power, there was no antisemitism. All of them were mass murderers!
    They were Jews who were the driving force behind this evil doctrine!

  • Communism should be as detested as Nazism. Stalin alone killed more people than Hitler. The pampered, ignorant, privileged kids walking around college campuses with their Che Guevara t-shirts (Colin Kaepernick wears those too) are either ignorant of --- or don't care --- that Guevara and Fidel Castro murdered thousands of Cubans in the Havana sports stadium. Under communism, the human dignity of the individual was entirely subservient to the state. And dissent would not be tolerated.

  • SJWs are hysterical to anyone who talk about Nazism (20 million deaths) but love to lick the Communist balls (60 million deaths).

    Hollywood loves sucking Murderers/Torturers like Che Guevara and Terrorists like Fidel Castro.

    Always who says that Capitalism "is the Evil" gnerally it's a pampered moron who have the last iPhone version and live in a 1st world country, while sipping a beer or wine and benefits from Capitalism. This way it's easy to be Comunist and hate capitalism.

    Comunism is WORST than Nazism.

    Amazing Take.

    • Who are these “social justice warriors” you speak of? You do understand the key differences between the Cultural Revolution and cultural Marxism right?
      It’s ludicrous to suggest every so-called SJW believes communism is valid. That’s insane and a gross generalization. Criticism of capitalism does not equal pro-communist regimes. At least pretend like you know anyone who is an activisr

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    • @JustAnotherGirlie "And most young people are politically active" - Politically Correct you mean. lol
      Let's say i will not generalize, this change something?

      I think nice young people cares about politics. Unfortunetlly majority are ready to "change the world" and have Liberal/Socialist wishes. Millennials today combat "Hate Speech" with more Hate Speech.

    • @JustAnotherGirlie "That’s insane and a gross generalization" - So sweet of you.

  • Well,

    1. Because you keep confusing a political governing philosophy (communism) with a form of nationalism that is based upon racism and antisemitism. Any political ideology, communism included can adopt nazism. Just like neo-nazis are extremely proud of Trump and the current direction of the country. They feel no need to overthrow the current political system.

    2. Most of us are from the West, as in America and Western Europe. Nazis nearly wiped out Western Europe. Nazis murdered millions of Europeans. Nazis killed American soldiers who were captured as POWs, they tortured prisoners. Those scars will never heal.

    3. Racism while still wildly popular in some parts of the West, does not hold the same sway that it once did. Many of "us" reject it, therefore Nazism is a non-starter for us.

    4. We never had a World War to put down communism.

    5. And again communism is a political ideology. Hatred for an system of governing is silly, it is akin to hating socialized democracy, free market democracy, dictatorships, monarchies, etc.

    • I feel like the USSR and China are really socialist, on technicality. Like they tried to do the communism thing but they got stuck on the socialist phase.
      I also remember reading in political theory class that communism isn’t exactly possible in this stage anyway? A real communist nation (at least in ideology) wouldn’t happen without a large scale revolution. Just one communist nation interacting with other systems would threaten the utopia right? At least that’s what I’m thinking

    • @JustAnotherGirlie You can "feel" that way. In reality, there never has been an implementation of communism on this planet. USSR/Russia and China are stuck in the dictatorship phase. Putin is a dictator no matter what people choose to believe. And the biggest company in the nation, Gazprom. It is the biggest oil company in the world owned by the Russian government (Putin) and it simply subsidizes all other industries in Russia.

      Communism was never possible, because dictators and the ruling communist parties would have to return power to the people. Of course, that was never going to happen. It was simply another ideology that was a lie. It was simply another method for getting people to cede personal responsibility to the government.

    • Yeah I agree. They get stuck there and it’s kinda hard to get out. I’m not a fan of communism just because I think it’s a cop-out to say “communism can’t exist NOW, because your mind isn’t ready for a proletarian revolution.” Like dude. If the whole theory is contingent upon certain conditions, and no one knows when the final stage is going to start (because it’s that ambiguous) then I can’t buy into this. It’s a nice theory but it’s so impractical lol

  • Christian communism?

    The Bible says if you don't work you shouldn't eat.

  • wow, the best piece i read here about politics and totalitarian ideologies of the last century. thank you for a great read

  • My god, people are fucking stupid. There's no such thing as communism or capitalism or whatever.

    There's only people trying to seek and maintain power. We live under natural law. The natural endgame of both is the same, and it is impossible to change that endgame. We are resigned to our long term destiny; the only thing you can do is fight the power.

    At present, that power is mainly pro-capitalist. But tbh I don't fucking care because I'm in the makings of getting a good job.

    • Will there ever be a day where humans in power no longer abuse it? I don't know...

  • Great take. Modern left wingers choose to ignore this. There's a reason former communist countries will never let communism on again.

  • The Red Army raped nearly 2 million German women after the WW2 !
    The Allied Forces raped hundreds of thousands of German women !

    Yet You only hear about the Holocaust.

    • Rape and Mass murder is a little different.
      Though Germans also raped millions of women so there isn't much variation per country.

    • Its not a competition !

    • No it's not.
      But I don't see how people can say that; the Red Army was worse when it raped 2 million women (their words). (not saying you said that)

  • I don't get the "18+"...

    • It’s a form of saying that this post is meant to be read by 18 year olds and older due to the content.

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    • Maybe they are more sensitive now since 9/11.

    • We watched Schinler's list in school , any time there was a gunshot the screen would go white for 3 seconds.

  • Communism is actually, at its most basic, just a sociological theory that states the rich will slowly plunder the poor, the poor will violently plunder the rich, rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Socialism is a government system meant to end the endless cycle of vendetta. However, your examples up there show that socialism isn't practical on any large scale as it inevitably turns into more of the same, except now with an extreme consolidation of power around a central figure such as Stalin or Mao Tsetung. Still, individual socialist policies can work (like for example, public education, public infrastructure and a public standing army as opposed to PMC's or mercenaries).

  • Yes communism has caused many humanitarian atrocities

  • This is a great example of why Socialists don't like Communists.

    • @HungLikeAHorsefly, do you consider yourself a socialist?

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    • dude. its you that made the white and black comments on capitalism you can't strawman it on me now. as for pan-leftism it was created with an agenda. by exploiting a real world problem. exactly like feminism. but since you ignore that, we will never communicate properly.

    • @levantine99 Fair enough. I did make a black and white statement about Capitalism. So, let me tell you this: I've been a business owner, I work in the private sector and my wife is a business professor. I'm very much a Capitalist now. My goal here is to point out that Socialism can't be lumped into one bin like you have suggested. Neither can Capitalism, for that matter. It's very much a reality that if Socialism has an agenda, so does Capitalism.

  • Not really sure why people talk about the Soviets so much. It's a bad example because the SSR is long dead. You should be focusing on how much communism and taoism is fucking up China because that shit is alive and kicking and is quite literally a problem.

  • Your examples are examples of brutal dictators. Brutal dictators exist regardless of the political ideology on the surface.

    • The point is that communism has failed and on every time it’s been given a chance. It does not deserve another chance. Can you imagine the outrage if someone tried to defend nazism by saying “it doesn’t count, it was a dictatorship”.

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    • in a purely capitalist system a brutal dictator cannot exist... a purely capitalist system means every interaction is voluntary

  • I can't help but chuckle when Americans try to tell me how bad we had it as if they know anything outside of the propaganda generated by their own nation.

    • A 27 year old today was not around when Stalin was in power.

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    • Exactly. And after Gorbachev collapsed everything was perfect the next day. No way he could have felt any sort of reverberation or lasting effects as he grew up. That's ridiculous!

    • @Arbalest Exactly my point. I love people that like to give opinions on things they have never experienced.
      Our country's communism was abolished in 1989, when we executed our own dictator, yet we didn't even have a good capitalist understanding till mid-2000's. It's not like clapping and boom, the mentality changed. Even now there are traces of communism in our behaviour, which is why Romania still hasn't developed to western standards.

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