#FatShaming and Why I Support It

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

It's A Disease... Like AIDS

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

Like many, I don't believe obesity a disease because it doesn't fit in our traditional definition. But for the sake of comparison, AIDS is the best match. Obesity is like non-sexual AIDS. Having sexual relationships with many increases chance of having AIDS, and eating many burgers increases the chance of obesity; Nor AIDS or Obesity affects you directly. Instead, both weaken your immunity system and makes your body susceptible to more disease. Both are fatal if not treated properly. If you want to debate if it's a disease, click here

Your Body, My Money

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

Many fat people argue that it is my body, who are you to judge? But fat people are more likely to get infected with a disease (refer to the first point). From where do you think the money for free medical services come from? Doctors who assist them get paid for their work. That money comes from government and hence taxes we pay. If you're eating 5 pizzas a day then it is your fault. It isn't my duty to pay for your health. If you're sucking that money, needy people are less likely to get that free health care.

Losing Weight is Difficult: A LIE

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

Another very common excuse told by fat people. Believe me, it is easy if you've control over your taste buds. Not necessarily you need to heavy exercise or go completely vegan. Just eat low-calorie food and reduce your daily calorie consumption by 250 calories. DONE! Fat people just give excuses to avoid that. They compromise their health for taste buds. What right do I've to say this? I've lost about 66 pounds with the same strategy. You've to make compromises to earn something. You're lazy to exercise? It's okay. Taking hot bath for an hour burns equal calories that of one-hour exercise.

Fat is NOT Attractive

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

It's time we should accept the reality. Fat is not attractive. I know you're going to throw some pictures of plus-sized models on my face but I bet same models will look even more attractive after losing some pounds. Fat and Chubby have different meanings. Fat is obese, overweight as against chubby is slightly more than perfect weight. If you want honest opinions about it, ask girls if they like fat men. Men aren't much picky (or some are desperate ) hence they don't speak against fat women. But women themselves do. Often we see that as a very common double standard. "If a woman is fat, see her inner beauty and if a man is fat, he's ugly".

It can affect your future generation

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

Although we're living in a civilized era, the most basic biological goal of individual's life is to reproduce. But obesity is a problem there as well.

A study by Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet suggests that women are more likely to have babies with serious birth defects if they are obese. The researchers examined data from over a million pregnancies. There were approximately 44,000 birth defects detected. Other risk factors were excluded, allowing the association between obesity and birth defects to be explored directly.

Body Positivity Discourages To Lose Weight

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

Body positivity started by feminism encourages to love our body. But at the same time, it tells fat people "It's okay to be fat". It is not. Refer to all previous points on this take. fat is not okay. Sure you should love body but you should also work on it. We work on the things we love, try our best to make them perfect so why not our bodies? I'm not saying you should hate yourself hell no nobody wants you to. But If you work on your own body, you'll love yourself even more :)

Fat Shaming Works

#FatShaming and Why I Support It

And the truth is, we shame fat people for a reason. It’s not just cruelty; it’s for their benefit, our benefit, and the good of the species. In 2007, a team of researchers from the University of British Columbia found that fatness can trigger feelings of disgust and nausea in healthy people — age-old evolutionary signals of a threat to human health, like bacteria, viruses, or illnesses. The same instincts that protect us from plagues protect us from lardbuckets too. Fat shaming works is a scientifically proven thing.



Most Helpful Girl

  • i agree with a lot of your opinions on different topics, but here I utterly disagree.

    Arrogance is a disease. What are YOUR faults?

    Your money also goes towards your health care. How much would that be if, heaven forbid, you got cancer? a loved one?

    There are plenty of factors into various diseases, and sure, obesity can raise you risk. So can genetics. And your skin color. Sickle cell mainly affects people of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian origins, does that mean MY taxes shouldn't help them, because I'm a different race?

    Fat is not attractive? Everyone has their types bud.

    It can affect your future generations - I guess you shouldn't have kids either. I've heard raising them judgmentally can affect them too.

    Some people CAN'T lose weight. Yes, most can. But those who can't, should not be 'fat shamed', as you are saying. And since YOU do not KNOW their backgrounds, you cannot say that they honestly can't lose weight. So I say body positivity is a good thing. Anyways, what's wrong with loving yourself? You're more likely to succeed in a positive environment.

    • There is no such thing as constructive criticism. Constructive builds up, and criticism tears down. You are all criticism.

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    • Shaming is bad, so is being a fat person.

      Yes it's your money, it's your body, it's your "choice" to be a fat person.

      BUT you can't (shouldn't) complain about fat shaming IF you believe that "fat is beautiful"... because otherwise, what would you be shamed for and why would you be shamed in the first place?
      Ever heard about muscular guys complaining about the women who don't like their body? Because they know that they had the right choice and they're proud of it, not insecure like the fat people.

    • @YourFutureEx People should have the liberty to make mistakes, fail, and die from it. You can choose to be a daredevil motorbike showman, but there is no reason that anyone should pay for your fractures other than you; Accordingly, if you Should be allowed to be fat, contact diabetes, and die from a stroke as a result.

      Justify smoking to me. It's the same strain of logic. "Ohh, it's okay, don't judge him for smoking, it's too hard to quit anyway; He'll come around eventually." It doesn't work. People get COPD because they don't quit. THEN they try to quit. Then taxpayers cover the cost of the safety net that prevents him from dying at his own foolish hands. It's theft. May as well force taxpayers to cover the cost of band aids from self-harm at that rate. Smokers quit before COPD because of social pressure; compulsive eaters quit before diabetes for the same reason.

Most Helpful Guy

  • @Political_dude is off the mark on some points, but there is some validity in what he says too, in my opinion. Unfortunately, because the topic is so emotionally charged, it can be easy to have an emotional reaction and difficult for to to stay in the frame of mind to consider everything rationally.

    He obviously has a problem with people being fat. Why? He says it is due to the extra costs on society, unnecessary costs, because it is preventable. But he also says he lost 66 lbs. According to psychologists, the traits people often find the most irritating in others are the ones that they used to have themselves but that they worked to get rid off (smoking, being overweight, being loud on cell phones, interrupting people, etc.). So he succeeded in losing weight and now has no tolerance for those who can't, or haven't. Part of that irritation focuses on what he sees as reasons that he sees as excuses, things that aren't true, and he wants to address them. He also hopes to convince people that it's a good idea to lose weight and brings arguments for that reason to the front.

    Regardless of his reasons, some valid questions still remain: is being fat preventable? is it a cost to society? can everyone lose weight? are any of the excuses valid?

    Why fat shaming? He is powerless over what or how much anyone else eats or how much they exercise. The only way he can think to have power over the problem is to exert pressure on these people, through fat shaming.

    But is it really fat shaming that he is encouraging, or is it body acceptance that he has a problem with? Are either good, as in, effective, and helpful instead of harmful? Are there better solutions than either?

    Fat shaming may in some cases encourage some people to lose weight, but in many cases, it can cause an endless cycle of weight loss followed by the weight being gained again, self-esteem issues, depression, and potentially life-threatening situations like anorexia, bulimia, or suicidal thoughts. People with eating disorders (which includes Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive overeating) can't just "stop eating so much" because they are shamed into it. In fact, it is likely that all the societal pressure to "be thin" is part of the cause of the eating disorder in the first place! Every women's magazine cover touts an article on how to lose weight, and shows an impossibly thin and beautiful air-brushed model. Hollywood stars are pressured to be size 0 or 1. A size 3 or 5 is considered fat! (cont)-->

    • The stress of all of this can cause increases in cortisol, and as others have already written, that can slow down the body's metabolism and make losing weight even more difficult. I think we can see that shaming is harmful and not effective way more often than the other way around.

      What about body acceptance? It can be helpful in that it helps promote a positive self esteem, and it can be considered effective in bringing about body acceptance, but is it helpful or effective in to helping attain a healthy fitness level? It seems to say that there is no problem and therefore no need to do anything about it, and this may be true for many. But it would also help alleviate much stress, preventing cortisol levels from building up, which would actually make losing weight easier, if the person was so inclined. A positive self esteem could be a powerful motivator in a goal to get fit. And it's proven that positive motivators are more powerful than negative.

      One final note. (cont) -->

    • -->(continued)--> People's body types, genetics, and metabolisms are different. What is a normal level of fat for one might be different than for another, and some people can gain or lose weight easier than others.

      It's easier to gain weight than to lose it. As your body starts running at a deficit of calories, it wants to not starve, so it will tend to try to slow down its metabolism and store more fat as it recognizes the decrease in calories. This can be overcome, but makes the beginning of the process especially difficult, causing many to fail. Unrealistic goals and giving up at the first failure does as well. People often don't know how to put in place a moderate plan where small failures are ok.

      I have to address an excuse I have seen, though. Thyroid issues can, and are corrected easily with medication, bringing the metabolism back to normal, and is not really a valid reason for not losing weight. I speak from experience. I lost 20% of my body weight yet have hypo-thyroidism.

    • The cause of the increase in people being overweight and obese (1/3 of people in the U. S. are overweight, and 1/3 are obese) is due to many different reasons: more pre-processed foods in our diet that are cheaper yet less healthy; less fresh foods; increased portion size in restaurants; less physical activity (especially less walking) and more sedentary jobs and leisure activities (think TV, console games, phone/tablet/laptop/PC); soda and other sugared beverages; eating till you're full instead of eating till you're no longer hungry; eating more quickly (your brain takes 20 minutes to register that your stomach feels full, so that's 20 min extra eating), and more. It's not "just eating a lot." So will fat shaming solve it? No. It will take a much more complicated and comprehensive solution.

      Is there a cost, a burden, to society due to the problem? Yes. Obesity increases the risk of many physical and mental conditions, and this increases health care costs for everyone.

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What Girls Said 26

  • As an anorexic this is sooo fucking horribly offensive...
    Come on. It's 2018. People KNOW being overweight is unhealthy. they dont need insensitive people like you who 'think' they are helping to shame them.
    There are better ways to encourage weight loss. Not encouraging self hatred. Self hatred leads to either depression and weight gain or depression and an eating disorder.
    I disagree 100 times over.

    • Your opinion doesn't count because you're a lier.

      "write myTakes on things I don't actually believe in just to argue with people. Now you know."

    • I'm not lying. How does writing about mytakes that i don't passionately actually believe in mean that I'm wrong? Even if i WAS lying, I'm right and many people agree. I would feel the same way, anorexic or not. Also, liar* and my opinion does count even if I "write mytakes on things I dont actually believe in"

  • I disagree with lmost everything you say here.
    1. While the health insurance system does use your money to pay for treating obese people, it also uses other people's money to pay for your problems. If we stop funding treatments for obesity related hypertension, diabetes and heart failure, where do we draw the line? Should people with STDs also not be given treatmen, because it'S their fault that they got sick? The same could be said for athletes - if they didn't wanna get injured they shouldn't have taken the risk right? and so on.
    2. As someone who's struggled with weight since I was 13, I can tell you that it definitely is difficult. Maybe more for some than others, but it's for sure not easy.
    3. Whether or not people want to be attractive is none of your business. If you dislike the way they look, just ignore them. Nobody is forcing you to get with them, or even be friends with them, so why should you care about how they look.
    4. This is the only point that might be kind of fair.
    5 & 6. Body positivity discourages weightloss, but it also decreases issues with self confidence. I've struggled with anorexia and depression for a long time, and the thing that triggered it was people laughing at me for my weight. I would have been much beter off aíf I stayed chubby and free of mental illness. More body positivity and less body shaming would have made my teenage years infinitely better.

    • I love it when the comments are more thought out than the MyTake, I just wanted to say you have the perfect response to this post.
      I just wanted to add that the owner is not taking into account that obesity is a mixture of lifestyle and DNA factors. Certain people are born with a high metabolism or high tolerance against addictive food, giving them a clear advantage for staying in shape. So in many cases fat is not a choice! Yes anyone can become slim if they put the right amount of effort and dedication, but it's definitely harder for some.
      Also, whilst I don't like the PC movement, doesn't mean I wouldn't call out a jerk when I see him. If you want to choose to be mean to people by shaming them, go ahead, see where that gets you.

  • I didn't know fatshaming helps lose weight. LOL I don't see people losing a pound or two every time someone insults them. your reasoning is so wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to start.

    I mean calling you dumb will not make you smarter, so calling someone fat will not make them thinner, the oppposite they will eat more and gain more pounds.

    1- it's a disease like aids: I don't see you insulting people with AIDS.

    2- losing weight is difficult is not a lie. you will not know that unless you were fat. eating is like any other addiction, so stopping doing drugs is as hard as stopping overeating. Without forgetting that bodies are different, some will lose weight easily, others so hard.

    3- fat is not attractive for this era, while in the past a chubby woman was more attractive.

    4-Fatshaming doesn't work: I've started losing weight when I no longer was in an enviroment that fatshamed me. Why? because each time I was fatshamed, I got stressed, sad on the verge of tears, and food lifts my mood. it's scientific that fat people are fat because of the pleasure they get out of eating.

  • No no no this is all wrong! IT IS hard to lose weight eating is like an addiction you get addicted to eating!

    What you are basically saying is that quitting smoking is easy or getting off herione is easy?

    SO do your RESEARCH before shamming people!

    And verbally abusing people is no way to get them to quit whatever they are doing

  • Look, most people don't want to be fat. Be it fattening foods are all they can afford, medical issues, low self control, or a combination of all three, no one wants to be in that place. They know they're fat. They know they're unhealthy. When you shame someone for being obese, you're just kicking someone whose already down. Instead, inspire them to change their lifestyle in a positive way. Shaming isn't the way to do it.

  • While I agree that obviously being fat isn't healthy and shouldn't be encouraged, I do NOT agree with "shaming" people. You have an overweight friend or loved one who you want to be more healthy? Go right ahead and motivate and encourage them! There is a BIG difference between trying to motivate someone because you actually care about their health and being what is essentially a bully by shaming them and putting them down. You're not helping anyone by doing the latter, you're just making everything worse. I believe that shaming people is what's causing this "fat acceptance" movement in the first place, so good job on that.

  • Dude... it is really none of your business how someone lives. I hate the fact that my tax dollars go to people who can't be responsible and they have children they can't afford. But ultimately... it is none of my business.

  • This was painful to read. Speaking as someone who has lost 90 lbs there are a lot of factors that cause people to overeat and make it hard to lose weight. My main reason was socioeconomic. My family simply didn't have enough money so we bought the cheaper, more fattening foods. Instead of promoting bullying we should be try to help those who are overweight find healthier ways to cope or rather than over eating.

    • So true. My family use to eat those $1 tostinos pizza like 2-3 times a week. We couldn't afford, fruits and vegetables and my parents really weren't home enough to cook every night. Kinda sucks being on the low end of the socioeconomics train.

  • Fat shaming doesn't work. And here's why:

    1. It's shaming - it's not meant to encourage or motivate, it's meant to degrade to make yourself feel better... (so you do the math what kinds of people do this)

    2. It usually has the opposite effect because it makes the depression or the stress higher - and cortisol spikes - hence prevents the body from loosing body fat - if you actually did research on this topic... you'd know that...

    3. It pushes already depressed overweight people into contemplating suicide or actually killing themselves... (If that was your intention in the first place, then I guess yeah, it works.)

  • Yes and no. I am all for promoting a healthy lifestyle and discouraging fat activists, but a lot of the time obesity is heavily related to emotional state and shaming them is likely going to make them eat more.

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What Guys Said 23

  • Eh, I thought about just saying that obviously everyone has the right to do what they want with their own bodies, but I'll tackle some of your arguments too.
    1.) For the sake of argument let's say I Agree that it's a disease, are people forced to get treatment against their will?
    2.) This is poor rationale, geriatric patients rack up more medical expenses than youth, but we don't make it illegal to be old.
    3.) You're telling me if I cut back to 6750cal/ day then I'd lose weight? Thank god, I thought I had to drop a lot more cals than that.
    4.) To you maybe, I know lots of guys and gals that find tubbier guys attractive. I can think of two of each in particular out of the say 10-20 people I've talked about who they're attracted to.
    5.) Not everyone is a woman, and not everyone wants children.
    6.) People should be able to have a dialogue on the issue. People who don't want to date fat people don't have to date fat people, people who want to date fat people can date fat people etc. It's excessive when someone writes a thousand plus word treatise on why they think they should shame fat people.
    7.) Find an article from somewhere other than Breitbart and I'll take it more seriously XD

    That said, again none of this matters because it's not your body, and thus none of your damn business.

    • 2) growing old is not what we can control but being fat is.
      3) you'll lose weight if you increase your rate more than 1:1 (consumed : spent). Rate depends on your ratio.

      4) know the difference between obese and tubbier.

      5) 50% population is female.

      6) Agree

      7) I wasn't aware that source isn't creditable for you. I'll update that.

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    • Seems more like you did intentionally to get a rise out of people. If you actually want to change the way people think I would've just pointed out the complications that come along with obesity and that it's unhealthy. I wouldn't have brought up that therefor we ought to shame/ ridicule them.

    • Alright thanks!

  • I'd agree with most of this take. However, being of average weight myself, I've only had to deal with being slightly overweight as I age, and my metabolism slows down.

    If a person decides to engage in choices and decisions that make them obese, I say let them... and if they have health problems, then that is their burden to bear. It would be a major problem in a place like Canada because health care is covered by the government. But in the US, it is not.

    I don't actually think fatshaming will make obese people change their habits. Old habits are hard to break, and that includes poor eating habits and poor exercise regimes. At most, it will discourage some people from getting fat, but those who are already obese are somewhat of a lost cause. This being due to biological factors in that the body never burns away fat cells. Once you eat enough to make the fat cell replicate, it is there forever. Diets and execise only shrink them temporarily... but if the diet or exercise ever stops, or a person goes back to their original habits, all the weight comes back.

    It's next to impossible to lose the weight unless you make permanent and drastic lifestyle changes.

  • Any shaming is fundamentally flawed for show me someone who is perfect.

    If you can't, it might be wise to worry about yourself rather than choosing to pass judgments on others. One could pick fault (s) in any individual and duly 'shame'

  • Look, you are one of my favorite Gaggers, but you get a thumb down dude.

    Fat shaming is disgusting.

    • Oh. Now I'm writing this take was a big mistake

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    • @YourFutureEx opinion

    • I don't know what to add except "I agree with you". I cannot put my point hoping for a recognition as it's about a week already.

  • People who believe in shaming people for something are always fucked up themselves. Like guys who slut shame girls only do it because they can't get laid. Or girls who shame guys for dating younger girls only do it because they're jealous that they're not sought after. Most guys who detest fat people are zippy little dudes with no muscle who coordinate their gym outfits.

  • It's 2018. Most of us (besides, you know, internet trolls) get that making derogatory comments about people's weight, whether it's online or in person, is absolutely not okay.

    Read this article.


  • i mean you don't go up tp a cripple and say "you're a cripple" xD they know. no point in pointing it out to them. however i do think we should not make it "ok". you're at fault for being fat and you should do something against it and not be told that it's fine...

    there is a line between loving yourself and condoning self harm. being fat is litterally self harm. you can love yourself but you need to change that about yourself, if you're fat.

  • Every fat person I know eats a lot. There is no disease that makes you burn calories soooo slow that if you eat a 2500 calorie diet for males, you would be overweight.
    I have friends who say they eat healthy. Then I spend a day with them. Yes they eat something healthy for breakfast, and maybe lunch. But they don't eat enough calories to sustain their hunger throughout the day. For dinner they are eating cookies, sausages , all that good stuff.

  • The right route is not to shame people, but you probably understood that already ahah
    It is a problem, there's a small percentage that really can't do anything but there's a lot of people that chose not to do it.
    We live in a world where most of us don't have to do much and on our free time some choose to eat and stay in the same place and that is the problem.
    The main answer was comparing cancer to obesity, but the truth is i can't just get obese like that, cancer is something that gets created from sources we still don't understand but we know where obesity comes from and we know how to stop it.
    Fat Shaming is just awful, instead of fixing it will just get people mad and in a way worse situation.
    I can't give a perfect solution as i don't know it, but you'll get nothing by force, it has to reach the people in the right way or it will just create more problems.

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