Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

Most of you by now know that politics tend to divide people especially conservatives(republicans) and liberals(democrats). This political turmoil made me realize that I have a lot more things in common with libertarians than with democrats or republicans.

1.) My way of staying neutral

Technically speaking Libertarianism is right wing but it is closer to the center than some other political parties. Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

2.) I believe Democrats and Republicans have pros and cons

I do agree with some republican political views but not others. Likewise, I agree with some democratic political views but not others.

Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

3.) I believe individuality should be respected

I don’t care what way of life somebody lives, as long as they don’t hurt anyone or anything. Their way of life should be respected, no exceptions. Just because I respect your individuality doesn’t mean I advocate what you believe in. In other words tolerance does not always equal advocacy.
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

4.) Liberals/Democrats neglect Asian-American community

People have asked me “if you believe in equality, why don’t you call yourself a liberal?” My response is that just because something is written on paper, doesn’t mean it’s what is in practice. A lot of liberals/Democrats have proven on several occasions that they could care less about the interests of the Asian-American communities. As someone who is of part Asian-American ancestry, I’m not going to support a political ideology that views Americans of Asian ancestry as “canon fodder”. https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/02/asians-face-racism-social-justice-warriors-accuse-them-privilege/
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

5.) Liberals/Democrats neglect men’s issues in society

Liberals/Democrats don’t really take men’s issues seriously because gynocentrism combined with misandry has made it’s way into the liberal/Democrat community. As a American male, I can’t support a political ideology that doesn’t take men’s issues seriously. https://nationalparentsorganization.org/blog/3977-researcher-what-hap-3977
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

6.) Liberals/Democrats oppose weapon ownership

As Someone who believes every law abiding citizen should have the right own weapons for self defense and recreational use, I notice that a lot of liberals just look for a excuse to oppose gun ownership. I understand that some people who are pro-gun control because of previous bad experiences with gun control but it’s not fair for a few bad apples to ruin it for responsible law abiding gun owners.
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

I’m not saying every liberal discriminates against Asians, neglects men’s issues or is against gun owner ship but there is a large number who are like this.

7.) Conservatives support death penalty

I personally do not support the death penalty because innocent people can fall victim to it. Polls have shown that 85% of conservatives/Republicans support the death penalty, while 58% of Democrats/liberals support it. In my opinion, prisoners should be treated like people that need help with their moral judgement. Prisoners should have access to psychologists, philosophers and sociologists. The death penalty should only be used for exceptions, such as individuals who have committed atrocious acts but only if there’s 100% certainty that they committed it and if they show no remorse.
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

8.) Conservatives support limiting privacy

I personally value my privacy. Anything that’s on my social media accounts are things that I don’t mind publicizing. However there are things that only I or my close family members know such as medical history, family life, habits etc. Those things don’t go on my social media account or are known by anyone else.Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

I’m not saying every conservative supports the death penalty and reducing privacy

9.) I’m don’t support censorship/bans

In my opinion, the acts of banning and censoring infringe on human rights. Whether it be censoring books, pieces of entertainment, movies, political views or even banning certain practices in sports are inconsiderate actions. I do not support any kind of censorship/bans, no exceptions. For example; I don’t support 4th wave feminists or Marxists but I’ll still respect their right to express those ideologies as long as they don’t infringe on my rights. Right infringement is something these two ideologies(4th wave feminism and Marxism) can’t seem to avoid.
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

I do not hate liberals or conservatives because I know not all are extreme and as I’ve said both sides have pros and cons but that doesn’t mean I’ll call myself a liberal or conservative, I rather call myself libertarian because it’s my way of saying I’m neutral when it comes to Conservatives vs liberals. While a lot of my political views are libertarian, I do have several independent political views as well.
Why I Chose Libertarianism as my Party of Choice

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Thank you!! I’ve been a libertarian since middle school, and it’s so nice to see (in the metaphorical sense) someone else who knows what it is. I’ve had people tell me it’s not a real party, and a teacher say “oh so you’re independent party” when I said I was libertarian.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Loved it. Extreme political devoted junkies to a certain party are immuned to seeing and understanding life and other people's views through a different set of lens.

    I'm not into politics, but being in the middle of the political spectrum makes logical sense, since the world is constantly changing and one must adapt and not get stuck with a ideology or just one strick view point.

    Ex. A conservative economy might do well now because it's needed, but within 5 to 8 years a liberal economy might be needed to adjust to the change that has taken place financially etc.


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What Girls Said 9

  • Politics is controversial, usually trying not to show my opinion to avoid argument, anyway it is interesting to read of it about the USA because I'm foreigner and even if studying it in school I don't know it so well, though one question if I can...
    Is point #4 really true?

    • Given the author and his fondness for making things up, I doubt it.

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    • If you think that there’s a pro-LGBT bias in academia, you’re clearly not in it.

      Hope you’re having fun at community college.

    • @Astoriana Depends where.

  • So, essentially you waste your vote in every election by voting for someone who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected?

    How completely in character and on brand.

    • It's that attitude that is allowing for these parties never being elected. Imagine if every student ganged up and mass voted a specific party. They would get in! I hate people like you... "Oh, I voted for a party I don't actually like because the person I wanna vote for will never get in".

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    • If you read my comment properly, you'd realize that I never said "censorship", I said "propaganda". It's not censorship because no one stopped me from finding that information. But it IS propaganda because despite what I wrote being scientifically accurate, it wasn't accepted as such because it didn't fit the political agenda of the Swedish education system.
      And I never said that this is something that conservatives don't do, why do you think we even have this argument to begin with? It's because I hate both the liberal and the conservative agenda because both sides use flawed logic, unreasonable arguments and manipulative debate tactics.

    • @AD240pCharlie please go whine about your grades elsewhere.

      I’m not interested.

  • You avoided the main part of libertarianism which is economics. I don't agree with it, but it's a pretty major part of the ideology.

    • This whole take was solely focusing on society. I may write a take on economics later on.

  • Libertarianism is my party of choice as well
    Although I do strongly support the death penalty in some cases

    • You may feel strongly about it, but you support it or don't.

  • I can't be libertarian. I can't just give up my sense of empathy.

    • Who said libertarians weren't empathetic? They just see the bigger picture, and realize that comforting someone for the moment is often doing them great harm in the long run, and that sometimes "tough love" is the only thing that will really help someone.

      Take a drug addict. Few addicts want to go to rehab - they're going to suffer mightily when they're detoxing and they'll be miserable for a while, and they know it. But in order to not kill themselves with drugs, that's almost always what has to happen. No one likes seeing them in pain, but the pain serves a much larger purpose.

      Too much empathy could (in this example-as-metaphor) lead someone to get a drug addict more drugs so they felt better temporarily - which it would - but would only make the addiction, and all its associated problems, worse. In the long run, that's far more cruel, even if it seems kind in the moment, and you did it with the best of intentions.

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    • @VaIiant they have/ had kids care from what I remember. But that was back then. But only for low income. Not sure how it's like now.
      Nothing will ever be truly free.
      But seeing it as "why do I have to pay for others?" Will surely make the more fortunate feel resentment towards the poor.

      What solution is there? Even if not foolproof?

    • I really don’t think there is. Libertarian isn’t so much about weeding out the vulnerable rather as believing the government has no place controlling our finances/benefits/being so integrated into our lives.

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What Guys Said 47

  • I think you're a little confused. You should probably just call yourself a moderate, not a libertarian. You're addressing two axes.

    • I’m not sure that spectrum is accurate. https://i. pinimg. com/736x/45/f8/78/45f87846aab2383645d1514272f08c77--political-party-political-science. jpg

    • At least that's not the common understanding of the position. Libertarians are opposed to authoritarians. Libertarians are for limited government and prioritize personal freedoms, whereas, authoritarians want increased government intervention and may prefer to make policies based on the group rather than the individual.

      I, for example, am a frequently conflicted left-leaning libertarian. I think that so long as a person is properly educated they should be able to... take whatever drugs they want, kill themselves, eat as much as they want and weigh 500lbs, do whatever they want with their genitals (with a properly consenting partner), etc.

  • i agree that there are policies on both sides that i support and policies on both sides that i disagree with but i also feel like being a libertarian disenfranchises you in many states. your voice isn't heard in many state primaries where they are closed (like my state) and for that reason i think my voice needs to be heard to at least nominate the major party candidate i agree with most. so effectively my voice would be silenced until the general election

    only one thing i'd argue
    "6.) Liberals/Democrats oppose weapon ownership"
    i don't think we can say this with such a broad stroke
    similar i don't think we can say conservatives support the death penalty. the ideologies (liberal/democrat) don't speak at all to a belief one way or the other on these issues. these are personal beliefs not ideological beliefs

  • Good take. I'm a Republican at the moment, but would probably be a Libertarian if it were a major party. I largely disagree with the GOP on the issue of gay marriage (I'm bisexual). However, I voted for Trump because I viewed him as being relatively liberal on social issues and ultimately someone who could help the economy.

    My questions for you are these:
    1. What do you do in local elections where no libertarian candidate is running?
    2. What do you say to people who assert that you're just throwing your vote away?

    • 1.) I’d vote for the candidate that has similar views to mine.
      2.) I tell them that I vote for a Libertarian based on ideology, I won’t vote for a candidate of a poitical party I’m not very passionate about just because they have a higher chance of winning.

    • On the subject of #2, why specifically do you feel voting based on values is better than voting for the candidate that is closer to them that can win? What's the point in voting for someone who has no possibility of actually gaining power and changing things?

    • I don’t completely rule out voting in such a way but it will all depend on how similar that candidate is in regards to values.

  • I enjoyed this. I agree with most points presented. I don't agree with pure libertarianism because I believe some systems are handled more efficiently by the state, but I largely agree with your presented points. I;m in Australia though, and although we have a libertarian party, it is extremely small (no sitting politician is a member I believe).

  • I think you're hitting on some good points, mainly that the US desperately needs a serious 3rd political party that has similar power to the reps and dems.
    I think Libertarianism has drawbacks too though. The pursuit of absolute freedom DOES create an unjust environment in many specific types of cases. Read up on externalities for more info in that arena.

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