Gender Stereotypes We Need To Get Rid Of

1. Pink is only a woman's colour

Both my guy friends love to wear the colour pink and I personally think some guys really rock the colour.

Gender Stereotypes We Need To Get Rid Of

2. All guys like sport

I haven't personally met a guy who doesn't like sport but I know people are different and no two guys would be the same and there are guys out there who don't like sport.

3. Men are messy

In every movie I swear guys are messy or their room is messy. Well not true. I'm really messy like if you saw my room right now you'd probably have a heart attack (my mum sure is gonna have one). Both my best guy friends have cleaner lockers and rooms than me.

4. Men earn for the family

I totally hate this. I would love to be the one who earns for the family honestly.

Gender Stereotypes We Need To Get Rid Of

5. Only women and girls gossip

Well that's not true. Because let's be honest most people love some good gossip.

6. Only men should propose. It’s sad when the girl has to propose

I totally prefer the traditional way but I respect women who want to propose.

7. Women don't play video games

8. Men don't cry

Crying is a human expression and if a man wants to cry he should and it shouldn't be a problem

9. Women love dresses and makeup

Gender Stereotypes We Need To Get Rid Of

<3 I hope that you liked this MyTake. Obviously not everyone is like this but some (my parents) are like this. I wish most gender stereotypes could stop and everyone can stop caring about what others do and people can do their own thing in peace :) Please share, like and send positive opinions on this my take.... That would mean a lot to me. Also thank you all for the support and if you haven't seen the previous MyTake you might want to check it out <3

Love you <3



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Most Helpful Guy

  • I expected some feminist bullshit but this is actually good and I agree with almost all. The only two I would point out is men earning, while its not a rule, it is far more natural, men have always gone out to hunt and bring food while women were taking care of the children. Nowadays we dont hunt that much, but men still have better endurance and willpower when it comes to hard stuff. While when it comes to raising babies, we flat out suck. Natural gender roles are natural. And second point I disagree with is video games. Video games are for kids, and if an adult plays them its a huge sign of immaturity. Plus, the vast majority of gamers are losers. Successful people enjoy real world experiences


Most Helpful Girl

  • I’m a woman and I’m very messy. And I don’t like the colour pink :/


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What Guys Said 69

  • In your speech, you should distinguish between your desires and other people's needs. Obviously, you would like to abolish all of these stereotypes, but I do not feel a need to do so. Telling me that I need to do that overstates your case and undermines your credibility.

    • I wouldn't say so. Women have the freedom to do whatever men do within the rules and it should be respected. Nobody should expect any stereotype of anyone. If a guy plays with dolls or a girl likes video games, let it be! They like what they like! Don't mess with it! What needs do you speak of? Stereotyping or doing what society considers normal is not a need. If you stereotype out of choice, then it's questionable your morals and people will stereotype you back and don't complain when they do. Can you point to specific examples on this list?

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    • You did not read thoroughly what I said. 1) POSSIBLE 2) THEORY
      I am afraid if you didn't make the differentiation between that and what you state, you won't read properly what is written. This is going pretty off topic, but here are sources as you wish:

      Sources: American Sociological Association, Oxford Academic, Yale University, University of Central Arkansas, Multiple sources from Google Scholar, etc.

      Although I have doubt you will will read into these much, the first one seems to aim closer to what I was stating. I can see the future where you deny all of these as biased liberal BS and go on a rude, viscous, vile, rant about it. But studies are studies and you asked for them. Maybe I can be proved wrong...

    • @errorgoodnameunfound If you need to think of yourself as a more advanced example of humankind, that is your path to follow. It obviously fulfills your ego needs and helps you to have some self-esteem. If you are happy with being another young person who calls people names in a knee-jerk reaction whenever they disagree with you, then you will hopefully continue to evolve. I read the first authority you cited and, apart from the obvious bias which permeate academe, you have over-interpreted it to support your theory.

      Frankly, I have had enough of your patronizing condescension. Goodbye!

  • Pink is a girls colour only because of marketing. It used to be a boy colour.

  • I believe these stereotypes are slowly going away. It used to be much worse.

  • With my complexion I look good in certain pinks, I don't have a problem wearing the color.

    I like sports, but I am not a fanatic about sports. I like to go to live games, but prefer to read than watch sports on television.

    I know women are not neat, that is a sign that you are a none sexual friend. Because no female interested in you, will let you into her place if it is a mess.

    There is a reason men don't cry in public or in front of women, because we are seen a weak and no matter how compassionate a female may be to a male stranger crying. I have yet to meet a female that is understanding, of her man crying in public or in front of her for that matter.

    When a woman has to propose to her man, that is a big red sign that something is wrong with the relationship.

    I don't know to many women that don't love makeup, but I know to many that don't like wearing a dress or skirt. Call me old fashion and a caveman, but for a formal event I think females should be in dresses not pants. Women just look more elegant and classy, in a dress than they do in slacks.

  • The thing with Stereotypes..."gender wise" at least... They ARE majority speaking correct.

    1. I think 99.9% of "straight men" haven't worn PINK... or have wanted to.

    2. I think 99.9% of guys do like sports... Drinking Games are a Sport, LOL.

    3. Yes... MOST men when they live alone ARE messy... but the funny thing is we still know where everything is, LOL.

    4. Again, that is true for at least 90% of 2 parent family house holds.

    5. Still true. Guys only gossip about sex/sexual things... girls gossip way more about everything.

    6. I the only one I agree with you on. With all the #Metoo stuff it's coming. I already have thought for a long time that the girl should make the first more/ask guys out, as dating/doing anything sexual is 90% up to them.

    7. 2/3rd of all video gamers are boys.

    8. Compared to women.. we cry 10x less. The thing with that statement... is that is about single guys that are dating girls and only want sex and aren't in love. A guy that "IS IN-LOVE" will always cry if his wife/family gets seriously hurt/daughter gets married.

    That statement is true when it comes to getting physically hurt, needing stitches, etc.

    9. I never heard that... it's just that Guys like it/them for the most part... as they make a girl looks sexier. 99% of female fashion is based on how males like it/are attracted to it.

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What Girls Said 31

  • I have only one guy friend wearing pink sometimes, it looks nice on him ✔
    In junior highschool one of the guys mocked another guy for having a pink notebook so he ripped the pink cover off his own notebook during class, teacher noticed him and gave him a lesson about stereotypes, now only the mocking guy is ashamed of himself 🙊
    Anyway I like pink too!
    And I like to practice sports, here in Italy almost every guy likes soccer but some don't even play sports so... Well w/e 🙃
    Most men are messy, we meet for parties and sometimes at one of our friends' we found things um can't even say but like crime scene 😱
    Working in Italy, everyone wants to work, maybe old stereotype or idk?
    Gossip always trying to avoid it myself but my friends get me in so easily, not even noticing it, but me is like 🙊 anyway aand ik guys gossip a lot too, so never thinking of this stereotype...
    (Maybe Italians are too outspoken?)
    Proposal um for relationship or marriage?
    I think this depends on character, but I don't know about marriage, it seems a true stereotype in movies 🤔
    I play games but not many friends play 🆗
    Crying umm happens more often for me and my friends like when we watch drama, guys just avoid watching it with us and if there are sad sad moments in a movie they either become ice cold with feelings or joke about the scene...
    Sometimes happens that guys cry if talking in private, with me, or in chat but in chat is not the same thing...
    Fashion is also for men surely, some guys know even more than me!
    But only few guys use makeup, they ask me advice sometimes 💄

    In the and anyway I don't mind some stereotypes, there are worse, it's nice is everyone can have a bit more open mentality though, so everyone can understand each other better, hopefully!

  • "Both my guy friends"
    "Both my guy"

    I get your point but you really shouldn't use an example that consists of two out of 8 billion. I have two guy friends who do swordcraft... That doesn't mean most guys do, it means two guys that im friends with do swordcraft.

    • yeh but like i get it more guys like pink but I don't know where to get an example of that

  • Both my exes were not interested in sports at all but I am a huge cricket freak. My guy friends are interested in cricket though.

    The stereotype of men earning for the family puts such a heavy disregard towards women who work hard to earn for their families, it breaks my heart.

    My room is messy af and mom calls it a cowshed lol. My ex had a very very clean and tidy room.

    And boys gossip a hell lot! Oh god. The way boys bitch about other boys just how girls do. I don't have friends in school but even hearing my classmates say stuff like that makes me want to bury myself.

    Regarding proposing, anyone who believes it's time to get married should propose. Doesn't matter if it's the guy or girl, whoever is first.

    And it is okay for men. Men do cry less because of nature, but it doesn't make crying not okay for them at all.

    And not all women love dressing up and makeup although I absolutely love it. But yes, women do enjoy shopping and makeup more because women can distinguish more shades of colors and there are relatively less colorblind women than men in the world. Still, it doesn't mean that all women are shopaholic lol.

  • Are your parents crying now. Just curious or proud of you?

  • well most don't consider these stereotypes true anymore, although there'll always be some. so i feel you on that lol. i mean i'm not into pink, not earning money myself, gossip, and dressing up along with doing makeup. at the same time though, there's nothing wrong with those who do. but yeah, not everyone should be generalized. guys too, as you mentioned

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