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5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism




the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

We’ve much hatred against feminism but that’s because of misconceptions we’ve and people we see around us. Many people hate feminism just because their friends hate it. (I used to do that as well). It is like supporting Trump without knowing the principles of the democratic party itself.

Also, many people hate it because of “Feminazis”. First of all, I’d like to make it clear that Feminazis do not represent the whole feminist movement. It is like judging Christianity on the basis of KKK or Islam based on ISIS.

Secondly, the number of feminazis or man-haters is much less than you imagine. Thanks to the internet, if a feminazi shames men publicly then that video goes viral in a minute. But if real feminists spend all if their life helping women who need it, trying to help them to get social justice then also irrespective of their efforts, their work goes unnoticed. Because people love to watch things they can make fun of and ignore serious inspirational stories. Like this one:

Thirdly, Feminism is not an organization. It is a movement with which many organizations are associated. It is a personal belief and your choice. It is like religion. BUT like in every religion, if a Cristian extremist says “Kill all the Muslims” then you can’t blame pope for his actions. Like that, other feminists are not always responsible for Feminazi's actions. They’re self-proclaimed. I wonder why they aren’t abolished yet.

Note: In this take whenever I say “Feminist”, I’m referring to a person who wants gender equality and not female supremacy or men hater. It is someone supporting equality

Do we still need feminism? Women have right to vote, They’re allowed to run for presidential elections, they’ve more privileges than men do, they’ve equal rights as men do then why do we still need feminism now? Because feminism is not only about political equality. It is about social equality as well. I completely agree women are not oppressed (in west ONLY) but that doesn’t mean complete liberation. Since it is a social movement, social mindset changes very slowly. It took us 324 years (3 centuries) to think equally of women, before which women were considered as Men’s property. Here are some points that STILL show social inequality towards women.

1) Cat Calling Is Still A Thing

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

Catcalling is not complimenting. It is the most disgusting way you talk about women’s body. I’ve seen happening it to my lady friend and I’ve seen my male friends doing it. It is way much common and people actually feel proud for catcalling random women on street. Statistics say 65% of all women had experienced street harassment. Among all women, 23% had been sexually touched, 20% had been followed, and 9% had been forced to do something sexual. Now 65% isn’t a small percent, is it?

Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than
from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria, according to World Bank data.

2) Blaming Women For Is Still Common

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

I observed this in recent take I wrote “Justifications given by rapists for their actions”. People on G@G actually upvoted people who supported the rapist. You can still check those statistics although some extreme comments are already removed. Victim blaming is getting common these days. “She asked me to rape her and provocational clothing was a signal” “No means Yes” . Some people were low af commenting “If she dresses provocationally then she deserved to be raped”

That’s victim blaming and it is the worst thing can happen to you after getting raped. Inversely It is like saying if a man goes shirtless in public then he deserves to be raped. I’m not saying it should happen to men but look at yourself. We teach our daughters how to defend yourself instead of teaching our sons how to be a gentleman

3) Lack of women in leadership roles

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

Women account for 50% of American population. Yet, according to a 2017 PEW research study, 21% of the US Senate are women, 19.1% of the US House are women, 8 % of governors are women, 5.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and 20.2% of Fortune 500 board members are women. Which is very low considering the fact that women are as good leaders as men.

4) Sexual Harassment At Workplace is Still Common

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

According to the world bank data,

•Between 40 and 50 percent of women in European Union countries experience unwanted sexual advancements, physical contact or other forms of sexual harassment at their workplace.

• In the United States, 83 percent of girls aged 12 to 16 experience some form of sexual harassment in public schools.

• Small surveys in Asia-Pacific countries indicate that 30 to 40 percent of women workers report some form of harassment – verbal, physical or sexual.

Thanks to #MeToo movement that women are breaking silence

Many people argue that wage gap doesn’t really exist. Women tend to work less, take less risk and don’t have dedication like men. That’s true, However, Why’d a woman enjoy working in your company if someone is regularly harassing her on workplace Even I’d quit my job if it happens to me.

5) Sex-Selective Abortion Is In Favour Of Men

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

Sex-selective abortion is the practice of aborting the unborn infant because of its sex. It takes place if one of the genders has more advantage over the other. As we all know, men are stronger and hence less liked to be harmed, earn more for the same post than women (assuming pay gap exist), are more protective than women, more families prefer male child over female. If not abortion then the female child is abolished or treated inferiorly in her family. While this is more common in Asian countries, it still exists in America.

All you read are just problems in America. Not to mention worldwide there are more problems than this starting with genital mutilation, honor killing, foecide killing, domestic abuse, slut shaming, REAL wage gap, child marriges, forced prostitution and so on. We've much more to achieve. Look around you, outside your living place and just observe female oppression statistics around the world. They're fascinating.

MyTake Ends here. And now before you comment down and shame me, call me a male feminist, white knight or whatever you want to. just remember, I’m the same person who wrote a satire on feminist women 2 days ago. I do support feminism and calling me ass*ole won’t solve any of those problems. I wrote this take because of your hatred towards feminism. I get downvoted every time I post “I’m feminist” so for once and all, cuss me as much as you can, hate me as much as you can, block me if you want to. And I’m allowing anonymous option too so you can criticize me freely hiding behind that mask.


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  • "In this take whenever I say “Feminist”, I’m referring to a person who wants gender equality and not female supremacy or men hater. It is someone supporting equality"

    Then do us all a favour and stop calling us feminists.

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    • Gender quality is actually what true feminism is about. It's the so called feminazis who have distorted our perception of feminism's actual purpose and goal, and it's sad. It's feminazis who want female supremacy, not feminists. So many people don't know what feminism actually is at it's heart... it's about equality, period. I really appreciate this post because its fair-minded and rational, and the author risks being shamed.

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What Girls Said 28

  • Assuming leadership, I reckon, should be based on merit, regardless of gender. Compelling women to assume leadership roles to compensate for the "lack" thereof because of gender alone and not because of skill set and merit would probably yield to a less competent workforce. Likewise, expressing support towards a candidate for leadership primarily because of his/her gender overlooks the relevance of a sense of purpose, credibility, and administrative capability.

    I do not think the empowerment of women alone under a repressive system would function. What needs to be addressed is the prospects of discontinuing the practice of a divisive system that has prompted a society restraining people of their quintessential liberties, in the first place. If the system would be ousted by a consensus, then women and men would be on equal footing.

    • oh my god lady how are you only 18, what an amazing grandpa/father you must have

    • @Goochbreaker
      Thank you. I am 18 years old because I was born in 1999. I am going to attend university soon.

      Both of my parents have told me that striving for excellence knows no boundaries, opportunity-wise. They say the only person reasonable to blame for my incompetence is myself.

    • university? Oh boy... just be prepared to understand that just because people are your teachers and you are paying them to enlighten you, doesn't always mean they are right. Teachers will be wrong, some more than others, and taking everything they say as gospel truth will run you up shit's creek. Seems you have a good head on your shoulders though, you should be able to sift through the bullshit. These days I'd advise taking specialized schooling outside of the official system, I recommend coding bootcamp

  • First of all, hats off for this take. It takes a lot of courage to do so.

    One little point though, in #3 if it is simply because less women take part in it then there is nothing to be mad about it. However if it is because of social pressure or work discrimination then it is an issue.

    And you forgot female education. And trafficking. Both are major issues as well.

  • That is all that i would ever want to share in my defense for being a feminist. Im very glad that men like you exist. Its so sad when because of a few extremists who call themselves "feminists", some men have come to just hate this term with an incredible passion. To a point, that now actual feminists are scared of calling themselves feminists by fear of being judged/bashed. Thanks for existing and writing this awesome myTake. I generally never read myTakes but I had to read this one and boy, did I appreciate.

    • You're welcome :) yeah lol people are bashing me already

    • That is a very common occurrence here, you may write the smartest, most well researched, well written myTake ever and you will still find yourself being bashed or judged. People tend to forget that writing myTakes is time consuming and requires efforts. Some people hurry to be very spiteful while they share their opinion.

    • when feminism stop blaming and hating man maybe

  • Feminism in the US is for minor stuff. Bring your feminists to fight for girls whose clitorisses are cut, or 9 year old child brides.

    • see that's not called feminism, it's called the most basic of natural law rights, the right not to be mutilated against one's will is not a woman's right, it's a human right

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    • You know about the cut clitorises too huh... i dated someone with that... cut clit, sewn shut.

    • What about infants who have their penises mutilated in those same countries and in the US (and Australia, and in many other countries (far more then women who get circumcised)? Or the boys who are murdered because they got their hair cut in a western style? Or the boys who got burned alive because they attended a western school while all the girls where let go? Those countries don't need feminism, they need removal of corruption and industrialization.

  • Yikes, this is a really touchy subject. I myself am not a feminist. 1st and 2nd wave were needed, and I am thankful for those ladies. However, now? It is not needed in the west. Those points you made in the article are so minor meanwhile woman are being slaughtered for driving in the middle-east.

    Chose your battles wisely, because these "problems" in the west pale in comparison to the atrocities happening elsewhere.

  • While feminism can still be useful it would need to be actual feminism. Not this man hating crap feminists do now...

  • If feminism is for equality then how is it for stopping the rape culture?
    The rape culture should be stopped regardless if it's a boy or a girl. Why does the rape culture need feminism?
    Those stuff don't need to be feminism in western world's society.
    We just need to correct things up and stop hurting people (Catcalling, raping, harassment, being blamed for rape etc)

    Even though most women experience it, we don't need to call it for feminism.

  • I agree and disagree with the MyTake in the same time
    One side i agree we need it, but i don't think it needs to be feminism, honestly i don't get why they do call it like that, when some of it is said to go beyond just females
    Is it not suppose to change to Equalizer or something like that now?
    I mean if what we want know if equal to all, why is it yet feminizem is something i never really got, if we are not fighting for woman rights beyond others just to get the ground fair
    and beside that, i wonder if we keep femazim going too long, if we not need a malizem in some years to get them to equal rights to females, and so on

  • It is true that we need feminism. We just cannot cry and get teary over the disadvantages we face.

  • *Grabs popcorn and waits for explosive opinions*

  • As long as sexist men exist, we need feminism. And there are plenty here as i see.

  • Great take, but I still disagree I'm afraid (at least for the west anyway).

  • I'm against the man-hating, but I'm highly in favor of women being encouraged to step up their game.

  • i mean there's always going to be problems, but i think for the most part we're pretty set and on equal ground. in regards to cat calling and being blamed for being raped, hell i even got followed home a little while back after being cat called so now i'm antsy as fuck to walk even in the daylight to work, let alone the dark. for rape most don't blame the raped person though yeah, there's fucked cases. as for leadership roles, i don't know, it's mostly male dominated lines of work where the women aren't common, since they tend to chose others. i don't think just because there's still issues it means it's still in itself an issue. regardless we should all be game for equality, for both genders. feminazis i agree aren't supporting this, they're big ole cuntzillas

  • Great take

  • Great job

  • Yasss!

  • I know not to scroll down on this one.

  • I agree

  • you should make that username "politically correct white knight". feminism is obsolete today. especially in the western world

  • More than feminism, we need egalitarianism.

  • Feminazi playing the victim card again, modern day feminism is cancer. You really think feminists dressing themselves up as vaginas is gonna help the cause? Stop hating men and have sex!

  • Thanks for your opinion.

  • We'll always want more despite already having everything. We'll always clamor for equality despite clearly having and pushing our advantages. We still complain that "it's not fair game" but we've been abusing the "equality card" we've been playing for so long. I sincerely apologize to the guys. I'm sorry that we're going too far!

    • Wow! I never thought I'd hear someone with enough sense from other side admit going too far! Thank you for having an open and fair mind. You clearly have a different, unselfish heart. Thanks again.

    • Cheers. I feel like it's complicated, but appreciate your comment as an antidote to some of the more hate-filled feminist rants.

      I guess I should apologies for the shitty things men admittedly do. Not all men, and not all the time.

  • Ooooh shit here we go.
    Why dont the non-men hating feminists stop calling it feminism?
    The name has different ties now, so why not say "egalitarian" for equality of both parties?
    Why do people INSIST on a name that is already destroyed/infamous?
    After all, the ideas & concept is what's important, not the title or high ego.

    If you want to preach equality, use a different word now.

    • Simple: that name is infamous in West for being overrated and supremacy and infamous in East because it demands change

    • Are you talking about "feminist"? Because thats what im saying. doesn't answer why they dont stop with it, thats all the more reason to. Unless you mean "egalitarian", which is untrue for places i know. No one really uses egalitarian. Merely was an example anyway, as long as "feminist" isn't the word, it's fine.

  • Firstly most women don't identify with feminism because feminism is about man hating and blaming men for every problem a woman may have. Feminism true to promote women's interests while ignoring or fighting against men's interests. Most women are some man's daughter, mother, sister, grandchild, cousin or niece and do not want to see their men abused so are egalitarians.
    When people mention feminism they talk about white woman's feminism which is really about privledged white women playing the victim card. Feminism is really an extension of white privledge.
    Catcalling is not really a big deal. Most women cat called take it as a compliment and most women in groups cat call men. There was this one racist feminist video about cat calling thst basically said only men of color cat call.
    Rape needs to be tackled but at the same time the accused is innocent until proven guilty and I think feminists don't care about that. Feminist have been working hard to change the defenition of rape and I'm afraid that a lot of women would actually be guilty of rape by the same rules.
    Women's lack of leadership roles can be attributed to women choosing to become mothers. As for women in the Senate old war horses like Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelesio who are known for their incompetence and corruption are holding younger more credible female politicians back.
    Plenty of men are harassed in the workplace by women but it's deemed acceptable to soceity.
    #METOO is more celebrity bullshit. #METOO has the worst hypocrite spokeswoman all of whom defend or have defended peadophilles and rapists lile Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Bryan Singer, Woody Allen.
    If your Pro-choice then you have to support a woman's right to choose the sex of her child or the race of her child or the sex of her child. I'm pro life myself and know that abortion has been used to keep the numbers of African American childbirth low. Personally I'm creepeed out by male feminists and in my experience they turn out to be sexual predators like Aziz Ansari.

  • Exactly


What Guys Said 79

  • Okay, challenge to the people here who believe that feminism is actually about equality.
    I want you to either provide evidence of one the following:

    A) Feminists in the streets protesting against a specific issue male inequality, such as less money being spent per victim on male rape victims as opposed to what is spent on female victims. Note that I require an actual protest, not some lazy hashtag activism or simply asserting that "The patriarchy hurts men too!" Again, an actual protest against a specific issue where men are disadvantaged.


    B) Protests advocating that we hold women responsible for their choices and actions the same way that men are held responsible. So say feminists protesting that they want women to serve the same jail time as men for the same crimes.

    That's my simple ass challenge. Prove that feminism is ACTUALLY about equality rather than female superiority. Prove that it's not a movement about giving women all the benefits while trying to shield them from the responsibilities. Prove that these peole actually give a shit about men and equality.

    If you can't, then it's time to acknowledge the reality of what the movement has become. A group of propagandists whose stated goal is equality, while their private goal is establishing a matriarchy. First and second wave were good people, third wave feminists aren't. If their actions matched their words I would support them as well, but they simply don't.

    In the event that people actually manage to find these protests, (Again an actual protest, not words in a speech or hashtag activism) I will be happy to provide links for 5 pro women protests for every 1 pro man protest you can find. I will be able to easily pull that ratio, because again...

    If you want to support equality I commend you, go be an egalitarian. There's actual racial inequality that needs to be fought as well. If you truly oppose inequality shouldn't you fight it in all forms? Unless of course your goal is indeed female superiority, in which case choosing feminism over egalitarianism would make sense. For bonus points, justify choosing an ideology which only opposes injustice which affects YOU women personally, while refusing to embrace an ideology (Egalitarianism) opposed to all injustice?

    Going to bed now so you have more than ample time for your self relection. I suggest you use it before responding.

    • Also quick point of clarity because I always forget. I of course am refering to feminism in the U. S.
      I of course concede that feminism in other countries is absolutely needed. Women shouldn't be getting raped and then sent to jail for it, thays insane. Other countries have real issues. Not here though. Being catcalled isn't the same as being legally raped for leaving the house without a man and shame on anybody who tries to act like it is. One is a terrible crime, the other is simply an annoyance.

      I absolutely support the feminist movement in other countries. It's not the same here in the U. S., not even close.

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    • actually thats not entirely accurate (the remark about needing feminism in other countries). If you look men are still getting the brunt of it comparative to women. It is men who get put in prison because they couldn't pay the taxes on their wives income, they get stoned to death for any and every offense (for women its only in extreme cases of adultry (due to the fact that the man is effectively a slave to her at that point being both economically and physically responsible for her well being) and a few other things), its boys who get burned alive for attending a western school and the girls who get sent home unharmed (Boko Haram. Thats actually why they kidnapped those girls a few years back, they kept murdering the boys in protest of westerners pushing their education on them but of course we didn't care that 100 boys where murdered or 50 boys ranging in age from 9-17 where burned alive, so finally they just kidnappes some girls, making sure not to harm them as even their its taboo)

    • Basically its not sexism, its refusal to move forward, corruption, and the collapse of their economic systems as well as infrastructure (this makes people more strict and tend to revert as they become focused on survival not freedom. This has been noted with every society, when they are politicaly stable, economically stable they tend towards being more humanitarian and more free). Not suggesting its not screwed up, just disagree about the source, plus feminist have no interest in that because feminism isn't about equality or justice, its about destroying the western society hence it attacking the family unit, having very marxist ideologies attached to it and helping create racial and gender divisions. Its about over throwing our society to create a different one, one they think will some how be better (it won't). Thats why they could care less about whats going on in the rest of the world.

  • 1. Catcalling - Ok, not once have I seen that occur. I assume that's because I don't live in a shitty neighborhood, but people will catcall, 'feminism' won't change that.

    2. Thankfully I've never lived in a society where a genuine rape victim has been blamed. Maybe your society is different, but gag is not a valid research source, sorry.

    3. Lack of women in leadership roles? Leadership has nothing to do with gender. Perhaps you could look at the reasons why women don't put themselves forward for leadership roles. Either way, I couldn't care less what gender someone is provided they're a good leader.

    4. Sexual harassment is a complicated one and it's already completely not acceptable in any society that I'm familiar with. Again, perhaps your society is different, in fact the media here would suggest Indian society is very sexist. What you make of that is up to you.

    5. Selective abortion, yep. That's true, you mention how it's more typical in Asian countries, however laws are being put in place to stop abortion being determined on gender.

    The first 4 things you've given here are sexist. Men can be catcalled, men can be raped (and often those who have been are not believed), men experience sexual harassment (and again are often not believed simply because they're men) and leadership has nothing to do with gender. The 5th point you made along with many of the end points around the world are valid.

    However the first 4 points are my problem with people like you. You whinge about how you'll receive hate yet you act in an extremely biased manner. The first 4 reasons could easily affect men, yet you ignore that and choose to focus on one gender. And you're a man, so are you a whiteknight then? Just fishing for female attention? Well it's not that unfounded to suggest that when you write things like this and you only care about what women face in circumstances that men could also face.

    • * I don't need female attention and online attention has no use irl

      1) It means you're still inside the closet. I believe I've mentioned statistics of catcalling in mytake

      2) yup gag isn't valid research source but upto some extent, it reflects public opinion

      3) If politics has nothing to do with gender, why do we have less women in politics? Not a single US president was a woman where as even Pakistan had one.

      4) Again, you're still in that closet. It isn't my society I've mentioned statistics of it as well

      And I agree men can be catcalled, can be raped but their statistics is very low as compared to women's harassment.

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    • Alright. My bad and assaults are not that rare. If so, why is it feminist's responsible to help them? Basically its definition states that "the advocacy of WOMEN'S rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." and not men. It those assaults are real, definitely I'll try my best to spread awareness about it. But it is not duty of feminists to solve that issue. If you're facing problems, you're free to start a new movement against sexual assaults irrespective of gender.

    • Fair enough, glad we cleared that up.

  • 1. Feminism will never solve cat calling because legal movements can't solve such things. It also is very low on the agenda compared to sex trafficking, something you didn't mention, because you're world is so tiny that all you see are 1st World problems.

    2. Sexual social attitudes is also not something legal movements can solve. On the upside legal movements can and do expand the law increasing conviction rates and Feminism is indeed doing that.

    3. In places where gender equality is heavily enforced and encouraged womens simply don't lead in equal rates such as Scandinavian countries. This is not a lack of opportunity alone. Forcing women into leadership roles suffers the same error as shaming women for choosing to stay at home even if they have degrees.

    4. Sexual harassment is common at the workplace for everyone. #metoo was a decade old before anyone even cared. Conviction rates have steadily increased over the past 20 years. That's about all that can be done. This too will never actually end or even be greatly reduced by either sex.

    5. What. The. Fuck. If abortion is a female privilege then you can't attack how they choose to abort. 😐 Overextension of power.

  • For 1.

    I get women saying stuff to me all the time thats equvilant of cat calling. It does happen to guys as well.

    Women need to be more responsible on how they present themselves especially if they are touching you in a friendly way. The wrong guy will take it differently and see it as sexual attraction.

    Women in leadership roles isn't as good as it seems. They will make emotional based desicions over a man which isn't good for those in leadership roles. Not saying all women are like that but its definitely easier to manipulate a woman over a guy. It comes down to biology and the female mind is more wired to nurturing and caring over providing and being a leader.

    4. Sexual harassment comes from both ends. I've had my ass grabbed, crotch felt up and one time had a woman stop right infront of me in a line that was crowded just for me to bump into her butt (not at work though). If women want to stop being "sexually harassed" then STOP TOUCHING men even if its a light tap on the shoulder or hand. It gives some men the green light to come onto you and will give you unwanted attention.

    Feminism is not needed and some women need to smarten the fuck up. They are abusing their sex and play on the fact that they are "inferior" whenever they can.

    Solution as a man : dont be extra friendly to women. Treat them like a man. If you feminists want equality then there's no chiverly and sweet talking. I yell at women who are rude to me similar to how i would yell at a man. When white knights come to save them i use logic to shut them down.

    Treating women like men is great because i do get along with most women.

    Feminism =/= equality

  • "Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than
    from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria, according to World Bank data"
    -Bullshit. In 2015 alone, there were 212 million cases of malaria whereas the number of total rapes accounts to 250K (in 65 countries) annually. Even if we multiply it by 3 (to match the total number of countries in the world) the figures are still shy to that of the malaria.
    And every 8th woman develops breast cancer in her life, I don't think every eight woman gets raped. In case of domestic violence, I can agree. And don't start with the reporting because it's utterly pathetic in case of men.

    "3) Lack of women in leadership roles"
    -Because of their own incapability and life choices. Men work in a more systematic way to achieve those posts.

    "I do support feminism and calling me ass*ole won’t solve any of those problems. I wrote this take because of your hatred towards feminism. I get downvoted every time I post “I’m feminist” so for once and all, cuss me as much as you can, hate me as much as you can, block me if you want to. And I’m allowing anonymous option too so you can criticize me freely hiding behind that mask."
    -Then what's the point of writing the point #1 if it wasn't a big deal? Because you're a guy?

    Abort a boy, it's pro-choice. Abort a girl, it's female foeticide.

    And what are feminists gonna do to the harassers? Would they fight with the ghetto rascals? Cuz educated people rarely do that and there's always an exception. You cannot have a 100% safe space.

    You say feminazis are the reason for the hatred but what can we do if 99% of the feminists are actually feminazis?

    Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... and that's what feminists are doing.

    Every problem can be solved with egalitarianism and stricter laws with a corruption free government. Granting power to a different sex isn't going to help at all, in fact, it might create new problems in the society.

    You see, every girl who says that feminism Isn't an option has been heavily upvoted by men. It clearly shows that men are more appreciative towards the other methods that support empowerment of BOTH of the genders.

    I wanted to add but a lot of guys AS WELL AS girls had already put great comments.

  • "We teach our daughters how to defend yourself instead of teaching our sons how to be a gentleman."
    Well, duh! For the same reason you lock your door instead of putting up a sign saying, "Don't tell me to lock my door! Teach burglars not to steal!" Also, no one is RAISED to be a rapist. In the eyes of society, raping someone is (rightfully) one of the most disgusting things you can do. As long as you're a man, of course... If you're a woman, then it's no big deal...
    About #3, what the hell is stopping women from taking leadership roles? If you knew anything about evolutionary psychology and our biological history, you'd understand that men naturally have a higher demand for power than women do. If a woman wants to become a leader, then there is nothing stopping her from doing so. It's just that there aren't as many women TRYING to become leaders as there are men.
    #1, #2 and #4 are not about inequality between genders because they happen to both men and women. We just talk about it more when it happens to women because apparently, that's somehow worse. I mean, I can understand that to a certain extent. Many men wouldn't feel as uncomfortable being harassed at work because they're physically bigger and know that they can defend themselves.
    Now, that being said, I have nothing against individual feminists. I really admire people like Christina Hoff Sommers. I just don't call myself a feminist, but that's mainly because I don't like labels, I don't like ideologies, I don't like movements, and I especially do not like identity politics. I just want people to start listening to what people say instead of what label they're using. Both feminists and anti-feminists refuse to listen to each other, since just because someone is on the "bad side", then that automatically means that what they're saying is wrong.

  • feminism was never about women, it is and always has been about making the lives of our shepherds a little easier. Here are 5 reasons why we don't need feminism
    1. Women's happiness levels have collectively sunk since it's introduction
    2. A mother needs to be with her child as often as possible and a working mother has less time for family
    3. Feminism puts a woman's happiness before a child's happiness, then ironically ends up ruining both.
    4. Feminism realized into law in the courtrooms is scaring men away from marriage and has spawned the mgtow movement which further divides the sexes (mgtow is 100% a reaction to out of control feminism)
    5. Young men are being discriminated against for their gender more and more as this feminist ideology runs wild, the scales are completely tipped, women get affirmative action style benefits and grants while men have to work as hard as they always did. Equal opportunity, not equal outcome, that is what I want, and feminism, like communism, seems to believe equal outcome is necessary. If there are less women in positions of power, that DOES NOT MEAN we need feminism, it means that any woman wanting to change that should drop everything and pursue that dream AT ALL COSTS which may include family

    • what's to like? I thought you were a feminist? I'm strongly anti feminist, I see it as just another control mechanism handed down to us by the cultural engineers to further divide and control the sheep. Have kids raised by the state instead of the mom. Collect double tax revenue. Make it so all women are essentially married to the state first and their husbands second. Divide and conquer, that is all feminism is, and calling yourself a feminist is really, really not helping the problem. We need to dispense with such labels and remember that this movement was prescribed to us like a pill to a patient, except this pill makes us sick.

    • I can call myself feminist because I don't live in the same country as you do. Look around man. Women are still oppressed in all over the world except west itself. Starting from Saudi Arabia to honor killings in South Asian countries and female foecide killing in China

    • don't confuse feminism with basic human rights, the conflation of those two is part of feminist propaganda. In those fkd countries, anyone who is physically weaker is treated like shit, men and women alike. Also, feminism has allied itself with islam (somehow, I don't know how but some how it has) so pick a side. Use the term egalitarianism to distance yourselves from the crazies. Those places don't need feminism, they need some basic understanding of negative rights, like the right to not be accosted and abused. Calling yourself a feminist isn't going to help these women any more than the millions of women marching for feminism over here is.

  • No. First and foremost the cat calling, that's not really a big deal, men get treated like shit by women all the time but no one bats an eye, why? Because where men and we are expected to shut up and accept it. Cat calling is not as common as people try to claim (in 33 years of life I've witnessed one incident of cat calling, it was by teenage girls towards some boys they saw). As for rape and domestic violence those statistics are actually false and its ironic that you point out cancer, which men are more likely to get then women, war, which women do not fight in and are not legally forced into against their will (98% of combat deaths are male, but also civilian deaths from war are also almost exclusively male as well). In fact according to DOJ statistics the likelihood of a woman being raped in a year is less then 1%, a woman has less then a 1% chance of being raped, that's not a high risk at all. Also according to the CDC/NCVS men are as likely to be raped by women as women are by men so not only are all those other things more likely to kill men, but then you have the fact that men are also as likely to be raped as women are. Of course we don't recognize female on male rape and in fact in many nations feminist actively fought to keep rape gender specific (as its generally viewed as a forced penetrative act and thus unable by legal definition to be done by women instead of the actual definition of sex without consent) so that women can continue to have all the power in this situation (which is why you get people like Amy Schumer going on stage talking about raping a man who was blacked out drunk and getting applauded for it, but Aziz Ansari gets accused of rape even though by his "victims" own admission she consented and never once told him no and he is shamed by society). As for domestic violence, again according to the CDC/NCVS men are as likely, actually more likely, to be victims of domestic violence then women. Statistically men are about as likely to be victims of domestic violence when its reciprocal, however when it comes to non reciprocal violence between intimate partners 70% of the time, the victim is a man. If you look at verbal abuse and controlling behavior, women are also more likely to use that against men. So again, completely wrong but feminist have done a damn fine job of lying and presenting misleading data (if you look at the methodology it just falls apart (compound questions, self reporting etc.) and creating bias laws.

  • 1. cat calling is still a thing and there's nothing wrong about it. it's how men act. forbiding that would be like forbiding women to act like women.

    2. making every man a rapist by default is an equally unfeasible thing to do, which is what feminism does at the moment.

    3. lack of women in leadership roles is purely based on female preference and not based on them being victims of inequality. they have every right and the freedom to choose to go for leadership roles, they just happen to not choose to.

    4. sexuall harrassment is a big thing over all. men are as actually almost as likely to be victim but way less likely to report on it as their gener role condems it as a weakness.

    5. women have a stronger position to men when it comes to abortion. if the man does not want the child she can choose to have it anyway and legally force him to pay... however if he wants to keep the child, he's out of luck, cause it's not his body.

    we need a counter movement against feminism more than ever. and i don't mean a equaly dismissive movement like mgtow. i mean a true "fairness and equity" movement, not bullshit movements that push favors for one gender at any cost.

  • I'd agree with much of this with 1 exception. I don't believe a lack of women in leadership roles is reflective of social gender inequality. No company or organization will pick someone for a position of leadership or authority if they have not shown themselves skilled in that field. Whatever the ratios are of men to women in places of leadership ought not to be assumed as a flaw in society or a need for feminism. I think people ought to and DO pick leaders based on their belief as to a person's quality of leadership. If more men are seen as great leaders in a certain regard than women maybe it just means that guys and girls are different with different skills that aren't so equal. I think feminism assumes too much about men and women as being basically the same when that really just isn't true. Not to say that one is superior to the other. On the contrary I am all for an equality of genders but under the condition of epheciency. If you try to prove women can do all the things men can do you aren't being effecient because women CAN'T always do anything men can do.

    A prime example of this was the British lowering their qualification standards for their special forces because no woman had ever passed. That is ineffeciency. Put men and women in positions where they thrive and are objectively superior to the other gender. No one can objectively claim men and women to be equal in all areas in the sense of matching skills. Women are better at a lot of things than are guys and guys are really better at a lot of things than girls. Let people do what they do best. Trying to prove women are equal to men by placing them in positons where men thrive far more than women or putting men in positions where women thrive far more than men is only going to increase sexism and cause people to more strongly believe one gender or the other to be superior.

  • 1. Cat calling is a non issue, we all get harassed by weirdies on the street now and again. Harden the fuck up and get over it.

    2. Women can put themselves in a position to be raped. Such as getting being alone and intoxicated around predatory men. Encouraging them to avoid these situations isn't wrong.

    3. And? Is a male majority intrinsically wrong? Maybe men just work harder to get into leadership roles? If a woman was the best pick for a leadership position then it would benefit the company, all the employees, and all the shareholders. What incentives are there exactly to pick someone else with a penis over her?

    4. What about male victims of sexual harassment? Once again, feminism forgets about half the population. And honestly, "sexual harassment" can be pretty much anything these days. Stare at your coworker for a half a second too long, and suddenly you're a feature in her metoo story. You and I both know plenty of women trade sex for advancement in their careers, which helps cultivate the environment for predatory men to thrive.

    5. Oye! Now you're an anti-choice bigot? Whut a Nazi!! Seriously though, how can you continue to believe abortion is okay while believing it's wrong if a girl is being aborted? You're just contradicting yourself. "People should be able to have the choice to kill their unborn child, as long as I agree with the reason for doing so."

    Piss off cuck, you don't deserve the balls you were born with. How about you fight for a real cause instead of siding with whiny women to get laid?

  • Great another man who's just had his testicals removed. You already just posted everything that's been said PHUCKING 20 years ago! Get on to the man hating band wagon you deranged boy.

    • its not from his head. he copied it from somewhere. thes ethings are known for ages and the author pretends he came up with something knew... Oh, boy

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    • u know.. the thing is, u can't rely on people that they will always be nice and supportive. U should build a fence arounf your soul not to let a negative energy influence your soul and attitude. U r pretty young and maybe u get hurt easily but its about a time to make yourself strong and be able to face negative comments not only online but aalso in a real world..

    • That was encouraging, Thanks

  • People don't hate feminism just because their friends hate it, people hate feminism because they see it's actions and don't blindly believe it's "definition" like the nieve females who follow it do.

    Claiming it's bad because of "feminazis" is a bullshit scapegoat since the loudest and most prominent feminist are misandrist. The most quoted and studied feminist are man-haters. Solanas, dworkin, greer, steinem, etc.
    The biggest feminist groups like NOW and the female UN are sexist and push laws that suppress actual male issues and push bullshit lies and false victimhood of females. Using 3rd world women as a scapegoat since western women are the most privileged group of humans to ever exist.

    Feminist need to stop labeling people who supporting equality as feminist. The majority of people who support equality refuse to be called feminist and the majority of people who call themselves feminist actually don't support equality because they believe bullshit like the wage gap and rape culture. Which is easily proven as bullshit with even the slightest amount of research.

    This take itself pushes typical feminist lies and false victimhood.
    1. Catcalling happens to men as much as women. It's not about the gender, it's about the type of person. Skidballs and human trash catcall. You never see a guy in a business suit catcall and you do see trashy females catcall. It's not a gendered issue. Women simply don't see males as victims of women, therefore, it's easy to claim it's women only.

    2. Rape is actually not as common as feminist pretend it is. It's less than 1 in 1000 PEOPLE and feminist somehow assume that bad people can be "taught" not to be bad. We lock our doors because we know bad people exist. It isn't sexist to suggest women take some responsibility for their own safety and stop assuming that bad people will magically stop being bad because they feel they shouldn't have to take precautions to be safe.

    3. The lack of women in leadership roles isn't sexism, it's simple male female differences. Women are not as aggressive as men generally and it takes aggression to climb to the top. The women who do get to leadership roles generally are more like men in that aspect. But you can't expect society to simply put women in those kinds of roles without fighting for them. If women want those roles they need to work 70 hours, fight aggressively, and give up their social and family lives the way men do.

    • cont...
      Sexual harassment in the workplace is common for BOTH sexes but when you ignore male victims of women, it's easy to claim it's a female only thing.

      The MeToo movement is bullshit and the majority of the "victims" are not victims of anything except "unwanted advancements"... here's the thing, without "unwanted advancements" male and female relations would NEVER exist. Men need to make advancements in order to see if a female is interested. If she isn't then that is an unwanted advance. This does NOT make her a victim of ANYTHING except male interest.
      Her claim of victimhood is bullshit and does nothing but cause tension between the genders.

      Sex-selective abortion only happens in a few Asian countries. This claim is like saying because women in the middle east get beaten, feminism in western culture needs to exist.

      This take is nothing more than pathetic virtue signaling.

    • @villageidiot Nice try but no. Your name speaks for itself.

  • Hmm, an interesting mytake... ok here's my opinion to each of the points here:

    1) it is not illegal to talk to someone in a rude way... and feminism won't change it unless it imposes fascist rules

    2) no one is denying the rapist from being put into prison... they are just saying to try and not be provocative
    It's like a rich guy going into a forest without protection... the theives will Rob him
    Even if the police Catch the theives and put them in prison, they will also say that it was a foolish thing to do on the part of the rich guy

    3) leadership should be given by merit and not gender... that is sexist

    4) lol, what would any sane person expect when in the name of gender equality, they group men and women together in 1 place and expect perfect robotic behavior from both? sex segregated workplaces is the true solution

    5) sex selective abortion takes place for the sole reason that since men are providers, they will protect and take care of elderly parents
    If it weren't for that reason, the opposite will exist as girls are MUCH easier to raise compared to boys
    Although I condone abortion completely, your reasons are partly wrong

    Men believe in freedom, women believe in safety... to make places more 'safe', we'll need to restrict freedom to some extent but this should not be done on the expense of men

    As for your mention of crimes in 3rd world countries, men die more , suffer more and work more and have shorter lifespans... they ain't complaining though

    The problem arises when women who believe in freedom indoctrinate women who believe in safety for a need to be free on the expense of men... this gave the rise of feminazis

    Women, if you choose freedom, don't expect men to stop the danger, only expect them to avenge you

  • All good points aside from the last one, in my opinion. If a person would prefer to have a son (especially for their firstborn, which is often where sex-selective abortion takes place) it's pretty anti-feminist to say that person shouldn't have a choice whether they want to abort the child, or not.

  • Sexual harassment is actually at an all time low regardless of what Hollywood will have you believe and what constitutes as sexual harassment has been pushed by new ridiculous boundaries.

    While I'm not a fan of catcalling people need to get over it. Douchebags are going to be douchebags.

    There is no excuse for rape. Regardless of how slutty she is, rape is not acceptable.

    More women are in positions of power then ever before, all around the world.

  • my only issue with feminism is that it claims to be for equality, but you very rarely see a problem which is in favor of women. like suicide rates and an unfair bias in the legal system. of course feminsim is needed, the only ones that say otherwise are women raised in a completly different timeperiod or men who have never experienced said issuse.

  • "Sex-selective abortion is the practice of aborting the unborn infant because of its sex. It takes place if one of the genders has more advantage over the other."

    If abortion is a good thing and women's right, why does it matter which sex they abort more? It's women's choice. Unless you secretly think abortion is murder and you just want to balance the homicide.

  • And why this is bullshit:
    1. Cat-calling will always be a thing since its expected for men to reach out and approach women, whike they are supposed to be passive (discrimination against men, but who cares). Some guys simply don't know a better way to get a girls attention, so they do this. You fix this either by making women approach as much as men (impossible), or by raising young boys in a better manner.
    2. While I do not support rape, those points are legit. I don't support murder either, but if you wear a gold chain and an expensive iPhone and flash them around in the ghetto, chances are you are gonna get stabbed and robbed. It doesn't make killing ok, it just admits the fact killing exists, always has and always will. Sad but true. Same for rape.
    3. Women are awful leaders. Its not natural for a woman to be a leader. There are a few exceptions, but generally just no. Just like kindergarten teachers are usually women, because we suck at handling small children. We aren't warm and nurturing, and women aren't tough, logical soldiers. Gender roles are natural
    4. Sexual harassment stops, just like the first point, with raising gentlemen and men with manners. Same goes for those catcallers. You will never see a decent, educated man do this shit. Im talking about real harassment, because feminism fucked up society in many ways, and one of them is calling any interaction between men and women "harassment".
    5. Yet another point achieved by education. This is present at more rural environments. And while I don't support it, after all, everything about the fetus is entirely parent's decision. We need to raise awareness, but also not poke our noses in somebody's personal shit. Abortion is everybody's right. Some use it for bad reasons, well guess what? The world isn't a wonderful place. People are assholes. Get used to it

  • The Definition Of Feminism And My Proposed Revision ↗ Feminism to me is defined by the belief in patriarchy theory as patriarchy theory as defined by such works as "The Second Sex."

  • If we really want equal rights, we have to make sure issues are resolved for both men and women. There are unfavorable treatment on both men and women. We should promote eglatarianism and not feminism.

  • There are much more valid reasons for feminism than the ones you mentioned. I'm not against feminism, but I think the movement should move on already from catering to the feelings privileged western white women and focus more on women in the developing world who get stoned to death, forced into non-consensual marriages and shot for wanting an education.

  • You have a lot of growing up to do spewing this tripe.

  • 1. Men get cat-called, too.
    2. Men get blamed for getting raped, too.
    3. Lack is subjective.
    4. Sexual Harassment at Workplaces happen to men, too.
    5. Sex-Selective Abortion is based on more complex issues.

  • I'd add the challenges faced by single mothers do the list, e. g., needing inexpensive chidl care, income supplements, issues surrounding health insurance, flexible working hours, etc.

  • In case you didn't know, Sex selective abortion is illegal in Arkansas.

    Once the sex is determined, the abortion would be illegal.

    We do not need a female government, pant wearing, controlling, dictating, man-hating woman in leadership who do have have the core to run our nation. Men were called leaders for a reason.

    • Who called men leaders? And fyi, I can lead even if I'm wearing a frilly white skirt (which I don't ever, but you get the point). Leadership skills has no correlation to your genitals.

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    • Only men have wieners and nuts.

    • Apparently, you are nuts. Bye.

  • Feminism does have its warrants but the way they do it, especially in attempt to belittle and how easily it is hijacked just makes Feminism as a whole so unlikable. To some people, the way they are represented from their own 'group' literally overlooked all the 'good' they done and only seem them as an atrocity. But yes, valid points you made there, but I think the bigger concern isn't whether we 'need' feminism or not. Feminism will always stay much to the annoyance and joy of people. What matters is how Feminism can conduct itself to accomplish their goals without self-sabotaging every three or so seconds.

  • Hey girls look fuck everybody who don't see it your way. Go do whatever you like. I believe that there are somethings woman can do just as good if not better then us men just not everything like Firefighter, police officer, war hero, football player I think you get it. Everything else have at it. Fogettaboutit...

  • I support legit femsisim in terms that women should be treated fairly and right around the world which in the majority of Middle Eastern countries women aren't allow to study, drive or even allow to dress how they want or show their face in public without getting beat by the husband etc.

    Moreover, I don't support the idea of women in leadership positions.

    It makes women bossy and masculine which makes them look unattractive and less feminine.

    Good Take though.

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