Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

I used 'gay' for the title, but I mean every teen who is LGBT+.

Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

Yes, You're Old Enough to Know

People say that teenagers are too young to know their sexual orientation or whether or not they're in love. But they're old enough to be deciding what career and degree and life they want to have forever? How convenient.

Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

Homophobic/Transphobic Parents are Not Okay

This might seem dumb, but I know lots of teens are criticized so much by their parents for being LGBT that they feel inadequate and horrible and wrong. But you're not wrong. Yes, your parents may have religious reasons or something, but they aren't valid reasons.

Your mother should not be able to say "I don't care the gender as long as the baby's healthy I will love them" before going into labour for 8+ hours but then 17 years later kick their daughter Jessica out of the house because she was born a Justin.

Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

You're Valid

So what if you don't know what you are? So what if you're trans but don't pass as your gender? It doesn't make you any less LGBT. It doesn't matter what your label is. And if you do have a lot of labels? Well, congratulations on figuring yourself out!

Its okay to be confused. Its okay if you're a trans guy but used to identify as a lesbian, or a trans lesbian who used to identify as a gay cis guy. It's not uncommon for gay trans people to have felt gay before they knew they were trans. It doesn't mean you're faking or anything like that, and you're not alone.

It's fine to question your identity. You have your whole life to figure it out.

Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

It's Okay to be In the Closet

Sure, it sucks pretending to be straight/cis, but sometimes it is necessary. Don't force yourself to come out if you live in an extremely homophobic community/family. It will make your life worse in the long run. Coming out should not be held as a higher priority than not getting kicked out of your house.

But please remember: To all the queer kids who are in the closet on a day that really focuses in on is not always going to be this way. Someday you're going to boldly hold hands with your partner on Valentine's Day and be cutesy cliche with candy hearts and flowers. You're going to be okay.

Things Gay Teens Ought to Know

The road to LGBT has never been straight:)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Thanks for sharing. More kids need to know they're accepted

    • You've kids?

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    • Is that your job? Or part of your job?

    • @Political_dude It was/is. I used to work at a locked-door psychiatric facility which was very hands on. We had floors for geriatric, child/adolescent, general adult, and high acuity patients. I worked on all the floors with a wide variety of people.

      Since I moved across the country I am now working at a youth home for children/ adolescents who've been displaced, basically for one reason or another they've no home to go to.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sick hearing about LGBTGAGDHFJAJSHXYZ

    Give us all a break. You're all over the news. You're shoving all your 'rights' in my face. Constantly crying about how you're so hard done by.

    This is all just one big political agenda... wake up! Want to cull a population? Convince all of those who might be a little/confused and impressionable to come out of the closet. SNAP. Population problem solved.

    And you all think it's your own choice, maybe take a look at your society, propaganda and government and you'll see they've opened every trap door for you.

    • Furthermore? If I or anybody else wanted to be gay? We could make that CHOICE.

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    • @Nattybaby I'm glad someone agrees :)

    • Of course, I'm so annoyed with their shit they throw at everyone, and then say we throw shit at them when in reality we dgaf..

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What Guys Said 41

  • great take. hopefully both LGBT and non-LGBT teens see this

    The philosophy of "being gay" is extremely flawed and problematic when it is taken beyond the confines of a simple dictionary definition and when morphed into an entire identity that dictates your life.
    And not to mention unnecessary.

    Simply recognising a characteristic you have such as being an introvert is completely fine but morphing it into an ideology is ridiculous.

    Pressuring young people into these ill-defined, arbitrary and divisive groups and further sub groups, indirectly forcing them to adopt an identity which dictates their sexual behaviour alienates and confuses them and can be harmful and poses many problems.

    You're a human being, that's good enough. You don't need a post modernist socially construed identity to have self worth or to be valid as a person.

    Gay pride is also quite silly. Assuming you're born gay, what is there to be proud of? How can you be proud of something you have no control over (supposedly)? And if this pride is due to persecution, then those who have not faced persecution have no reason to be proud.

    Don't tell kids to disobey their parents, kids don't know shit, they're naive and immature. "Religious reasons or something are not valid reasons? How so?

    Also the T should not be part of LGB, it's a completely different issue and is not solely based on same sex attractions.

    • The whole LGBT+ thing happened because society doesn't treat people as human beings who are good enough. It has taught people that they *do* have control over sexual orientation and that they should be ashamed of not being straight. That's where Gay Pride comes in - turning shame into pride.

      Have you not been listening for the past 20 years?

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    • Oh, sorry - I should have clarified. I was referring to the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. These are basically the authorities when it comes to this subject, for the United States.

      Now your turn - tell us a couple of groups of scientists who think it's a choice.

    • Social constructs have real effects. Self inflicted wounds are still wounds nonetheless. Homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. are some of society's self inflicted wounds that are rooted in established norms that fail to incompetence the range of human diversity. That and the shittyness of terrible people.

      You are right in saying that that problem lies in what has been socially constructed as norms. However, you are wrong if you think the effects are any less real. Acceptance of people's differences can only lead to the total end of things like homophobia, then and only then can the labels be disregarded. However, until said time "gay" people are going to have navigate the world as it is for them are treating it like a social utopia that it just isn't yet won't help. "gay" people don't let homophobia affect their lives, it just that it really does affect their lives.

  • I always find it funny how people like you dismiss others views as invalid only to ask these same people to accept yours and then call them homophobic/transphobic when they don't (the same way you referred to unaccepting parents).

    Not supporting/being against LGBT is okay and shouldn't be forced down others throat like a religion.

  • Omg...
    It depends on how much you don't like gays.
    Being homophobic means to show that you hate them.
    When you just don't want to be one, you're not homophobic.
    When you don't like them, you're not homophobic.
    When you hate them, you're a kinda homophobic.
    When you bully gays in public, you're homophobic.
    When you murder someone because he's gay, you're very homophobic.

    It's so clear. Just read the definition 😒🙄

  • It's odd how you believe people are born homosexual, yet people are also born as male and female too. So people are not born a transgender.

    You equate that if they're born a homosexual, then that's right. That's how they're born.

    What about you're born a male or born a female, so you're born right too?

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What Girls Said 22

  • I personally do not see why some people discriminate against LGBT. I am not part of the community myself, but I, one, do not bat an eye to anyone who is, and two, don't give a fuck what sexuality you are. If you are a person, you deserve to live a happy, healthy life. The heart wants what it wants.

  • Self acceptance of who you are is good. As for the parents who don't believe that, it doesn't matter if they spent 8hrs or 8 days delivering you- there expectations is what overrides all at the end of the day.

  • i really feel for those growing up in strict religious households. i mean some still accept them, but most don't. always thought the shit was contradicting and hypocritical, since most religions are meant to be acceptance and to help and love others. lol but that's only if criteria is met

  • I want them all to know they are loved and accepted and that there is even homosexuality in the animal kindgom. It's OK and nothing to be ashamed of. You love a PERSON not a gender.

  • Thanks for discussing this. I support the LGBT+ community and it's people, even though I am straight. There is no reason to judge. Great myTake. Thanks, and I hope you get lots of likes :D

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