Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!

Apparently I'm being incendiary today, but I'm interested in seeing how this Take goes over.

I was being facetious with the title, the point of this Take is to actually contest that claim that the fight is over. I've been seeing quite a few discussions about the lgbt community with nonmembers, and even some members, pointing out that the fight is over. LGBT has won and it's here to stay. They think that because there are a lot of gay people in media (proportionally) and because of the landmark rights case of Obergefell v. Hodges. I think this is a result of ignorance about a lot of what is still going on, and here I will attempt to rectify it by pointing out where we're still having problems. At this time I'll just focus on gay rights, but maybe will talk about Trans issues in the future as I'm admittedly not as knowledgeable on those issues.

Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!


I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I'm currently aware of.


In 2017, a same-sex marriage ban was introduced in the Arkansas Legislature. It was sponsored by 21 lawmakers. It was initially rejected in a 17-7. The bill needed 18 votes to pass and thus failed by one vote. However, that same day, the vote was expunged and the Senate shortly passed it 18-9. It then failed in the House 29-41. The Arkansas Supreme Court recently passed a controversial decision about biological parents being listed on a child's birth certificates. Arkansas stated that, the U.S. Supreme Court's 2015 decision ending state bans on same-sex marriage does not require equal treatment in other contexts.


The Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of discriminating against same sex couples. According to the court same-sex couples are not guaranteed the same government-funded spousal benefits as their different-sex peers. Thus far the Supreme Court has refused to hear Texas' case, but they are still appellate process.

South Carolina

Several South Carolina legislators have just pushed forward legislation to redefine same-sex marriages as "parody marriages" stating that, "

Whereas, parody marriages and parody marriage policies are nonsecular for the purposes of the Establishment Clause; and

Whereas, marriages between a man and a woman and policies that endorse marriage between a man and a woman are secular in nature for purposes of the Establishment Clause; and

Whereas, civilizations for millennia have defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman; and

Whereas, marriage between and man and a woman arose out of the nature of things and marriage between a man and a woman is natural, neutral, and noncontroversial, unlike parody forms of marriage" Furthermore they then have the gall to also say, "

Whereas, the State of South Carolina's decision to respect, endorse, and recognize parody marriages and sexual orientation policies has excessively entangled the government with the religion of Secular Humanism, failed to accomplish its intended purpose, and created an indefensible legal weapon against nonobservers; and

Whereas, in the wake of Obergefell v. Hodges, 135 S. Ct. 2584 (2015), there has not been a land rush on gay marriage, but there has been a land rush on the persecution of nonobservers by Secular Humanists and an effort by Secular Humanists to infiltrate and indoctrinate minors in public schools to their religious world view which is questionably moral, plausible, obscene, and is not secular; and"

You can read the bill in it's entirety here

Zarda V. Altitude Express

Is a case that is determining whether or not employers have the right to fire their employees for their sexual orientation. This has already been ruled on, in that discrimination on the basis of race and sex are protected by our 14th and 15th amendments, but the new administration's Justice Department filed a brief stating that it did not think that civil rights laws protects individuals with a differing sexual orientation. Luckily it is not up to them, but we have yet to see how the courts will rule on this issue.

Negative Perception

Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!

Yes, it is certainly true and good that we are moving in the right direction, that does not mean that we are done. In America as many as 1/3 of the people that you meet will have a negative opinion of you just because you're attracted to someone else? How does this affect children? Well. The sobering effect is that this can, and with a high frequency does, lead children to take their own lives.


"LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth.2

LGB youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth.2
Of all the suicide attempts made by youth, LGB youth suicide attempts were almost five times as likely to require medical treatment than those of heterosexual youth. LGB youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGB peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection."

Is this surprising when, perhaps not to this extent, LGB children have to deal with these sorts of people?

Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can't believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed therselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE. No because being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. It you get easily offended by being called a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make special purple fag day for them. I like that fags can’t procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die. If you aren’t against it, you might as well be for it.

-Clint McCance- School Board Member



Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!

What's more, we shouldn't just be worried about the plight of people's in America. We are all one people, and should recognize, care about, and try to minimize the suffering of peoples around the world. I understand that many people are worried about how we best help those suffering in other countries, and I will not try to discuss that here, this is merely to talk about how just because America is doing better doesn't mean we can be at ease.

72 Countries around the world have criminal punishments for engaging in same sex behaviors, with 8 having capital punishment as a suitable punishment. I will talk about a few countries below.


In 2014 with an 85% Christian population formulated a bill to add capital punishment as a viable punishment for same sex acts. It was then revised instead allowing imprisonment instead of death. Due to global outrage and the reneging of aid from countries like America the bill was eventually quashed and the old statute of 7 years imprisonment is allowed.

Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!


It's hard to find any reliable statistics, but punishments include, "Fines, floggings, prison time up to life, death, whipping, and deportation." Apparently, the Saudi newspaper Okaz announced that over 260 people were arrested for homosexuality over a one-year period.

Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!

*Not Saudi, just a demonstration of the idea*


Chechen has been reportedly rounding up, torturing, and then killing homosexuals. In response the Chechen head stated that there were not gay men in Chechnya and if there were that their own families would kill them first.

In conclusion. The fight is not over.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Too much lgbt propaganda, meh.

    • OF course of course. How dare they ask to not be tortured and murdered!

    • oh please that's not what she meant.

    • @BrittBratt2416 Thank you 👍

Most Helpful Guy

  • yeah the fight is far from over. in america we have businesses trying to deny service to homosexuals. there is still tons of fights regarding LGBT adoptive parents. as you mentioned the suicide rate is still alarmingly high.
    so long as there is any discrimination, bigotry, etc towards the lgbt community the fight is not over

    • It's important to note how far we've come, but I find the apathy that many begin to betray is just a lack of knowledge about what's going on. These things normally aren't pointed out, at least not that effectively.

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    • yup...

    • @Hispanic-Cool-Guy i understand that. as a black man i'm very aware of what you speak. sadly business owners can hide behind religious beliefs but the simple fact is it is bigotry. just because you don't agree with prostitution does it really mean you shouldn't sell a candy bar to a woman? i understand teh argument and i cede to your constitutional rights but the reality is it's no different than businesses being "white only" or forcing certain people to give up their seats on a bus due to the color of their skin

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What Girls Said 23

  • Yes! I hate that sort of "World hunger is over because I just ate" sort of thinking. Just because you're not homophobic doesn't mean that other's aren't. Also if you are homosexual and no one attacks you, doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. It goes with so many things. Racism, sexism, transphobic. I don't know why people think that if they don't bother anyone it excuses them from the problem. Not talking about things won't help, just because something's going well in your community doesn't mean that someone across the world is in danger because of it.

  • It's a very sensetive topic and I don't really know what to say.. I guess some people were born that way and it's hard to not accept that fact and give them their rights and I believe this topic is one of many things that still not acceptable in many countries. Great post by the way I loved it.

  • 0|1
    • Shocking

    • I was prepared to call you a twat over the title, but you pleasantly surprised me.

      I love it when I don’t have to call people twats.

      I also appreciate people who love figures, statistics and charts.

    • I'm pleasantly surprised when people read past the title! XD

  • I'm not sure why people think "X law was passed, you're no longer discriminated against! No more racism/ sexism/ bigotry/ etc"
    That is far from true.

  • Things are a lot better for gay folks here but that’s not the case in a lot of countries like Russia or any middle eastern place. Even here everything isn’t fine and dandy. A lot of em I know are affraid to go tho straight clubs because they could be harassed.

    And in the south there is a good bit of ingnorance towards gay folks. I know plenty of Gay teens that have gotten kicked out of their house for being gay. It’s not smart to come out if you don’t have the resources to take care of yourself but these kids are really damn young and just wanna be accepted by their family.

    I guess everything will gradually get better though. It’s just a slow process , my simple rule is to not be an asshole to people with out a reason. Gay people are just like any group and they have nice people and some shitty assholes. Just be fair y’all.

    • Hmm. Did you read?

    • Yup but it’s the little things at home that we see the most.

    • Like denying equal rights? If I said that interracial marriages were a form of parody marriage, and that they did not deserve equitable treatment under the law, that we could deny them spousal benefits and the like what would you think of me? If Half a dozen states at least proposed this sort of legislation would you be ok with it just being a slow process? "Yeah, perhaps interracial couples deserve rights, but to be honest we're not killing them anymore... So just take it easy. Don't be an asshole and push for your rights too hard, ok?"

  • it's been a good sized leap. of course there's always going to be prejudice with people, work, and places that are way behind on shit that should be common sense in regards to rights, because really, unless you've got some issues with yourself, nobody gives a fuck who bangs who. i've even seen straight people get shit for being heterosexual. everyone gets shit at some point. although there's always going to be close-minded people, or just people who disagree, long as you have your rights there's no real reason to care what people think as long as you're comfortable with yourself and have the same rights- which i get is easier said than done. the world is never going to be a safe space, there's going to be bad shit, and people who don't agree or think like you, and that's just reality; but a lot has progressed. rather focusing on only the negative, which shouldn't be ignored don't get me wrong, i think it's worthwhile to notice the positive

    • Did you bother to read the take?

    • yeah, but i can still have other takes on it. not denouncing or even disagreeing with it, just pointing out it's not all awful everywhere

    • If you did read it then I'm quite glad! Although it makes me worried that I'm incredibly impotent at conveying information. If I really failed in such a grotesque manner I would be quite upset, so I'd like to take another shot by addressing you in particular.
      "nobody gives a fuck who bangs who" Obviously they do. That's what this whole post was about. From legal discrimination here in America to beatings, torture, and legalized murder in other countries for same-sex acts. This is hardly somebody "not caring." I even added pictures of people thrown from rooftops and then stoned to the point that their faces were so smashed in that the media would not post the grotesque pictures. If this is your idea of "not caring" then we certainly have issues. If I decided to throw acid into the faces of little girls for the crime of learning to read (which does happen) would you ever dare to say that I didn't care about her learning to read? How muddled must our concept of morality be to think this?

  • I read this over 2 times and I still don't see the point of this post. LOL

    • To point out that gays are not treated equally? Are you sure you read? I pointed out the discrimination in america and the usurpation of rights worldwide.

      *Reads post about slavery*
      I don't get it, what's so wrong about it?

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    • Sounds like a personal problem.

    • not a problem to me

  • Awesome myTake!!

  • I’m a happy and proud lesbian!!

  • good for y'all

  • Amazing myTake. Good job.

  • Good job

  • Okay 👌

  • Gay power to the people!!!

  • This is a sensitive topic that some people take very personally. My friend is part of this community so it was interesting to read this post.

  • Ok. Thanks, I think?

    • I don't know... Did you read it?

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    • Do you care about human rights? Civil Rights and the like?

    • Of course, on a greater world scale tho.

  • If you want acceptance to stop trying to ram it down everyone's throats... Some of us are actually normal and don't want to have to put up with them taking over society.

    • I know right.
      I got a lot of problems in my life, dont need to hear about them complaining all the time.
      Just be grateful for what u got and surround urself with people that love u.

    • Asking to not be discriminated against is hardly asking for special treatment. Were interracial couples asking to be treated special when they wanted the right to marry? Were the blacks asking to be treated special when they asked to not be slaves, granted the right to count as a human being, attend the same schools, be able to purchase groceries in peace, and granted the right to vote? Were women asking to be treated special when they did much the same?

      Similarly, asking to not be murdered because of who you're attracted to is certainly not that much of an imposition. Asking to not be locked up for years, or tortured is certainly not an imposition. Asking to not tell our children that you want them to kill themselves is most certainly not an imposition. Asking, no, demanding that you not be allowed to mistreat someone simply because you don't like who they find to be attractive is not an imposition my friend.

    • "taking over society"
      ... right. Sure. And how are they doing that?

  • Lol!!

  • It's amazing how some people can use something that doesn't concern them as a pretest to violate your rights and even kill you, pretty much reminds me of the inquisition in medieval dark ages.

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What Guys Said 50

  • To surrender to such deviant desire is to be already dead in a sense. That being said, we have to make distinctions between the barbarism done in third-world nations and the insane entitlement mentality in the west.

    If you like to stick your thing in a blender with the blades attached, I cannot be asked to condone nor approve of such behavior. But I can stop you from luring others into trying it. I cannot stop you from doing it to yourself, however. I can speak out against its promotion.

    Yet, to play judge jury and executioner and go burning and lynching you for having such a weird hobby would in no way be justified, simply because you have that weird hobby.

    At the same time, you cannot invite yourself behind the counter and dictate to me how to run my business, and put an activist judge to my head like a gun and tell me I have to promote dick-in-blender on a cake by your rules or else be sued until I'm on the street in a bankruptcy barrel.

    And even if this were okay, it still does not excuse you sending Twitter mobs to dox me and break into my van. And if your wang gets cut and infected from your hobby, your desire to feel good about who you are in spite of it does not give you the right to poison others with your blood.

    Even when I do none of those vices, I still prefer to err on the side of caution. If I don't trust my own blood to be pure, I won't donate it. You can do your desire for acceptance a favor by having the same shred of personal decency.

    Most activists think parading naked and traumatizing Americans is "taking the fight where it needs to go," and "fighting oppression" by inflicting actual oppression on decent society!

    Meanwhile, they do nothing about the Middle East and Chechnya, where actual oppression takes place! And yet, they wonder why those with similar hobbies in other countries aren't trusted by locals, and face persecution? These idiots are making things worse for their eastern counterparts!

    • Not so different from many modern feminists; who fetishize burkas and claim "oppression" because Hillary lost the election. And litter the streets in spite what their environmentalist buddies think; while wearing pussy hats and carrying signs with obscenities on them, and call that "fighting oppression."

      But what about women who are stoned, burned, and beheaded in Iran for sticking up for themselves? Not a word!

      Because the virtue-signaling coward feminists in the west want to do things that make them feel like they're making a difference, without having to get their hands dirty to...*drum roll*... actually positively change anything!

      Also... LGBTs need better self-policing. It's hard for me to take a movement seriously when one of its biggest advocates licks doorknobs of politicians he doesn't like in the hopes they'll catch a virus.

    • Right, didn't you just post about a massive government conspiracy to kill our children? XD

  • LOL... i love how my home country is 1 on the Yes scale.. thats the lowest of the low.
    You tricked me @ladsin you cunt, lol, man, i thought you meant the GENDER war was over... ugh, i wanted to see your reasoning...
    Ok now im done cussing you out, this is a fucking great Take, the research and arrangement of facts means you didn't just pull this outta your ass...
    The fight ain't over bro... as long as insecure people exist... the fight ain't over.

    • Haha I always like to say something attention grabbing in the title for two reasons.

      1.) it gets a little more traffic. If there's more traffic then there's a better opportunity to discuss the ideas, and educate a wider audience about something that perhaps they've not yet thought of or been made aware of.
      2.) To separate those who actually read my thoughts on the subject, and those who just want to say their own thing.

      My thoughts on gender aren't quite as well formulated. I know my position against typical arguments like, "If you don't have XY then you're not a boy!" However, I'm not aware of the whole 67 genders thing, and I think those claims may be specious at best. I've been pointed out before that there's a sizable portion of the population that wants to be referred to as elvenkind as they think they're elves.

      Glad you read! Thanks for the input.

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    • I suppose it's not 67, the list those is what I gave you.
      I think it's covered by trans, but whatever.

    • ah... i kinda figured..

  • First of all the gay community forces homosexual marriage on all of the states (In the U. S.) through federal powers regardless of 1/3 of the population being against it. That was the first mistake. Then, you have homosexual organizations slamming any show that doesn't have gay people in it. So, every show has to have this gay token character. Not to mention the media going around to every bakery trying to find one that won't make a gay wedding cake just so they can complain about it and shut that "evil" small family owned business down. Then, you have children being brought into gay pride parades dancing with very little clothing on, that's obviously inappropriate. The problem isn't even homosexuality it's gay culture. Gay culture is what makes people not like you and want to oppose your policies. If you're still not quite certain what I mean by "gay culture" I will be more direct. Homosexuality is being forced everywhere and anyone who has any reasonable objection to it is automatically labeled homophobic regardless of their argument & as someone else put it so elqouently, LGB organizations are acting like the mafia.

    You have at least acknowledged real issues such as Saudi Arabia killing gays like many others in the Middle East and Africa, most of which are Islamic. Being murdered for being gay is actual discrimination and should be stopped. I recommend you focus your efforts on stopping the literal slaughter of gays there compared to the rare dislike you may experience in the U. S. Just saying, a gay person would probably be much more thankful for their life than for a cake.

    • It seems to me like you're arguing a similar point as many others below, so I'll give my general response and perhaps, if you're honestly interested in discussion, we can talk further from there...

    • Show All
    • 2# It sounds great in theory but as I said it leads to people hiding their political views. I want to know what businesses believe so I can spend my money at the right place. Perhaps I buy things at many racist/sexist places and don't even know it? To be honest it is one of the few things I haven't given enough thought to, which I should. I am unsure if the pros outweigh the cons.

      3# Your examples show you calling a group of people (or me) something because of something you saw. I am not targeting a group of people or person but a group of organizations specifically gay organizations & the media for targeting conservatives & being incredibly biased but reporting it as the truth, rarely ever acknowledging bias. Not all gay organizations and media outlets but most. If people are being honest most politically aware individuals would agree that the media leans left & gay organizations are being aggressive towards any dissenters.

    • The idea is about what the government can promote. If the government wishes to give benefits, hand out marriage licenses and the like then they can't discriminate. If your church doesn't want to marry gays then I don't give a damn

  • I live in South Carolina and that's what marriage is, between a man and a woman. The government can't change what God has already established. And yes, if I worked where people had to get marriage license, no 2 men and no 2 women will be getting them from me. I'm willing to be fired for morals sake.

    Good for Texas keeping their laws the same but even if government wins, God has the ultimate say in the end. I don't want to hear your boohooing about I'm attacking homosexuals. I'm fed up with this sin destroying people's lives and sugarcoating it. Homosexuals are bold enough to support it, then I'm bold up to stand firmly against it.

    Yes. I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to hold it back. Whit LGBT communities may have an increase in deaths, that's partly contributed to not enough people informing that that the victory power of Jesus can save them and they get depressed because they know they're living in sin. Sin does not need to be accepted. Sinners needs to repent and have the unction fire of the Holy Ghost flaming within their souls yelling out loudly JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, save ME.

    People tolerate and condone this sin because they have secular mindsets and want to be popular accepting filth because others do.

    It's 2018 people!! Mature and grow up and get this silly little homosexual fetish that harms family aside. There's no need in people falling before destruction so vastly and greatly when the thing to do is to pray, fast and tug on at the beautiful garments of Jesus.

    We need people to become aware this kills, steals and destroys you as a human being,

    • RAR! Muh government
      We didn't allow interracial couples into our colleges until the 80s because of the same argument. Yes, I'm talking about SC

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    • I'm, not I'.

    • Alrighty

  • People discriminate against lots of groups, though. Fat people, ugly people, short people, young people, old people, illiterate people, smart people... all of them experience widespread discrimination, yet no one sheds a tear or writes screeds advocating their defense.

    • Quite a lot of people are advocating for fat people rights... That said I'm not aware of any large scale legal movements to discriminate against fight people "for being fat." I'm not aware of any large legal movements stating that illiterate people are lesser/ not deserving of equal rights, I'm not aware of any legislation that calls for the criminality and death penalty for the act of being short.
      Can you point out those pieces of legislation to me?

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    • Do you have any idea what life is like for most people in Chechnya? THE GODDAMNED PLACE IS A HELL HOLE OF A WAR ZONE. Life is miserable there for everyone, not just LGBTQ people.

    • Does saying 1+1=2
      not 1+1=1
      Come now

  • 0|1
    • If they're not stoned they should be executed XD

  • Well in muslim fundamentalist Indonesia, they just recriminalised homosexuality.
    So it's actually illegal to have gay sex and is punishable by 5 years prison or death.

    So yeah. The fight isn't over.

    • Ugh... You read the Take right?

    • Yes but this is a specific examole of where it wasn't illegal anymore and has gone back to being illegal

  • Maybe the lgbt community would find more acceptance if they would stop trying to not just normalize their lifestyle rather cram it down the rest of societies throats.

    • I may be a fan of ramming things down peoples throats, but asking to not be murdered because of who you're attracted to is certainly not that much of an imposition. Asking to not be locked up for years, or tortured is certainly not an imposition. Asking to not tell our children that you want them to kill themselves is most certainly not ramming anything down your throat. Asking, no, demanding that you not be allowed to mistreat someone simply because you don't like who they find to be attractive is not an imposition my friend.

    • Show All
    • Yeah tell that to the lesbians saying that all men should die, your argument is invalidated by the intolerance of intolerance within the lgbt community. CIS intolerance, crazy lgbt that attack cis because of a different world view yeah fucking right the lgbt are just as bad or worse morally

    • I'm not aware of any legal movements to strip rights from cis-males. If you're aware of some feel free to point it out. Are you aware of any statistics on the gay lgbt population and how many of them think that it is immoral to just be hetero+ cis?

  • The law wasn't the only thing standing between their goals and them. People will always see them as sick, and every sane person is going to try and protect their children from seeing that sick shit at a young age. People have an internal compass that can easily tell the difference between normal and unnatural shit, and that compass can't be hacked or rigged. In other words, being gay is literally NEVER going to be fully normal and accepted. Fuck your "fight" and your "war". Its in vain

    • XD
      I'm not aware of anyone recommending that children be forced to watch gay porn. Perhaps I'm wrong though, can you back that up?

      People can also obviously tell that blacks should be slaves, that we should hold down and mutilate the genitalia of our children, that women can't refuse their husbands their spousal rights, etc. So we're naturally amazing judges

    • Show All
    • X'D
      You're now arguing that I'm making the naturalistic fallacy, but making it yourself, all the while thinking you're somehow superior.

      You have a good day bud. Take some classes on logic some day

    • I will if you will. i guess your strategy was to confuse the shit out of me with huge amounts of random nonsense. Sadly it didn't work. And you STILL haven't made a point other than repeating previously disproved bullshit. Awesome.

  • I didn't read, so I'm going to assume you're an anti-gay right wing redneck. Unless of course you said something in your take about being facetious. BUT I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!

  • Thank you. That also fits with a lot of other issues. People that are different from the "normal" or the majority are still discriminated despite laws in place that are supposed to help them.

    • Not to mention that a sizable portion of people are trying to legally discriminate against them, and this administration is making these ideas seem safer to espouse

    • Another good point

  • Complacency is a dangerous thing. You say the fight is over, yet you got mike pence existing. You say it’s over, but there’s a debate whether or not it’s ok to not serve gay people. Saying it’s over when less than 3 years ago, there was the worst mass shooting, at the time, at a gay night club. The irony in this isn’t the fact you, or others say it’s over when it isn’t. The irony is that, historically, the “its not as bad as it was x years ago” has always been an excuse. Pre-civil rights, the rhetoric used was, “what more do you minorities want? It’s not like you’re slaves anymore”. We’re less than a decade removed from lgbt from not having equal rights and that wasn’t a universal thing and I think only passed 5-4. So you honestly think society, in less than 2 generations (the minimum, in my opinion for actual societal change), that people have magically did a full 180 of thinking homosexuality is the devil to accepting it? You don’t have to go past this site where 80% still admit it... let’s pump the breaks here

    • And I didn’t even sniff on Russia and half the Middle East and some places in Asia, South America and Africa...

    • Who are you arguing against?

  • But I don't think the fight is over. Some day, Mike Pence will be POTUS. :-P You ain't seen nothing yet.

    • Smh. I demonstrated why the phrase was wrong. I pointed out that I was going to do so in the first sentence or two and then spent the rest of the time talking about the violations of human rights levied against the gay community -.-

  • Thanks for sharing your Take with GirlsAskGuys Community. All the Best for Badge of Editor of the Month or Influencer of the Month.

  • I'm a fundenmental Christian as you know and fully am against the LGBT community lifestyle choice, but I however am totally against hating and punishing via imprisonment or death of homosexuals or lesbians.

    And as far as you saying 85% of Christians support imprisonment of gays, you should have rather said 85% of professing Christians.

    Christians are not to harass and attack the LGBT community.

    We are to stand against sin at all cost, but not bug and attack people because they are gay.

    Christ did not teach that at all.

    That's none of their business.

  • Lol that quote sounds like Mr Mackey from South Park xDDD

    But yeah there's widespread hate for it in many places. By product of religious indoctrination and poor education. Most sensible people will realise that what others do in their private lives that doesn't harm or affect anyone else is NONE of their fucking business.

    But many people are not sensible. However, America IS a special case for a first world country (sorry but your public education system as a whole is just a joke. Its piss poor, not trying to be a dick but it really fails the youth). But even despite this, America still is largely neutral, friendly or tolerant towards the LGBT community, same can be said for most first world countries. There's surely things to be done to eradicate ignorance, but I'd say the biggest part of the fight for LGBT rights (just like feminism) is in places where its downright dangerous to be part of it.

    • America certainly has an education problem. I spent more of my time on America because that's where I live, those are the people that tell me everything has been settled, and it's where I'm best able to enact change.

      That said I most certainly feel for the plight of LGBT across the world, I'm just not aware of how to help.

    • Yeah I feel for these dudes/girls/trans, I'm not gonna say I try to help their plight cause I've done zero research on how to help and taken zero steps towards doing anything.

      But I'd happy to help if the opportunity pretty much fell in my lap and I could spare the time.

      I'd say what you do is raising awareness, some people might not even know of these things. Some might naturally be in a position to help. So by spreading information you are helping indirectly :)

  • Technecally it isn't over until all the usa states accept it, i am not gay but i will vote for gay right in AZ

    • Ah, how's the weather over there? Getting pretty warm right?

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    • Yeah i think winter came late lol, it is 57° right now where i am at, the low was 30° 😯

    • Haha central problems!
      I'm ready for my first AK summer. Daylight 24 hours. I'm excited.

  • What fight... anyone who cheerleads or tolerates or accepts homosexuality , is a closet homo themselfs. The gays
    aren't fighting agaist mankind , they're angry at God.

  • This is a fundamental war which is everlasting when people's ideologies collide

    As long as religion opposes homosexuality
    There will always be killings and discrimination

    However just know that people who do not do it for religious purposes are not discriminating but prefer to encourage people who have similar tastes... that's just like white women attracted only to white men or black men preferring to give jobs only to black men... not everyone is ideal and fair and wishing everyone to be so is unrealistic and pointless

    The better advice for LGBT people in places where religion is the majority would be to blend in, else they will risk a lot. I know of a couple who had children in which the wife found out her husband was gay... but if he wouldn't have accepted the marriage, he would be publicly excecuted because people would find out.

    • Yes, regardless of ideology many people can be awful.

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    • It's illegal in india if that helps any.

    • Yeah, ik but that's because it was influenced by the British Christian culture
      (Although there is still tolerance of it because the law only says anal sex/unnatural sex is illegal, not homosexuality in general)

  • (Shrug) That's every minority on the planet.

    Still, for some, the fight is over. They don't want to fight for others. And that too is a right and at times for the best. Staring at the world's problems, no matter how hard, never solved a single one.

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