Let's Talk About Catcalling...

Keep all your current thoughts and opinions on catcalling aside, cause this myTake is going to be very short and straightforward. Erase all previous views and opinions that you have on catcalling, and actually see the topic on its own. Analyze and evaluate. Think. Then say whatever you want.

Catcalling. Commenting on a random woman, often loudly and in an indecent manner. May also involve stuff like singing, whistling, meowing, stalking, bullying. Mostly done 'just for fun'. No good purpose. Sometimes done with friends out of peer pressure, for the sake of 'trying it out'.

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

Best case scenario, she is flattered and she forgets it after a few days. Worst case scenario, she gets traumatized and it scars her deeply. She might be going through hard times, and catcalling might be the last thing that she wanted to face. Extreme case scenario, she's from a strict family, her dad saw it and he beat her when she got back home. It happens for real.

Dear people who catcall and justify catcalling,

Did you think for once how it could affect her? There is no way of knowing if the girl would appreciate it or feel threatened by it. Did you ever care about her feelings? Did you respect her personal space? Did you acknowledge her dignity? Did you ever think for once what you are putting yourself in to? Is it honorable for you and for her?

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

No. You chose your fun over her value. And it's absolutely disrespectful. Insincere. Irresponsible. Accept it, you lack self-respect. Hence you don't know how to respect other people either.

If the girl gets scared by what you did and it limits her freedom outdoors, it IS your responsibility. You think you can catcall a girl and how she lets it affect her is not your responsibility at all? No. Because you caused it. You caused her to feel the way she did.

And it doesn't matter how she looked. You saw her, fine. How you react to it is completely your responsibility. She might be standing out in a crowd and it still is your responsibility. Everyone is responsible for his/her own actions. How it affected him/her and the people around, regardless of what he/she intended or anticipated. "I did it to compliment her-" You can't decide it for her whether or not she would take it as a compliment. You can't make her take it the way you want. And you should be aware of it.

Also, you contribute to make this world a bit more unsafe than what it already is for women.

What would happen if you didn't catcall? Nothing. No harm, everything is peaceful. Keeping your comments to yourself won't kill ya. Is it really worth it? What do you gain from catcalling? Because the one who does it gains nothing, but the one to whom it has been done can lose something as precious as... her childhood.

I had to stop playing outside when I was only 12, because the local boys were getting too irritating. When I questioned why I should stop playing and why not those boys stop bullying me instead, I was told that it's because I am a girl. Boys will be boys (so I should be tolerating it). Besides, I am grown-up. Why should a grown-up girl like me even have the audacity to play outside in the first place? It's inappropriate for me to even run, lol.

It was a sudden transition. I played outside with my neighbors a day ago and then all of a sudden mom slaps me for attempting to talk to my guy playmates. I was so... astonished. I didn't even cry. Just looked at her, silently asking, what was that for? Being catcalled? Even today, when anyone asks me to join the sports club or dance in public, I refuse. No thanks bruh, I learned my lesson. Ain't doing that shit ever again.Let's Talk About Catcalling...

So what is your excuse for still doing it?

"Some girls like it!" Keyword: SOME. Not all of us. Yeah, I understand too some women like it and it's fine. It really is. All people are different. But you can't tell who likes being catcalled and who doesn't. So is it really worth the risk of scaring her?

"It's not the same in first world countries" only because a woman in a first world country doesn't fall in trouble for being catcalled, it's okay to have no respect for her? No my child no! Besides, you can't escape from the fact that it does affect women and their psychology. It does cause depression and insecurity.

Keep it simple, bruh. Just Don't Do It! The last time I checked, keeping your mouth shut doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Cause let's all admit it, you better be silent if you have nothing good to say.

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

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  • I agree that catcalling (actual catcalling is pathetic, and that women shouldn't have to deal with it. The thing is there will always be assholes in the world who just don't give a shit about how they make people feel and no amount of reasoning or discussion will ever change that. Like OlderAndWiser said stupid guys will always do stupid things. Even though their behaviour is pathetic, annoying and harassing when they just don't leave you alone I don't think anything should be done (legally) until it comes to the point of threatening violence, stalking, or touching without consent. The best we could do is keep discussing it and raising the next generation of men to respect women.

    Now bringing my viewpoints back into the picture. I have no problem with protesting catcalling. I'm all for it. The part that bugs me is when you mix unwanted attention like a guy saying "hello", "good morning", "good afternoon", etc once and trying to get it criminalized. If a guy/girl respectfully approaches a woman or anyone else it's not harassment. If you don't want to talk ignore them or just say "not interested", "Sorry I'm busy", or "Please leave me alone" and go about your day. If they continue that's when it's pushed into harassment and becomes a problem. Society is anti-social enough as it is, why make the problem worse.

    • Why would I be mad if a guy actually wants to talk?

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    • If it's just a "hello" or "good morning/evening /afternoon" especially like was shown in the 10 hour of walking street harassment video, I don't see it as catcalling. If it's a hello followed by some derogatory comment then yeah it is.

    • Again, depends on the way he said it.

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  • There are guys who drive around playing Zombie Nation very loudly on their car stereo, as if some girl is going to say, "Oh I love you because you are playing Zombie Nation on your car stereo!"

    Stupid guys ill always do stupid things. In my culture, there are young men whose only concern is how much money they will have to buy beer and cigarettes during the coming weekend. There are guys who think that women want to be treated like meat in a butcher shop. Unfortunately, there are a few women who love guys who play Zombie Nation and a few who like to be treated like meat and a few who don't care if their guy's biggest concern is beer and cigarette money.

    The best we can do is to engineer our life so that those people come no closer than the periphery. It is a sad commentary on your culture that you cannot play outside at age 12 but the realization of these flaws in our world is the epitome of the loss of childhood innocence.

    I would never suggest that you get accustomed to boorish behavior. You will have a better life if you simply avoid those people as much as possible and pity them for their obvious ignorance when you must encounter them.

    • well said

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    • @teddybear49 Not sure of what you mean but, if you are in the US, you can die knowing that others care about preserving your freedoms.

    • nope, I do not live in the US, I live on the other side of the world where well... um yea.

  • I dont understand who this take is directed at tough.

    I dont think this crowd of male readers are the cat callers.

    The kind of people that cat call you for no reason are probably the same guys who yell at me " HEY MAN! F*CK YOU!" for no reason.

    These are people that dont care.
    Its not that they can't understand that they are making others uncomfortable.
    Its simply that they dont care.

    Im a person who can be easily provoked, especially when i had a bad day.

    But even i would just ignore these guys.
    Its not worth fighting with them.
    They have nothing to lose.
    Their sole purpose in life is to make others as miserable as them.
    Crab in a bucket mentality.
    Just ignore them.

    The only thing they can have is your attention.

    Dont ever try to reason with them or make them understand, they would probably laugh at you.

    I understand that you wemt trough difficulty due to this, and im not trivializing that, im just saying that cat callers aren't the target audience.
    Cat calling isn't even the target crime here. The problem was social views and blame shifting on the victim.

    Guys like that are low life losers. You can't help them.

    • I know. It's sad that I cannot show this to every catcaller out there. But I bet most people were not aware of the magnitude of harm it can cause to the victim.

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    • Scariest of all, they waste my favorite KitKats and Snickers! :'(

    • Somebody needs to answer for those crimes!

  • I have never engaged in catcalling because it always seemed so course. I think that men who do this are trying to connect with a woman they see and can't think of a legitimate way to do this.

    I usually just tell a woman "You look pretty today." I have seldom had a bad reaction.

    • Well if you do it in a way that they don't mind and you're doing it to people who don't mind i see no problem with it. But with a stranger girl, you never know...

  • Catcallers are ill-mannered retards.
    One upside for an intelligent female is that catcallers identify themselves as males who should not be considered to be dating/mating material. . . ever.
    The problem with current female outrage about catcalling is that Feminists are using it as a pretext for a global campaign to pass laws that criminalise catcalling. When the wording of those laws is examined, it can be see that all approaches by men to women have been criminalised.
    Catcalling laws are a Trojan Horse, through which Marxists/Feminists wish to criminalise normal heterosexual interaction.
    The laws state that if a woman “feels” uncomfortable as a result of any action by a male, whether or not he says anything, a crime has been committed.
    This means that a man in a bar who simply looks at a woman can be fined and/or do prison time; and gain a criminal conviction for an Orwellian thought crime that will likely render him unemployable and homeless for the rest of his life.
    The only rational course of action for men is to refuse to interact with women in any way, because a man has no way to know whether or not the woman to whom he said “good morning”, or whose legs he admired silently, is a neurotic psycho who will have him dragged off to the cells, then destroy the rest of his life.
    I say that men should give the Marxists/Feminists what they want. Avoid women. Shun women. Go MGTOW monk.
    Eventually, the rest of the female population will rebel against the insanity of the largely lesbian Marxists/Feminists and have such laws repealed.
    Men cannot do anything. Women are the majority of voters and they are not listening to us, because they have been force fed the Marxist/Feminist Kool-Aid at school and university.
    The only way to get the attention of women is to turn them into the lonely, childless, virgin cat women who the lesbian Marxists/Feminists want them to be.
    We have to hurt them. Nothing less will open their ears.

    • I do not even understand these terms. What are you talking about? Certainly not something that I discussed here. Stay on topic please.

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    • Organised opposition to catcalling is all about politics.

    • No, lol. At least my post is not.

  • You have invited me like I'm someone, who "catcalls" women when I have never done so. And I am a kissless virgin, who never had a girlfriend. Did I miss anything?

    But I mean for real now: if sentences like "Hey there, beautiful." or "Good looking!" towards women are what is described CATCALLING, then how are men supposed to find a girlfriend when these 'compliments' are considered catcalling or harassment? Am I missing something?

    • I invited you to read this. I don't know whether or not you catcall, and it doesn't matter.

      Regarding your question, you should be saying it only where it's appropriate. There is a place for finding a girlfriend and there is a way of approaching them. The street isn't the place, and yelling from the other end of the road is not the way.

    • Okay i guess 😐 🤷

  • I don't cat call, and I hate when I see it in the movies or wherever. I'm sure it happens in the USA more than Canada, but maybe I just live in a less tight-nit city.

    You could wear a small camera and take them to court maybe, but that is a bit much. The only thing you can really do is raise awareness

    • Yeah. I only wanted to make people aware of the magnitude of harm that catcalling can cause. And people are getting offended for me pointing out this unpopular truth.

    • Do these people have mother's, sister's, female cousins that they'd want to have that done too? Well no matter where you come from, you can learn respect, and it will be more appreciated. Fuck I would love if somebody held the door open for me.

    • I don't need anyone to open the door for me. I just want to be a bit safer outdoors.

  • Here's the quick and dirty about catcalling...
    1. The people who do it (male and female) are always garbage humans.
    It's never anyone of an upstanding social class. No one in a suit catcalls.

    2. Although it's stupid, Catcalling is NOT harassment or dangerous.
    Women who claim they are "afraid" when catcalled need to get over their victim complex.

    • 2. I don't necessarily believe that catcalling on itself isn't harassment either, but is is disrespectful.

      One incident of catcalling isn't scary, but when it happens quite a lot over the years, the idea of being catcalled on your way to school and way back home is scary, for example.

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    • Your emotional reaction (fear) is yours alone. No one causes you to feel scared walking down the street alone. It is your feeling, and no one else but you is responsible for that feeling except for you. You would prefer to limit the freedom of others rather than try to deal with YOUR OWN emotional state. It’s is extremely childish behavior.

    • You are no one to call my fear irrational. The one who causes the fear, IS responsible for it regardless of what he anticipates. If you pat someone but end up slapping them, you hurt them even if that wasn't your intention. You can't tell the person that you got pain it's your fault. Lol I am tired of your logic. Is it so difficult, SO DIFFICULT, to not catcall? Do you have to pay tax to keep quiet?

  • Well, in some countries men get harassed too but you don’t see them complaining, I. e. Thailand. Wait because no one gives a shit about men.

    • I am not talking about sexual harassment in Thailand here.

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    • A fake victim...

    • What the hell is a fake victim? A victim is a victim.

  • "you better be silent if you have nothing good to say" ~ guess I'm staying silent 😂

    BUT I have one complaint -

    "cause this myTake is going to be very short and straightforward" - sure was straightforward but NOT SHORT at all 😂

    And apart from that I'd agree with everything else, specially the part "I did it to compliment her..." - if someone wants to compliment others, there's a decent and polite way to do it rather than passing remarks in a humiliating way.


  • lol don't walk past construction sites or go downtown and you'll be fine :P everyone has the right to say w/e the fuck they want, you can get mad about it all you want but as long as they respect your personal space you have to ground to stand on. They are fully within their rights. I personally don't do it because the only girls that would like it are the kind I'm not interested in

    • Construction workers and men downtown do it a great deal, but they are not the only ones who do it. Just because the law allows something doesn't make it something you should go around doing. There is no law to my knowledge against giving every stranger you meet the finger, but that doesn't mean you should do it.

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    • @Jackblue remove the downvote please

    • FFS just wear some fking headphones lol ignore them

  • yea, cat calling is stupid.

    I've never been cat called but when i walked home from school every day, frat bros would yell out "fuck you" or other dumb things like that to try and startle me as they drove by.

    i really don't know why people do that. i guess because they're insecure and want to make other people feel as bad inside as they do?

  • " cause this myTake is going to be very short and straightforward."

    2 and a half pages later... Yea, no it isn't. People get heckled on the street. Whoopty doo. You can't punish people for using words without starting to infringe on the first amendment. The UK just convicted a man for making a joke about his girlfriend's dog being a Nazi. Is that really the reality you want. Grow some thicker skin.

    • 'Grow some thicker skin.' And who will grow it for me? You?

      Easier said than done, lol.

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    • More like they're vomiting up half-witted drivel that no one needs to hear, and spending hours of their day staring at a phone or computer screen rather than being active participants in their world.

    • Never underestimate the power of social media.

  • I don't catchall myself, but I know guys that do, and they see it as paying a compliment, not trying to hurt anybody.

    As you say, two sides to every story, though...

    • THey think it is a compliment, but they can't decide for us whether or not we would take it as a compliment as well. SO is it really worth the risk?

  • Enjoy it while it lasts. When women hit the wall (looks start to fade) and they aren't getting as much attention as they did when they were younger, they start to envy the younger women getting the attention.

    • You can't decide for us whether or not we are gonna enjoy it. I never heard an old woman saying that she misses being catcalled. I understand that some miss being the popular girl in school or even just being loved by their husbands during their youth, most don't like being catcalled.

  • 1) letting somebody dictate and control your feelings or your self worth shows a huge weakness and that weakness is your fault from within, not anyone else’s fault

    2) women benefit from a lot of double standards on society so I think women need to stop crying. If a woman catcalled a man and he complained about it and said “it hurts my feelings and makes me feel worthless”, people would laugh at him and tell him to grow up

    • ' letting somebody dictate and control your feelings or your self worth shows a huge weakness and that weakness is your fault from within, not anyone else’s fault ' so it was my duty to tolerate something wrong being done to me, okkay. Got it brother, you're a genius. That solved my years of problem with guys. Thank you so much.

      'women benefit from a lot of double standards on society' I never said that they don't? I am talking about only catcalling here lol.

      Also, no one should catcall. This applies to both genders not just one. Did I ever say that it is okay if girls do it?

  • Well, I'm totally against catcall. But I just don't get one point. I've seen girls enjoy being catcalled. When i asked about it to one of my friend she said catcalling should be done so that the girl will feel good about her. She said the compliments should be non sexual and must have limit.

    • I think your friend was being sarcastic. Also 99.9999999% of women hate it and feel threatened by it. Not just dislike it, HATE it.

    • Read my post again. I did mention it.

      ' "Some girls like it!" Keyword: SOME. Not all of us. Yeah, I understand too some women like it and it's fine. It really is. All people are different. But you can't tell who likes being catcalled and who doesn't. '

  • Real talk. I go for a walk, run or bike ride just out and about and girls will do half the things you're labeling as demeaning for men to do towards a woman passing by. Buuuut I like it.

    It's a direct communication of them finding you attractive. Only makes sense that guys in general would feel that girls would take it the same way that a guy would. It's a logical extension.

    Further, I've whistled out to girls before and they smiled. Laughed. Waved back, while shouting "heeeey boy" as we crossed paths.

    I don't know when or where catcalling became the new thing to attack, but i didn't hear about it being "bad" until it appeared on random internet forums. Often by girls who were not getting male attention and are using this as their form of power. Just like the ugly fat friend in the group who isn't getting any. Her idea of a good night out is getting all the attention from her friends who are actually getting hit on.

    I'm just saying. I've never met a hot girl who was legitimately complaining about guys whistling at her, unless it was a fake "I'm complaining about something I like, but if I say it like this you can't say I'm bragging". Sure a guy CAN creep a girl out and go stalker mode, which is different than JUST catcalling. Which is shouting something out as someone goes past, never to be seen again. But you can't equate the two.

    If a girl feels truly demeaned as a person, with a guy whistling at her from a moving car and he immediately leaves. She has a problem. Not him.

    • A girl smiling or laughing doesn't automatically mean she enjoyed it. People often smile or laugh in situations they find awkward or intimidating, because they want to de-escalate the situation or not attract any more attention to themselves. I've gotten catcalled many times and not once have I appreciated it. It has always made me feel like shit, and self-conscious. I don't need a random stranger to shout at me to make me feel validated or attractive. If anything, I'll just find it rude and intimidating.
      I'm sure some of the girls you've catcalled enjoyed it, but don't assume all of them did just because they smiled or laughed or appeared to take it gracefully. I'm sure some of them cussed you out in their heads.

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    • I already said I don't think it's ok for women to catcall either, so your point about slutshaming is irrelevant. I just said that there's an added layer of intimidation and literally not having the upper hand if things were to escalate and the catcaller became aggressive. That's not totally unheard of either - a guy once started pulling my friend's hair when she ignored his catcalls and there was not a whole lot she could do about it since she's 5'3 and he was like 6 feet tall and more muscular. He stopped pulling her hair when another dude told him to back off and was ready to get in between them.

    • @lumos So true. It's always been big dudes that catcall me. If not then it's a very old man and I'm supposed to have good manners with old people, ugh.

  • I've never called a cat before but if I did. it's to get the cat to eat their food and not claw up my furniture.

  • Sadly the men that do it are a quite sad really. They think they are being macho but they just show how stupid they really are . I was working on a site and these lads started doing it , I churpped up how would you feel if that was your daughter and they stopped !!!

  • Naw, let's not. Take the other street. Ya aint' gonna change it, so all your whining and begging is for not.

    • Oh, you again? On some else’s post being bitter? LOL

      Stop acting like the grumpy old man you are. :)

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    • Why don't you march and protest? Show up at the job sites around your town with a poster sign about 'no cat-calling'. Maybe that will teach them. ;)

      Egads. And YOU brought up education... why don't you just concentrate on THAT?

    • I do wish to start a kind of campaign.

      'why don't you just concentrate on THAT?' all praise to God, so far I am doing well in there. Got A in ALL subjects in my previous exam. One more coming ahead next week.

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  • Yep. I pretty much agree. For me the catcalling started when I was just barely beginning to be pubertal at age nine. I think the very second I started to have a perceivable waistline was what the catcallers were waiting for.

    But a 9 year old who looks 12 is still 9. And women are still people and don't deserve to be sexually humiliated.

    Thanks for your take.

    Los Angeles is not a very pedestrian city so now that I travel by car instead of walking or biking everywhere, the catcalling is less, but it still happens. And often the guys feel they can actually approach me now. I don't even find it a bother anymore. If men want to be slaves to women's bodies so they can't even mind their manners, that makes them weaker and me stronger.

    • The last point loool. I was first stalked by a guy when I was 10 and it scared the hell out of me :(

  • "If the girl gets scared by what you did and it limits her freedom outdoors, it IS your responsibility."

    This. So much. Basically sums it all up. It's like telling a victim of bullying that they're at fault for feeling like shit, and as if it's simply their own fault for not being thick-skinned enough. You know, instead of addressing the *actual* problem, which is that bullies are bullying that person in the first place. It's sickening how little people seem to understand that their words can and do affect other people, and sometimes in a very bad way. Even though some girls might enjoy catcalling, I'd say that the negative consequences of catcalling the wrong person just isn't worth it. Keep it to yourself.

  • "Extreme case scenario, she's from a strict family, her dad saw it and he beat her when she got back home. It happens for real."
    I only want to add that this isn't a fault of catcalling. That situation the father is just extremely abusive and toxic.

    • I know.

      I wanted to compare the best thing that could happen with the worst thing that could happen. I wanted to mean that catcalling isn't worth the risk.

  • lol and this is why guys are afraid to say hi to women cause they're afraid they'll get yelled at for catcalling cause you dumb feminists are ruining love and procreation and why remove my opinions when you clearly haven't removed yours before posting this

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    • @CubsterShura first of all no one said women were cheap and why do you want people to be afraid of you? wait your a feminist nevermind you don't have to work very hard cause like no one wants to see a fat lesbian who lives off welfare to die her hair blue and spends their time making problems that were never their before and didn't need to exist

    • This is why half of millenial boys believe that asking a girl out for a drink is sexual harrassment

  • Honestly the guys who catcall I don't think they mean it in a "bad / mean" ways. They just didn't think of the consequence.
    I think it's better to explain why it's bad to do that rather than insulting them and calling them "pigs" or anything.

    I truly think guys who catcall don't mean to offend or hurt the girl, they just talked without thinking twice.

    • And THAT is what I am exactly stating here. Guys do it without thinking. That's exactly why it is disrespectful.

    • Then we should explain to every kids to always think before talking.

  • I'm a girl, I have 100% catcalled dudes.
    Maybe I'm an asshole? Unlikely but well agree to disagree on that.
    In every case that I, personally, have been catcalled, it was a compliment. Some guy tries to get too close or grab my ass, while different story. But my friend and I walking to the beach, have some guys 'woohoo baby' out the window, we laugh and feel more attractive. Dumb? Absolutely. I'm a highly self confident person as it is, don't care, still feels nice. Is this the case with everyone? NO. But seeing some feminists identify catcalling as rape honestly baffles me and gives women in general a bad name.
    I honestly didn't read the entire thing. Your 'short take' is infact not short. Spoken from experience though, when a man is abusive, you hide under layers. When my ex used to hit me, id wear things super unattractive and baggy, to make him not mad, and to hide myself who I thought was disgusting. If you're in baggy clothes looking disgusting, where I'm from at least, you're not gonna get catcalled. JUST SAYING

    • How do you usually catcall guys? I agree that catcalling is a compliment unless the guy grabs your ass or something... Although, I once ended up sleeping with a guy who grabbed my ass lol. He just randomly grabbed my ass on the beach and started flirting with me (he was hot so I flirted back and ended up going to his place). But if he were ugly, I probably would've slapped him lol.

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    • I'm usually more forward than that when I catcall guys lol... I used to worry about coming off as slutty but I don't care anymore. Anyway, do you think it's wrong that I slept with that guy who grabbed my ass on the beach? I used to feel guilty because I basically rewarded him for sexually assaulting me (especially because I would've slapped him if he were ugly). But I thought it was hot that he was so bold... He just grabbed my ass like he owned it.

    • @PleaseNoPineapples I would have personally crushed his bones to powder on-spot.

  • Catcalling is not a big deal unless they are threatening you with violence. If catcalling traumatizes you then i suggest you stay indoors because to be that sensitive is a little pathetic.

    Im tired of hearing about manspreading and catcalling. It’s ridiculous and tbh it is b. s.

    It has become hip to label yourself as a victim. Real women are not victims. Life is not fair.

    If you dont want people to look at you or talk to you then stay inside.

    • Also, men are not responsible for your personal feeings. Thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

      YOU are the only one who is responsible for how YOU feel. Lmao. Feminists can be idiots.

  • I just want to say as wrong as it is for guys to intentionally make girls feel unsafe in public, it's even more wrong for your parents to punish you for those guys' behaviour.

    • Yeah it is. Most boys don't think what they are doing before they do it. Of course the ones who catcalled me thought that it's a one-time thing. They will never understand what harm it has caused me.

      And this is exactly why boys shouldn't catcall in the first place.

    • I want to understand why you want all guys to stop doing shit instead of wanting your parents to stop doing shit. I'd think it's much easier to stop two people than half the population in the country.

  • You know, it's funny. You not only chastised but completely dismissed my take that I wrote about the pressures of women in society, yet here you come boohooing what a poor soul you are being catcalled and not being able to play outside. Not only are you confirming many things that play into what I wrote, but you are making yourself out to be the victim and expect people to have sympathy for you. Get over yourself and suck it up.

  • Where in the definition of catcalling does "stalking and bullying" fit in? That sounds more like harrassment.

    Honestly, I couldn't care less about somebody yelling a compliment, or whistling at me, or whatever. What's the point in giving a crap, sincerely? Is it useful in any way for a woman to have that thin skin? (Again, going off my view that catcalling is not the same as harassment, ie stalking, threatening or bullying).

  • It's embarrassing and demeaning, but I've never been scared. Just pissed off... imagine walking through a parking lot with your parents when you're 13 and having grown men loudly call you Tits Magee and ask you to flash them. That will stick with you for life. Men who act like this are selfish and need a good luck in the junk. Grow up!

  • I think its kind of tacky. This may sound kind of harsh, but I wonder how they were raised

    • Tacky? Who who are you talking about when you say, 'how they were raised'?

    • I think catcalling is tacky. I wonder how people who do that were raised that they think it's a legit way of approaching someone

  • i love when someone says im pretty or hey beautiful nice curls but i hate it when they talk about my ass or boobs its so umconftable and all i can think about is how to hide my ass and how r pple r staring at it its soooooooo bad

  • Catcalling is common where I live. It happens a lot on the streets and the beaches. Never traumatizing but usually annoying.

  • I didn’t know catcalling was such a big problem. Thanks for sharing

  • There is a guy on here who post that women should watch how they dress because if you dress to sexy it is disruptive to men... I am like wtf. Can men not control themselves?

    • Sexual urges aren't just-control-them easy.

      If they were, would men and women cheat? No.

      Raping is another story but being sexually attracted to a girl wearing sexually attractive/enticing clothes is gonna happen...

    • @TheKing4991 so we should just excuse him?

    • When you put on something sexy, you know it's sexy and what it's going to do. You're trying to attract.

      That attempt to attract is going to bring unwanted attention along with the attention you do want.

  • This is such a good take. It's so genuine!
    I've had a few terrible memories when it comes to catcalling.

  • "traumatized and scarred deeply" - well allrighty then

  • People can say what they want, just don't touch me and you get to live😊

  • This is a good take! I completely agree, I hate it, makes me so uncomfortable, even more so now than when I was younger

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