The cowardice of blocking! And the underlying problem it entails.

Alright. I have to write this now to get some frustration out of me due to people's blatant falseness and cowardice.

For a number of times now I've engaged in serious debate with people concerning many different topics close to my core values, or issues I care deeply for. My policy is to try and maintain a respectful and neutral tone against my opponents in debate. If they resort to insults, name calling or inane rambling, I try to only increase my harshness a little so as to not let the discussion fall into a fruitless banter. Unlike some people I actually do want to get to the bottom of many matters.

But what irks me more than most things, a pet peeve if you will, are people who consciously close off debate and flees with their tail between their legs when an informed differing view emerges. God forbid you should be caught with being incorrect in something. Because what seems to drive people today is not to discover truth or learn the facts, but to simply be right. To have their predisposed opinions and views confirmed with mindless regurgitation of generic slanders and arguments and never once considering the existence of the notion of exchange of ideas. To be too afraid to have their stance on the world and it's situation refuted that you turn a blind eye to the most important bridge between difference in outlooks, discussion.

Several times now I've entered into debates which have either been loaded contemporary questions or something I'm very passionate about. One instance: They make their case in a question, somewhat crudely phrased, lacking nuance etc. And claiming strongly that "Oh I'm sure people will just say I'm an extreme leftist liberal snowflake and not actually listen". I'll engage them with a counter-argument, and they'll respond by saying something along the lines of, "Oh I knew you'd say that", and then when I retort that such an answer hardly answers my arguments, I get blocked. So much for claiming to actually be informed and nuanced.

Another instance: A simple but provocative question for most people due to the issue being loaded. I comment with a thorough evaluation of my main arguments against this, the asker does respond with some arguments, but when I seek to counter these, I am blocked. Seriously?

This is such a poison in today's society. We cannot, I repeat cannot pass on these attitudes to the next generation. That unpleasant ideas or answers is to be met with retreat or silence. It engenders the very worst of lazy attitudes and anti-intellectual behaviors, clamoring to idiotic notions or just incorrect opinions without ever taking the time to involve themselves in the cure for it. Ignorance is the root of so many wrongs in this world. And yet so many people are perfectly fine espousing it.

The cowardice of blocking! And the underlying problem it entails.

We go towards a very dangerous future where there is no actual search for what is right, rather than being right. Knowledge, not pride should dictate debate.

And GROW A SPINE! If your ideas cannot take criticism or retort, that means your ideas ARE WRONG.

It's not wrong to block or exit a debate if it's not going anywhere, and the opponent is only being obnoxious. But this venue is not the answer to every time you don't like what's being said. It doesn't make you right, it makes you afraid of being wrong.


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  • Agreed.

    I block people who are catfish, or who have blocked me.

    I don't always conduct myself in a courteous manner, in all my debates on here, but as far as I've seen, you do.

    Anybody blocking you is indeed spineless and ignorant. I'd appreciate hearing who's done that, actually.

    • Thank you for your support.
      One Icelandic girl, something with, "sassy" in her name. Ranted against Shapiro.
      The second a palestinian who asked if I recognized their right to exist.

      There are others as well whom I don't remember as clearly. The two latest ones were the instances that tipped me over the edge.

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  • I rarely block, but whenever I do, it’s simply because I don’t want to deal with that person anymore. I don’t think that makes me a coward. Just have more important things to focus my energy on.

    • Well exactly. As I say in the end, it's not a problem when you're blocking to simply be rid of someone insufferable.

  • 5d

    Congrats, If your opponent blocks you it means you won the debate.
    For example if you're in a boxing match, and your opponent quits it means you won. It's the same here, he doesn't know what to say so he quits, but of course he'd throw some insults before blocking. If I have just a cent everytime i got blocked by leftists or muslims I'd be as rich as Bill Gates

  • Dude you need to smoke some weed than try talking to others, your often too aggressive, and no one cares what you think, chill out and let others breathe.

    • I'm not by any means fuming with rage. That's the problem with online communication, moods are misinterpreted. This is just something that had to get out there.

      The guy who isn't very excelling in anything would certainly think I'm, "too aggressive".
      I think a lot of people care what I say and think. Empirically it seems so, given how I've been made part of the city council. And a lot of gagers are positively inclined to my views as well. I could even say that you care, since you took the time to comment this little attempt at a diss.

      And no thanks to the weed, I'd like to think I conduct myself with more dignity than that.

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    • See told you, aggressive, unreasonable, when dealing with conflict Alexander tends to attack the person rather than thank them for spending time advising him about his possible character faults, and Marijuana is now legal in many States in the US, its also considered medicine. Maybe expanding your mind is not a bad way to interpret what I'm saying.

    • Nothing you're saying makes sense. I've addressed what you've said at all points, and if I've attacked you personally it is because I find you and your obvious attempts at getting under my skin so silly.
      And why are you saying my name as if there's some third party in this discussion? Have you gotten yourself some weed eh? XD

      Right. I'm supposed to be thankful for your invaluable advise, that is the only course of action that doesn't make me "aggressive and unreasonable", in your mind. XD Come on man.

      What has marijuana's legality to do with anything? Something being made legal by years of whining by stoners doesn't make it ethically right.

      Anything else you'd like to chuck my way? Or are we done.

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