Eventually any society is forced to choose: Democracy or Diversity

Eventually any society is forced to choose: Democracy or Diversity

Democracy fundamentally depends on compromise and consensus to function. We reach these things because we have shared values and shared values generally lead to shared goals. You can have diversity of opinions and ideas but all of those things are just disagreements on how to get to the end goal; not a disagreement on what the end goal itself is.

But the more different types of people you inject into the mainstream of the same social structure the more different values you get. the more different histories, cultures and goals all compete for the mainstream.

Eventually compromise or consensus become impossible and you are forced to choose....Democracy or Diversity? You can't have both forever

Eventually any society is forced to choose: Democracy or Diversity
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  • Girther10
    I’m sorry, but I find the theme of your post to be absurd. There is not a choice between diversity, and democracy, ever. You can in fact have both, as displayed by decades of practice.
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    • in the eyes of a nation builder 60 years and 60 seconds are the same exact timescale. too small to draw any real conclusions from

      things will get worse from here

    • Girther10

      Wtf are you going on about? You are getting more incoherent by the hour... lol😂🤣

    • Girther10

      You asked for opinions, and I replied. That’s all.

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  • Anonymous
    What are you, a CCP agent? Please leave America.

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  • Anonymous
    You’re stupid.
  • Anonymous
    I went through your posts. You don’t strike me as someone who thinks that much. This silly MyTake is another example of that.
    • actually the ad hominem fallacy is a sign that you weren't smart enough to respond to my opinion with actual logic

      this is a sign the opinion is too complex for you, nice anonymous post though... coward

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